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Stepped on a nail, do I have an infection?
Around Janurary I stepped on a nail in my carpet. Now, being that it is July, the hole is still in my foot and it hurts slightly when pressure is put on it. The hole now feels like a bump, and since I didnt treat the puncture right when it happened Im afraid that I might have an infection.
People keep saying to go to the doc to get antibiotics, but right now Im just trying to figure out if signs of slight redness and pain are normal. Do I have an infection?

From the sound of it, it seems like your injury has tried to keloid. You should've cleaned the cut with peroxide and gone to the doctor immediately after stepping on the nail. They would've given you a tetanus shot or booster and sent you on your way. As it is now, you probably do have an infection, albeit a mild one. If you absolutely do not want to go to the doctor, take a few tylenol and wait a day. However, if you start to develop a fever, you should go to Emergency immediately lest the infection have time to spread through your brain and leave massive damage in its wake.

spunk ransom <3
I would, I go to the doctors for any problem (gotta love Canadian free healthcare).
I would talk to someone older than you or someone who would know what is wrong.
But for saure go to the doctors!

bully buster
You probiably have tetnus!
I suggest seeing a doctor...

You definitely need to see a doctor if it hasn't healed after all this time. You need antibiotics and a tetanus shot (if you haven't had one in the last 8 years).

Good luck, sweetie!

well, depending on the nail, like for say is it was rusty then most likely could be infected. it has also been a few months, so that could be another bad sign. i would look to see if it is pinkish around the wound, like u said redness. ive been told by a doctor that that means it could be infected. i also tried using Imodium salt or what ever its called. it kinda help.
well hope this helps some, if not id take you friends advice sometimes it is better to see the doc.

you very well might..i mean im not a nurse or anything but i am a cna and i work around infections a lot...so it is reddened? is it slightly warm to the touch? and if it is still painful and its been that long you more than likely do have an infection you really should go see a Dr. before it gets any worse because if worst comes to worst you could get gaingreen

most likely yes and you should defiantly go to the doctors for antibiotics and ya especially if its swelled up and in pain when applied pressure.... go to doctor

There may be an infection. When that had happened, you should have gone to a doctor because they could have treated it so that there could not be an infection. Since it has been this long, i don't think there would be an infection because it has been so long since you stepped on the nail. But, there still could be something that is either causing the bump, or causing some pressure. I think you should just have it checked out.

Redness and pain are the two hallmark symptoms of infection. It sounds like you need to see a doctor and if you haven't had a tetnus shot in 10 years, he'll probably give you a booster--an 7-month old injury which is still infected needs attention.

you have 4 more days to live,then from there on your going to be x_x
d3ad & g0n3

You should have had a Tetanus booster shot straight away. Go to the doctor ASAP, because you don't want tetanus, also known as lockjaw, which can be fatal. Run girl, run!

tuen l
I agree with everyone else, go see a doctor. There's nothing better. Don't get it dirty, wash it, bandage it for now, but when you can, SEE A DOCTOR. Hope this helps!

Yes. Go to the doc and get antibiotics.

Why wouldn't you go to the doctor. It's a quick trip that could potentially save you from a great deal of damage. Just go and make sure, or you could regret it.

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