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 hurt hand from boxing 4-5 months ago?
i was sparring 3-5 months ago and i threw a left hook to the body and he blocked it with his elbow
and his elbow hit me just below the first knuckle. now i cant bend that finger back that far ...

 Are they Growing pains ?
I Have a Really bad pain in my Right ankle it Is really bad, I think it is an Injury but my Mum says that its Just growing Pains... I'm 13, And quite sporty, Please ...

 My husband has been off work since may awaiting an operation on a torn meniscus,he is now 8weeks post op?
He is now 8weeks post op and the company doctor has recommended a phased return to work,he is a shift engineer and works 12hr shifts.His company are refusing to accept the doctors recommendation ...

 power or no power? can i heal someone or is it just a couincidence?
i have touched people when their head,stomach,knees. hurt and they tell me it goes away once i touch them, they say i have the power to heal...but its wierd does anyone know y it happens? do i really ...

 I'm wondering if it is normal to have more pain once a fractured foot is placed in a boot than before!?
I have fractured 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals. After being undiagnosed for 5 days from initial injury and then being put in a semi- hard splint in the emergency room for another 7 days, I have now ...

 My ankle is killing me! What could be wrong?
Today around 12 ish i was walking really fast down the stairs, and alot of people were crowding me nd someone "accidentally" pushed me while I was about 3 steps from the bottom. Any who i ...

 How to Know if you broke your shoulder?
I was with My friend at the skatepark On my bike I tried to do a Double Bar spin I didnt complete the second i fell on my shoulder
How do I ...

 how did she break her arm?
like she ran backwards and i know if you fall you try to stop it with your hand and thats how but like how do you randomly just fall she dosent wear laces just velcrow the floor wasnt ...

 can you get high off of ibuprofen?

 was my daughters groin injury my fault?
My son recently started taking self defense classes and he wanted to show us some of the new moves he learned. he sweet talked his sister into being his"assailant" and kindly asked him to ...

 how to fracture your wrist?
just list ways how to do it quick and if i spin around fast and look up i will fall but i want to know if i can do it on hard carpet but put other ways how to fracture your wrist NOT BREAK AND NOT OBV...

 hoe can i get rid of stitch marks?
i have these stitch marks on my hands and they are totally visible and look terrible. i really need to get rid of them or atleast fade away as much as possible...
please HELP!!!...

 I was hit in temple very lightly l, but still very worried. Please help?
My little sister hit me lightly in the temple area. No symptoms of anything. But I was wondering if i'll be ok? Is it the touch of death? Please help I am very ...

 How to wake up someone unconscious?
Alright, if someone gets in a fight with someone else and one person is knocked unconscious, is there a way to wake them up? How?...

 my foot is red ,hot, numb, tchy feeling, and swollen ?
it felt like a bad bruise on my ankle its been 2 weeks sweelling has not gone ...

 I slipped in the grocery store and sprained my ankle, and I have lumbar spasms; Should i contact a lawyer?

 about 4 months ago i had to remove a piercing due to infection?
in my upper ear, it was the industrual. &it just started hurting again... thats bad right?...

 Has anyone had a stress fracture before?
I have 2 in my foot from dance and have been supposed to be non-weight bearing and in an air cast and crutches for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Next week I have a follow up x-ray and the doctor said "...

 is there such a thing as a blister under the skin. painful lump on heel and foot doc said its a under skin b?
blister and just to put tubi grip on that was 2months ago and still as sore wi no change wat else can it be its been there since march help....

 Ankle trouble, REAL known answers appreciated?
I got kicked in the ankle about three weeks ago an it still hurts. Swells after long day, hurt to touch 1 1/2 in up from inside bone, hurts to pressure it (sit on it etc.). Any ideas how to get it ...

What does a broken wrist feel like?
My friend came over today and kept complaining about how badly her wrist has been hurting. She said she didn't do anything to it, it just feels like it needs to crack (like how you crack your knuckles) but it won't. It's not red or swollen but she said the pain gets worse each day. Is it possible she broke her wrist without falling on it or hitting it? Also, can her wrist be broken if she just feels pain but there's no swelling or redness? What does a broken wrist feel like? I want to give her some tips so she knows what to look for. Thanks!

beleive me if she her wrist would be broken she wouldnt be at ur house instead in the hospital getting a cast lol and yes she'll be screaming
but anyhow it nice u wanna help her out
it must be that her wrist is just tender rite now
sometimes it happens to me to actaully more on my finger
but anyhow tell her to go to the doc if it gets worse

Kari B
If she can move it its not broken. It sounds like she may have Carpal Tunnel. She needs to go to walmart and in the medicine section and near the icy hot and heat pads there should be a cheap band she can put on her risk to preven it moving so much while its healing. Google carpal tunnel and see what is recommended for treatment. She may have also torn the muscle. But the cramp pressure thing is prob carpal tunnel.

You should be able to rotate your wrist in a full circle. If you can’t move it all the way around, you should have it x-rayed. I broke my wrist a few years ago. I was able to move it forward but not backwards.

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