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I know a friend who is freaking out; here are her symptoms:
No Fever,
She is cold but sweating,
Breathing extremely dangerously and quick,
12:14pm, no ...

Earlier i was in a dance class doing choreography and i was on my back lifting my legs and supporting a girl as she back leaned over my legs, i wasn't paying enough attention and she came down ...

 is there any way of reducing the appearence of bruises overnight ?
i have three quite big bruises on my arm and just wondering if anyone knows if theres anything i can put on them that might make them go down by 2moro ? thanks ...

 I cut my lip?!?
How do I make a cut on my lip heal?! (i was chewing my highlighter and pinched my lip on the lip! lol!)

it really hurts! any tips?!


 Will I die????????????
a painting fell into my face a couple hours ago and I'm afraid to go to sleep. Because I kind blacked out, I could hear noises but I couldn't see.......So will I die in my sleep? Like Billy ...

 My toddler has had some unusual brusing?
My toddler has had some unusual brusing on his legs they are small and light and I can't figure out where they are coming from. When I mention it to my family all they say is because he is ...

 Is my ankle fine? or sprained? Should i go to the doctors?
So YESTERDAY, I was swinging with my friend at her borthers football game, down the street was a park so we went there. When we got of the swings i slipped and landed on my ankle when it bent wrong, ...

 How do I know if i broke my ankle?
i was skiing today and fell very badly. i flipped forward and twisted my knee and ankle. it really hurts and i can't put pressure on it. it is swelled up and very painful. i just went to the ...

 Did something to my leg?
The other day I was in dance and was stretching my left leg when all of a sudden I hear a sickening POP! It wasn't the normal kind whenever I pop my ankles, this felt icky and awkward. Then I ...

 my daughter injury her noise in auto accident. she in pain and bleed constantly. What would be a fair offer?
I offer to settle for $3500.00. My daughter as seen many doctors. they all say it will take time to heal. She is in pain her noise bleeds constantly its been over two months. What can I do. don'...

 can i break my ankle or foot with a hammer?

 i hurt my ankle but it didn't swell but i cant put weight on it?
i can move it a little but it hurts so much....

 I got shot a year ago with a 25 mm in my stomach and i still have it will it be bad for me in a long term?

 how can i stop a cut from bleeding?
hi there,i have just cut my little finger around 10 mins ago on a broken wine glass whilst doing the dishes.it is quite deep but not very long it around 1 inch long.it wont stop bleeding,i have ...

 Is my wrist broken?(its not bruised though.....)?
Yesterday at cheerleading,i was back spotting a girl,and my wrist like,twisted the wrong way,and then she fell on my wrist and something happened(idk what,it all happened fast.)Then,i went to the ...

 I fell on my skateboard and hit my elbow. Now there is a big bump/bubble...as that lactic acid build up?
Just wondering. Cuz I don't want to go to the doctor. Does anyone know what it is?...

 Can you still be a doctor if u are visually impared?
my friend is visually impared and has been i think all her life. she wants to become a doctor or a surgeon. is this possable if she is visually impared?

 cutting open a fiberglass cast?
i have a cast, would cutting it open with a snipping garden tool like -- http://www.magpies.ie/im -- would it get fiber glass in your hands?...

 When you get your tongue pierced how long do it take for the swelling and pain last?

 can i cause myself harm by....?
chewing lots of gum. i like to chew gum frequently and for long periods of time (i've been chewing the same piece since 8:15). can this hurt my jaw muscles or cause lockjaw? one of my friends ...

What do I do if my doctor did surgery and messed up?
I had surgery and had to go back and forth to hospital for 2 weeks fixing what was wrong. Now its a year later and I still have the same problem they were fixing but now its worse.

a cherry poppa
It just depends on the surgery (you did not tell us LaMeesha)

Get a second opinion from another doctor.

Read about what you had and the procedure which was done by this doctor.

Make an appointment to see the doctor who performed the surgery and compare what he/she says and the information you have read about.

If you are not happy, complain to the hospital where you had your operation. See a clinical negligence solicitor who can advise you if your claim is worth proceeding with.

Mike C
KILLING SPREE TIME! no don't do that that's bad.... unless they don't end up fixing you. You better not be paying for this extra surgery. They're just taking your money. I suggest you sue the **** outta them and then go to a different hospital. Chances are, if they made a mistake on fixing you up, and they still are, they don't know what the hell they're doing!

Taco Burrito
malpractice lawsuit. Call your lawyer immediatley before something worse happens.

go to a different doctor

Go to another doctor, get a second opinion, if the second doctor sees a major issue you can go talk to a lawyer.

Call a lawyer.

sharon j
Get yourslef a lawyer. Talk to him about it. Then you two need to go to the hospitial and talk to the chief of surgery about it. then file a law suit. obviously if your still having the same problem you did before the surgery, you had a terrible surgeon. Hopefully he didnt mess around with something else inside of you.
good luck.

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