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 Can You Walk On A Sprained Leg?
In gym we were in cheerleading unit, and we had to make up our own groups and make our own cheer, well i was doing a cart wheel and i landed wrong or somthing and I hurt my leg. Everyone said they ...

 What are the exercises i can do for my fractured leg on daily basis. specially in winter.?
I met with an accident in Dec. 2009. my right leg bon was broken from 3 sides. now it has healed up 80%. but when i get up in morning it pains and it took 3 to 4 minutes to get normal. Please suggest ...

 How can I get a Referral for physical therapy?
I don't have insurance, nor do I have medicare, or medicaid. its actually for my father, he suffered a stroke, and needs physical therapy. is there any other options that I ...

 sprained ankle and using crutches?
okay so i sprained my ankle about 3 days ago. i can walk on it now but not normall.. i have a limp and the way i put my foot to walk isnt the normal way lol.
and i am tired of using crutcheds ...

 What should I do about my Knee REALLY hurting!?
A few days ago I was doing an exercise (on ice, I am a figure skater), and I was turning and then my knee did a HUGE pop, I felt, I don't really know if I heard it, everything is a bit foggy. W...

 pus in knee wound...?
pus in wound.. so do you pop it and get rid of it or leave it..

my little sister has a wound on her knee and some pus is building up.. we can see it, is still under her skin..
we ...

 1/2 my is face sorta numb?
I'm 24, yesterday i noticed that my tong was a little numb on one side and i couldn't taste, now more of my face is numb and I'm not blinking all the way with one eye, tong seems a ...

 how likely would i be to surveive being stabbed in the abdomen?
i feel really bad, i have excess skin from weight loss
(no, not just the "oh you can tone it up a bit with exercise" type
NOR the extremely bad type).. i just have excess skin.

 Do I have brain injury?
Starting in January of this year I started feeling depressed and I'm not sure why. The only explanations I can think of are that I suffered some minor brain injury during swim season, I did hit ...

 i got punched in the chest and it still hurts?
i got punched right where my heart is center of my chest slightly to my left and it hurts really bad i wasnt punched super hard it wasnt even the hardest punch of this fight but it hurts so much more ...

 If I have torn a pectoral muscle should I see a doctor and how should I treat it?

 how do right footed people kneel?
do they kneel with their left foot leaving the right foot as the standing foot or vice versa

 Do you like the sound of cracking your joints?
I'm kind of in love with it....

 HELP!!!! What to do for a sprained finger!! ASAP?
Please! My sister is 8, and her finger got bent back and, now its swollen..and she has a cheerleading competition tomorrow! She has to do back walk overs, and cartwheels, and stunts! IT HAS TO BE SOM...

 Is it possible to sprain an ankle / tear a ligament whilst swimming?
Whilst swimming last week (gentle breastroke!) I heard a popping noise in my ankle and was immediately in pain. It hurt to get out of the pool and for 4 days has been agony. It is swollen, tender, ...

 I got hit in my eye by a fist. Its red in half my eye and i have a black eye. What should i do?

 what happens if I open a puss filled wound?

 do you need crutches when you sprain your ankle?
these people at my school sprained their ankles and they are on crutches i really need to know if you need crutched when u sprain your ...

 How do you hit a girl in the Groin?
I just want to know for self defence reasons, (i mean it doesn't really hurt that much for me) and as it hurts women just as bad to be hit there as men (and it is a fact so you can't deny ...

 I think my ankle may be broken..?
I am 13 years old and on Thursday I fell and twisted my ankle (I think) and it is very painful.
My brother taped it up with medical tape on Thursday but I think something may be wrong.

Trolly Z
Pulling a nail out of my toe?
So...yesterday, part of my toe would not cut off when I was clipping my nails. So I got tweezers and pulled out a LONG piece of nail; meaning part of it was in my toe. xD I think it was an ingrown toenail; if thats the term. Today it's slightly swollen, and a bit purplish-red. It's painful and it hurts to walk. Is this okay? I can deal with it if it is, I just need to know if it's normal or good. :)

Solo Dola
go get a pedicured from my mother in law

try to cut your toenail straight across from now on. let them grow and if u see ingrown nail forming, you can just get a piece of cotton from a cotton ball and wedge it between the nail and skin. keep doing that until your nail starts growing right. it also relieves the pressure from your nail digging in your skin. apply neosporin on the ingrown nail so you won't get infection.

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