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 Which doctor should I go to?
I went snowboarding 2 days ago and at one point when I fell, I fell on my right hand, on my thumb.

My thumb has been numb ever since, it is difficult for me to bend it and it hurts a bit ...

 My toenail hurts really bad, what could it be?
Tonight I woke up because my big toe was throbbing on the left side right where the toenail hits the skin. I did some research and it seems most likely that it is an ingrown toenail, there is no ...

I can walk but im in pain. I fell and the firstday i couldnt walk at all, there was extreme pain and swelling and bruising. Yesterday i cud walk and there was swelling and slight bruising but less ...

 My girlfriend has a knot on her head and it wont go away, what could it be?
This knot appeared one morning and has gotten bigger since then, could it be a swollen gland?...

 How do you brake a foot or an ankle?

 Don't know what's wrong with my knee?
Hey guys,
I'm only a teenager but my knees have been having problems i think.
I play on a competitive volleyball team and practice 6 days a week.
Many volleyball players get knee ...

 Can an organ get stuck up under my rib cage?
While jumping up onto and stepping down off of a platform while working out, I felt a very sharp pain in my right side, just below my ribs. For the next hour after that, if I bent in half, it would ...

 i got a compound compression fracture in between my t6 and t7 vertebra's will there be anything i cant do late?
i got it at 15 and the doctor said itd healed fine, after highschool i want to go into the navy seals would i be able to or would this keep them from letting me ...

 If a child gets hit in the temple...?
Should he be rushed to the hospital? My son (8) was playing football with some other kids today. Well, one little boy (whom I've asked to stay away several times) got agressive with my son and ...

 How do i know if i pulled a muscle in my back...?
I was sitting in my computer chair leaning forward and then my whole back just stiffened up and i could barley move with out some pain. 10 minutes later it is still stiff what did i do? does anyone ...

 My mother's fingertips are splitting, and her hands are swelling?...?
She has degenerative disk disorder, and is in tons of pain constantly, and has just recently begun using the fentanyl pain patch...I was just wondering if these symptoms could be connected to the ...

 My nose used to bleed, now it doesn't. Why?
Well, since i've been little, my nose always has bled alot. It's been bleeding alot the past couple years, and now it has stopped. Why do you think I was bleeding before?...

 mom cut finger deeply a lot of blood please help?
she just cut her finger deeply with a knife accidentally, there's a lot of blood what do i do please ...

 advice for an Emergency room scribe?
I am about to start an internship as an emergency department scribe has anyone done this before or have advice before i start?...

 did I just fracture/break my Shin?
I walked into my room twisted my ankle on a shoe lost my balance fell and slammed my shin into my metal bed frame realllllly hard luckily I caught myself before blurting out a string of curse words ...

 Sesamoiditis surgery in both feet?
Alrighty, long story made short, 2 years ago I got a stress fracture on my fibular (middle) sesamoid on my right foot. About 3 months ago, I got another stress fracture on my fibular sesamoid on my ...

 Please answer my question (posted many times). Ankle problem?
So I'm sorry this is kinda long but I feel like the whole story is relevant for you to help me. Anyways, last spring I sprained my ankle but it never healed properly (I don't think) and has ...

 Did I break my toe(20 charecters)?
Today I was walking into the kitchen, and hit my toe on the door frame, really hard. I got really dizzy, and felt like I was going to throw up, and I was in alot of pain. I had to lie down for about 1...

 please help with this cut on my leg?
The other day I was shaving with a brand new razor blade. My ankle bone sticks out a little bit when I turn my foot a certain way. I was messing with the radio with my left hand and shaving with my ...

 how to make a bruise go away in 5-10 hours?
okay so I got a bruise from falling and someone called the cps and she is checking for bruises I was wondering- how do you make it go away so it doesnt seem like my parents did ...

Sprained my ankle, should i walk on it?
Today playing basketball i landed on my left ankle bad and it like popped, i got up and could walk on it i walked on it for a while. now at home it hurts more to walk on it, its not badly swollen just a little bit and my dad tried to do some therapy pushing thing on it and now i am rolling a bottle with my left foot, im just wondering should i keep walking on it or get crutches..which i wont..

Firsly get an xray. You cannot treat an unknown condition! If you have torn ligaments be prepared for a long haul, Fractures heal quicker than soft tissue injuries - up to 8 weeks. You will need it strapped and rested. Partial weight bearing is ok, but rest is essential. Anti inflammatory tablets will help, but time is the healer!

R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) rest it as much as possible for the first 48 hours, ice it for the first 48 hours (20 minutes on 40 minutes off) if you have an ace bandage or similar wrap it up, but carefully not too tightly. And elevate it but laying flat and having your foot up on a pillow, sleep that way too. Keep on eye on it and if the swelling doesn't get better or it gets worse go see the doc.

After 48 hours try and walk normally and stretch it a bit, if it has improved you're probably okay, if not or it is worse again go see the doc.

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