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 How long does it take for a scratch to completely heal on ur face.?
i am talking about a minor scratch with the nails and 2 inches ...

 What is wrong with my toe?
Had a pedicure at the mall two days ago...now my big toe is very, very red and sore. There is a lot of dark, yellow pus coming out of it....

 Knee injury from sitting??
I've been really sedentary during the last month, sitting at my computer for many, MANY house (even when I should be sleeping). I sit in lots of positions, including with 1 or both legs folded ...

 stabilize a weak shoulder?
I just found out today from an orthopedist that I most likely am having shoulder pains and popping due to genetically loose ligaments, joints, etc. She wants me to do physical therapy for 3 months ...

 If you have a damaged back muscle could it cause hand problems??

 Broken finger?
I was playing dodgeball with my brother and I threw one. When I came through the tip of my finger smoked it(I threw it my hardess). It is about 45 minutes after the injury. Its not swollen up, but ...

 wats going to happn to me..?
i spilled realllllllly hot coffee on my when i was rushing to get somewhere in the car
now there an area about 1.5 inches in diameter on my inner upper thigh on just one leg and its kind of ...

 Recommend shoes to prevent frostbite.?
In my new job, I have to stand outside for about an hour daily in cold Wisconsin winters. Usually I am pretty warm but I figure my feet get very cold. Please recommend some good shoes to keep my feet ...

 someone poked my brother's head with a nibless pen...n he is bleeding considerably..?
but the injury appears minor..pls help me out...........

 How long does it take for a broken ankle to heel?

 my legs and ankles and knees hurt?
it started hurting on tuesday. Im only in Grade 8 htough.

PS. it started during exams. it started the day after i supposedly pulled a muscel in my ...

 Bed sores can kill in a month?
Why is it that my mother was in the hospital for only four days - came home with a slight bruised looking spot on her back and died with massave sores in one month? Why does someone in a coma for a ...

 i got`into a fight yesterday and i punched this person really hard and now my hand is swollen?
any suggestions before seeing a ...

 Why was he shocked??
My friend got hurt at the meet and then she was on crutches. She went to her b/f's b-ball game after the meet and he felt horrible that she was on crutches. WHY??...

 Um Do any of you know.....?
What Makes Your Nose Smell Different things?...

 What kind of injury?
ok well i hurt my knee in gym clas. It WAS red and swollen. I also couldn't walk on it. NOW I still can't walk on it. Whenevr I walk on it it locks. What could that be? I didn't brake ...

 Whats wronge with my patella?
Well i injured my knee. It was swollen and red but now it isn't. It really hurts when i walk on it. It hurts on the side of my knee and below it! When I try 2 straiten my knee it locks! Its ...

 what's up with this??? chemical burn???
a few days ago i put some icy-hot type stuff on my back...one part of my back turned red and a day or two later i noticed i had this really bad "ouchy"....it was all red and raw and scabby/...

 how do u tell if your wrist is fractured or sprained?
i injured my wrist on friday, and i can;'t tell if it is a sprain or a fracture. my parents think it is just a sprain so they wont take me to a doctor to get a professional opinion. so, is there ...

 Help!! Suggestions???
I am 13 years old and I had to lift one of those 28 foot fiberglass ladders to get a ball from the roof so I had to lift the ladder from beneath it in order for the ladder to touch the roof like this:...

Should I go back to the doctor for my ankle sprain?
I sprained it 2 1/2 weeks ago. They did not feel they needed to xray it at the time. It's now still swelled on top of my foot at the bottom of my leg and is very weak and hurts a bit still.

it's normal to still be swollen from your sprain but if you feel like your ankle is not getting better at all and you are still in a lot of pain, go back to the doctor.

By now the swelling should be going down, not rising up. Yes, see a doctor.

Good luck!

You are fine just use the ankle/leg brace they gave you. If they didn't give you one then call and ask for one. My daughter uses hers anytime her ankle is bothering here and she sprained it last year. Use the leg brace or get one from the docs office and this should help.

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