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 What are some good exercises that someone can do at home for some recovering from a torn a.c.l?
I tour my a.c.l in football about 4 months ago and I am still recovering( i go to physical therapy but i want to know some stuff at home that is very very useful).What are some good ways to get ...

 Can you talk with a broken jaw bone?
Okay, so I was running on my treadmill today when I got this awesome idea for my story that I'm writing, and it involves one of my main characters breaking his jaw. :P

So anyway, I ...

 how can i keep the swelling down after i sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago?
I sprained my ankle playing football 7 weeks ago but I came back to sport 2 weeks after I sprained it. I have went to the doctors and I have been considered physio but my ankle is still swelled up ...

 do i have a lawsuit if i got hurt on the job over a year ago but still have side affects because of it?
I had a accident on the job round a yr or so ago but i still hurt, I had some disks dislocated and am still in a lot of pain because of it. Can i do anything about it?...

 Knee Pain and Swelling IS IT TORN!? CAN I PLAY!?
i am a 14 year old boy and i play tackle football. last week i hurt my knee pretty band and not sure but i think i twisted it (not sure, i got tackled). i felt incredible burning pain, like some one ...

 Will I get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for playing too much PS3?

 Question on a ankle MRI?
I am getting an MRI on Tuesday for a foot/ankle problem, most likely neurological problem (possible nerve damage, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Morton's neuroma)...
My question is my foot ...

 i tore my acl 3 month ago?
i tore it while playing football and my physical therapist said it might be a complete tear. my ortho said i tore my acl but he isnt sure if it is a complete tear. he said he'll tell me next ...

 How long do I keep a thumb guard on?
I got a thumb guard today, and I am wondering how long do I keep it on? The doctor didn't tell us. I was wondering if I could keep it on until my nail falls off and it grows back. Is that OK or ...

 I went to the er today and they said I have a fracture in my talus bone and fluid in my ankle?
I understand what the fracture would mean, but what does the fluid in my ankle joint mean?...

 I cut my foot. Do I need stitches?
I cut my foot this morning pretty badly on a piece of metal. It has stopped bleeding but it hurts to walk on my foot and it still lets out a little blood when I stand on it. Oh, and it's about 5...

 scoliosis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ive been diagnosed with scoliosis . im a 13 year old girl,, i have a 32 degree spine . i always have back pain and i get occasional neck spasms,, and when i sit on hard chairs it hurts because my ...

 Question about my fracture?
So i fractured my ankle and they have do do some surgery. what type of drug are they going to use to make me fall asleep? and will i be acting crazy/delusional when i wake up? (cause by bro says he�...

 Right side of head hurts days after small injury?
A few days ago, I hit my head (I don't remember how it happened, honestly, but it happened). There has been a pain to the touch in the part where it was hit since then. Now, and this just ...

 I'm scared, did i have a mini stroke?
So, it was a normal day for me. I just got in from school and i went to the bathroom and did what i had to do, anyway i looked in the mirror checked up on my apperance, as you do and when i smiled, ...

 Is it normal for one rib on one side to be bigger than the other side?

 last night i missed a few steps while going down the stairs and fell on my ankle. what should i do?
it hurts really bad when i move it D:. and i limp when i walk.....

 Is my arm broken ? Plz help I'm only 13?
Did I break my arm ? Plz help?
It's 9pm and about at 4pm I tripped on my brothers football and I fell with my arm vertical in front ofe with my hand flat on the floor and my arm hasn't ...

 Are they scars from cutting? Or will they go away?
I'm 15 and I started cutting my arms about at a month ago. I haven't been cutting in about 2 weeks. I'm trying to stop, but its very hard to stop thinking about cutting when the cuts ...

 My Achilles tendon is making a popping noise when a I walk. How do I treat it?
I overdid my run this morning. My Achilles tendon is sore and popping when I walk on it. This happened once before and I just stayed off of it. Before I go to bed tonight, what can/should I do? Heat ...

Torn meniscus--do I need to see a doctor?
I've researched, and I think I have a minor tear in my meniscus. I do not remember a specific injury to the knee, but have danced for years, so I believe it is just wear and tear. My main pain comes when I turn over in bed at night (Cooper's Sign) and when bending the knee or squatting. It is a severe, cutting pain when it happens, but I have no trouble when sitting or walking. When I get the pain, it also usually locks for a second and then works itself out, leading to a popping feeling. I have started to feel a bit of a dull ache at times throughout the day, but the sharp pain only happens 2-3 times daily. I have it braced to prevent it from bending.
I don't think it is severe enough to require surgery, and I haven't read about anything else a doctor would be able to do for it. Should I bother going to my doctor, or just keep bracing it and resting it?

love 2 cheer
Right now i have a torn meniscus. Research is helpful but never let it be used as a self diagnosis. Anytime you have pain it means something is wrong. Go to the doctor. I went to an orthopedist, had an mri, and and am on my way to recovery. good luck!

Morgan Asquini
i think you should go see a doctor, i torn my meniscus in soccer just last month, i didnt need surgury because it wasnt that bad i just did pysio and im supposed to be able to play again next week. But when my dad torn his he did need surgury because his knee kept locking in place.

Go to the doctor, then get an MRI. The MRI will tell you what's really going on in your knee. The doctor can only do so much by just feeling around.

Internet research can be a good tool for learning about health issues but it shouldn't be used to self diagnose.

Jacob Morgan
any type of injurie you sould consult a doctor about espically with a knee you could possibly have a torn acl or any of the begining signs of a bad injury. Go to your docotor to make sure that everything is ok.

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