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 I had an ex-ray of my ankle and results is mild beaking along the neck of the talus what is that?
also so it says Soft tissue swelling I had went to the doctor and he thought i had tendonitis of my ankle but after the medication I took nothing has help it so I would like to know what the results ...

 Is it possible for the muscles around the knee to become strong enough to compensate for a torn ACL?
I was playing basketball about 8 months ago and I tore my left acl. The doctor gave me two options, strengthen the muscles around the knee or surgury. He said that the muscles can become strong ...

 How do you stop your wrist from hurting after continuous cartwheels (Involving Gymnastics)?
My wrist has been hurting because of me practicing handstands round-offs and cart-wheels and i hope you have tips so that my wrist will stop ...

 pain lower lumbar goes to hip down to knee MRI shows nothing?
Lower lumbar problem affects the hip and pain down to the knee, when I sit down or stand for right around 30 to 40 min almost feels like a pinched nerve, driving for a distance maybe 20 min it feels ...

 plz help me with my bruise?
ok i fell off my skateboard pretty baddly and i have 3 bruises on my right arm same place all 3 and it hurts alot and i have 1 bruise on my left arm which also hurts what can i do to stop the pain ...

 I' m about to have 4 acl reconstruction.Go for it or not?
I had 3 acl reconstruction surgeries and one medial meniscus repairing.Total four.My leg is still unstable all of acl failed noone knows why.I had two doctors .One did two and second one two.Now I ...

 herniated disc?
how soon following an injury of a herniated disc does the decreased sensation subside?...

 Pulled tendon in bicep area doing yoga?
I don't know if I pulled a tendon or what, all along the bicep area and into the attachment of the elbow when doing plank push ups (high to low chaturangas) during yoga. It's been about 4 ...

 Cracking a back...?
What's the best way to crack your back by yourself? I know the whole "sit-and-turn" type of thing, but that doesn't always work for me. Any ideas?


 How long will it take for my twisted knee to heal?
I twisted my knee on November 7, 2006. It felt better a week later but the pain came back all over again.
I haven't been able to get rid of the pain.
What should I do?
And I feel ...

 Should an employer pay you for your time off while visiting your doctor for a work related injury?
I was injured on the job. I work for a small company and the owner is a nutjob. She would just soon fire somebody who file's workers comp. I injured my neck really bad, however I work every day. ...

 blood draw?
can this be done only at the veins or can it be mistake and be drawn at the site but from under the skin?
Or is there no possibility that there can a mistake.
The reason I'm asking ...

 What is the best way to treat sprained ankle?

 Hurt Big toe pain hasnet gone away!?
ok about 3 months ago i triped down the stairs and my big toe got stuck in my pant leg twisted to the side and then i felt horrible pain to were i fell on the floor. My b/f said i jammed it and ...

 should i got to the doctor if i think i might have carpal tunnel syndrome?
i think i might have c.t.s should i see my doctor or is it a waste of time?...

 i need a doctor to see me asap but my insurance is not gone throw yet PLEASE HELP ME?
i live on the north side of phoenix bell union hills ...

 can falling on your head hurt you?
well of course it can.
but heres my story
i went ice skating for the first time yesterday and i fell really hard backwards, and hurt my head.
i was fine last night but whn i woke up ...

 Is it possible to still feel pain or discomfort, to still feel you fingers if you suffered a leg amputation?

 My Middle Toenail On My Left Foot Just Fell Off... How Long Will It Take To Grow Back?
It's really gross... the thing is, I have a fear of nail damage and I'm climbing up the walls about this. The soft flesh under it, the tenderness, all my other toenails are painted red and ...

 When does whiplash show up after an accident?
Was told that sometimes whiplash makes its appearance a couple days after an accident. Sometimes shows up in a few weeks. Sometimes not for a few months. Is this true?...

What happens when you break your big toe?
From what someone told me there is usually nothing the Dr. can do. Does anyone know? Trying to figure out if it's worth getting checked out.

If the fracture isn't displaced, then it should heal on it's own in about 2 months, as long as you're very careful and don't walk about too much (especially not in heels).

Hi Cara!

To begin with Ouch!! Been there done that!!
Wear a good solid soled shoe for several weeks, if it swells ice it. Expect bruising and tenderness to last a while. Doctor told me not to buddy tape to the next toe they only do that with smaller toes.(They didn't do it when I broke my little toe either)
Good luck, take pain reliever as needed and when possible rest your foot propped on something.

Usually a toe fracture is treated by "buddy taping" it to the next toe and wearing a wooden-sole shoe for a few weeks. The big toe is especially important as it provides much of the thrust when you walk. In addition, if the fracture extends into the joint space, it can cause arthritis later.

Prolly worth getting it checked out. The doc will also likely prescribe some meds for the pain.

Nope. Dr. can't do anything for you. They don't make a cast for it. You just have to ride it out. It usually heals fast. Try to stay off it for a day, day and a half or so, but you should be able to walk gingerly now. Put some ice on it if you haven't already. Tiger Balm helps, or any kind of balm that will numb it a little.

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