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 I had a fall and cut my knee , the cut is healing but a leg keeps on going numb above my knee?

 I broke my leg and now my toes change color, why?
They are normal when I am laying down, but when I stand on the crutches my toes at the end of the cast turn blue? I can feel the blood move, should I be worried? Note to everyone my follow up is W...

 how to heal a cold sore over night?
i have had my cold sore for about 5 days now. i have tried medicines from the store but i cant seem to get rid of it. it is now scabbed over. i am meeting someone tomorrow and need it gone overnight! ...

 Torn ACL, can I snowboard?
Will I be able to snowboard on a torn ACL? I can jump and jog fine......

 Have u ever broke your arm?
this question is hard to describe but if you are going to answer this question i need you to answer which hand u right with, if you ever broke ur arm, and which arm did u break. ok let me get this ...

 Hit my head hard whats wrong?
i was in my pool house and the door way im just a little bit to tall for and i hit the top of my head very hard, now the whole left side of my face hurts mostly around and in my ear and in my throat ...

 I slipped and fell in a supermarket a few days ago. Can I sue?
There were not wet signs posted at all. The manager gave me a cold pack and that's it. I went to the emergency room on my own and I have a sprained foot/ankle. They gave me some pain meds and ...

 what injury is this? c'mon help please?
i was practicing my cheer jumps and i landed wrong! i heard a crack and then it started hurting. i cannot walk on it but i kno i didn't brake it because i kno wat it feels like. it isn'...

 ankle swollen over a month?
i hurt my ankle 10/9/10 and still swollen and hurts like a ****** tennis:clay courts and i had to compinsate for my partner in the back there were so many volly misses and i had to dive basically ...

 my sun fell from the bed?
he fell on his hand and knees he was not crying do u think he would of broken ...

 Can an Indian Burn (sorry for any political incoreckness) kill a pereson?
At school yesterday i gave my friend John (I'm not sure if it's spelled John or Jon) an indian burn and it hurt him really bad. Im worried that it may of killled him or something because i ...

 If two people have a cut and put them together until they heal?
will it fuse the two of them together? like will their skin grow together?...

 Finger Slammed in Locker 2 Weeks ago?
Okay, so about 2 weeks ago my friend accidently slammed my locker shut but my hand was on the end, it hit my middle finger very hard and turned it purple, it hurt when I touched it that whole day. Y...

 im scared please help me :S?
Well tonight i fell over and my thumb is bent back really badly, like it's and purple and swollen should i go to the hospital. i hate needles and im afraid of injections and/or ...

 My wrist hurts when I turn it palm side up. What is wrong with it?
I was helping my friend bring in boxes from her garage, and they were pretty heavy. My wrist is killing me now. What is wrong with it, and how do I make it better? it kills when I turn it palm side ...

 i accadentaly stabbed myself in the eye?
well i got a knife and put it in my eye on ancident so what should i do i already put lemon juice to slip the knife out it didnt work should i use soap lol do not take this ...

 does a fractured ankle require surgery?
i suffered the injury on January 1st. i still have some pain but i' 'm able to walk without the walking boot but i choose to use it when i got to school and etc. i'm a basketball ...

 Do i need stiches on my cut?
ok. i was messin around with my sword. dont critisize me. and i ended up cutting my lip pretty bad. ad my teeth ripped the back of my lip open. i am alone so if anyone has some suggestions that would ...

 really deep cut, will i be ok?
hey everyone i got a pretty deep cut today it was bleeding for a while but stopped. i washed it repeatedly under hot water, and used alcohol pads, disinfecting ointment, and witch hazel later on. ...

 My Toe Hurts bad.I NEED HELP!?
The bottom of my big toe hurts bad. It's like a bony part right there. Whenever i stand on my toes it hurts really bad. The bad thing is, I need to do plyometrics more to jump higher, i got the ...

PLEASE HELP!!! i broke my ankle :( ? 10 points?
I broke my ankle yesterday and am wearing a splint and on crutches! I don't get the cast put on until Monday or Tuesday. But my foot is killing me it hurts soooo bad! Due to certain conditions I can't take pain pills besides tylenol. What can I do to help the pain in my ankle? It especially hurts when I sleep or try to stand up on crutches. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! * I know I asked this but I didn't get many answers.

Ibuprofen and ice will reduce the swelling. Too bad you can't take anything stronger :(

try a cold or a warm ice pack or maybe even rub your fingers lightly on the bone to relax it

Put ice on it. It might make it feel numb and it won't hurt as bad

Katie C
take tylenol as often as it allows with the highest dosage allowed. do not overdose. stay off of your feet until you get a cast if possible. keep your ankle elevated at all times to reduce swelling so when the time comes the scast will fit better. do as litte as possible that involves moving around your leg. good luck

you cant take ibuprophen? that would help a little better

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