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Most of the pain has gone away now and Im starting to peel.
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 does dorney park allow you to wear an air boot and ride there roller coasters ?
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 if i have damaged my extensor digitorum longus tendons on my foot (not tore or severed), will they heal?
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 looking for information on the insect or animal scorpio.?
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 How long will a hyper-extended knee keep a baseball player off the diamond?
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 I have just found out I have a herniated disc in my neck, any suggestions?
I have a herniated disc in my neck, I reurn to my Physician tomorrow to find out how bad it is and weather I will need surgery or not. I also have numbness and no strength in both my arms, hands and ...

Pencil "lead" stuck in my foot, what should I do?
I got a big piece of lead jammed into the heal of my foot, it had about an inch sticking out and i tried to remove it with tweezers but it broke off... I can't get it out and my foot has swelled, and i have pain shooting towards my toes and up my leg.Dont say go to the doctor, please I hate doctors... they just want your money. Is there something i could soak it in, or should i just cut away?

Pencil lead doesn't actually have ANY lead content its all carbon - but you should still get it out of there - you may have to be brave and go to the docs.

good luck

Dude I would try to get that out as fast as possible. There is something deadly out there called LEAD POISONING. I would act quickly if I were you.

♥charlies angel♥
i know you dont want to hear it, but you have to see a doctor. you probably have an infection and need to have medication to get rid of it.

pencils haven't been made out of lead for years...but it can still cause an infection. With swelling and inflammation you may need Professional help to get it out. I knew an older woman who got bird seed in her foot and it actually sprouted! So watch it, soak it and see someone..good luck.

Nobody "likes" doctors.
Except the people who's lives are saved by them.
Hey you need to look up the term "sepsis"....and then you can decide wether to get over your dislike of doctors, and get your butt to the local walk-in clinic.
I advise you to go, because having shooting pain IS NOT NORMAL.
Your body is trying to tell you something, you need to listen to it.

bonnie b
It is graphite in pencils now--not lead in pencils I still would go see the doctor--depending on how deep the sliver is. Self treatment could lead to infection if you self cut to without a disinfected instrument

Doctors save peoples lives--and sometimes we HAVE to see one---like in this case--especially if the tip broke off.

Please go to the doctor--before you get blood poisoning--by trying to treat it yourself

I am Queen Cheese!
get a needle and try to dig it out.

Use alcohol on the needle first.

once you are able to lift the lead out some it should be easier to remove with tweezers.

Once you removed it clean the area very well with alcohol

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