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I tried to ollie off some toilet roof (2.5m metres about) and landed awkwardly, though I still managed to walk home which is about 200 metres of so with little pain.
Last time I broke my foot I ...

 i got electricuted! will i die! i was trying to plug something in and then electricuted!!?

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 Will this work for an ankle sprain ONLY giv me an answer to my ? dont say dont hurt urself!!!!!!????
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 Extreme pain?
I have been having a lot of pain in my back. I have lower back pain on the right side and pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades on both sides of my spine but distinct. The left side ...

 A couple weeks ago I was playing handball and I hurt my Right shoulder? Right on the inside of it?
It was kinda throbbing. It didn't feel like muscle as much as bone or something. It went away like after a week, but a week later it was back. Now it hurts and anytime i lift it, it feels ...

 If a large bruise has healed yet the area still hurts when pressed 6wks after inury, is this normal??
I got a bruise on my thigh about 6 weeks ago. Basically i was pushed and the full force of my weight (70KG) was transferred into my left thigh, which subsequently hit into a rounded edged side board.<...

 Ingrown Toenail / Weird Bubble?
About 2 weeks ago I got an ingrown toenail. Ive been trimming it a bit, and it doesn't hurt so much. However, recently I got this bubbly abcess or something that's grown over the part that&#...

 is it broken?
Im typing with my left hand lol but yesterday i fell on my wrist hard and now i cant move it or anything. It was swollen and if i move it the least bit it hurts.Im going to the doctor today but i ...

Joe B
What is the best way to heal a fractured rib?
Doctor looked at my x-rays and I have a small fracture in one of my ribs. said I should just take it easy, but is there anything I can do or is there any medication/vitamins I can take to speed or just help recovery.

Playing Nice
duct tape

Eating healthy, vitamin B complex and vitamin E may help. For tips on eating healthy, check out the low blood sugar link at www.hufa.org for a partial list of foods to avoid.

you can try binding it tightly, but that is mostly for your own comfort. it simply takes time. and some advil. sorry! gl


botham H
This happens quite frequently, U don't need to worry.The only & best thing u have to do is take deep breaths slowly, that will keep the fractured rib at its place back & healing will start immediately. There will be mild pain initially, U can also take some mild analgesics (paracetamol 500mg thrice or Diclofenac sodium 50mgs. twice daily) & don't message the area.

Mr. nice guy
Thats what I have heard as well. Just take it easy.

East Texan
i had a broken rib once. no there is nothing you can do but take it easy. and some painkillers.

Man, I just went through this. There is no substitute for time. Ya just gotta let it heal naturally. The body itself will heal it the best and taking any kind of medication/vitamins or 'other' will only set you back.

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