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 Do i have a concussion?
i hit my head in a rugby head so i went of. now 30 mins later i have a head ache. was gonna go to a prty tonight should i still drink?...

 Why is it so important to put ice or heat packs on sprained legs or hyperextended knees or joints?
I think it has something to do with swelling in the area but why is it so important to keep the swelling down ? Isn't the body trying to get blood cells and nutrients and other things so that ...

 cut my ankle whilst shaving, help!?
So about 10-15 minutes ago I was shaving in the shower and I cut my right ankle (sort of behind the ankle bone) and it was maybe about a millimetre or so deep (maybe less) and it bled a lot but its ...

 Is this cat's arm broken?
Is it broken or is it sprained? i cant tell http://i189.photobucket. http://i189.photobucket. here are ...

 How do you heal a badly burnt wound?
My sister was about to eat some boiling hot ramon noodles but it spilled all over her leg, the skin is gone and her burn looks a little pink....She says it keeps burning and hurting no matter what ...

 Is my rib broken or simply bruised?
I was playing indoor soccer when i was tripped over and basically landed on the right side of my ribcage, for the next 3-4 days whenever I breathed in deeply I would feel a sharp pain on my ribs. T...

 Could I have a broken bone?
I fell yesterday on my way into work. I got up and thought nothing of it, but at lunch I realized that in the fall I had cut my elbow and been bleeding all day. I went to the nurse and she bandaged ...

 Did I break or sprain my hand by punching a wall??????
I've been very stressed out lately. Today when I first got to school at 7:00, I got mad but it's too much to explain. anyway, I ran up to a wall and I punched it as hard as I could and I ...

 i have shin splints, and a bad ankle...would gauze bandage help?
i got these terrible shin splints from running miles in the summer and these past few weeks also, we run a bit in basketball and that doesnt help either. I had surgery a few summers ago on my left ...

 Tips on using crutches...?
I sprained my right ankle on Wednesday morning. My parents didn't want to take me to the doctor because they said all the doctor would do is prescribe me medication and give me crutches. I ...

 Ankle popping need help please?
Ok my ankle pops when i run or if i even try to run, i hurt it during my lacrosse season when i came down on it wrong and figured i just twisted it. now its 6 months later and it still hurts pretty ...

 is it better to ice or heat a pulled ligament?
another question: is it better to ice or heat a pulled tendon?...

 Can i get electicuted by touching a power line?
i want to get my shoes that got stuck on the powerlines around my houe. i want to get them back but im scared that i might get shocked. so can i? i might use a stick or something do i have ...

 Is my nose broken???
It doesn't hurt. It feels weird. It looks a little off center. (Will this fix itself?) It is bruised....

 I rolled my ankle out and i heard a popping crackling noise when i rolled it?
It was during volley ball practice, i jumped up to block and i landed on the side of my foot and it made a popping crackling noise..at first it didnt hurt..i was even able to continue practice. but ...

 burned my hand 3 days ago..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
so.. i was warming up some soup for my little cousin and it was in those noodle cups. My aunt had put waayy.. toooo much water in the cup. i looked in the microwave and i seen that everything was ...

 did i break my ankle ?
i was playing in a soccer game yesterday, the other girl i was defending rapped her hands around my head and i slid on the grass. since then i have beeen having trouble walking.on top of it all, i ...

 Do I have a broken toe?
Just about 20 minutes ago, I hit one of my little toes really hard on a chair. It is not swollen or anything, but the tip of the toe is numb. I can bend my toe like usual, but it still feels kind of ...

 i hurt my knee/leg in a bike accident should i go to emergeny please help?
i hurt my leg in a bike accident there is swelling around the knee and along the right side of knee extneded about 2 inches along side i cannot put any weight on it and can not extend it inward it ...

 My hand hurts SOOOOO much when i write,type,lift...etc what could it be its been like this for 3 years.?
I was always active.I would do art work with clay, wrestling, body lifting etc.Now my right hand is in pain as well as my right ankle,its been like this for 5 years now and its getting worse.I don...

Jesus R
Numbing your toe to remove the nail?
Alright so i have an infected toe nail and I'm going to get it removed. I was wondering if the shot hurts and how much it hurts. If you guys know please tell me.

Yep it hurts, but there is no getting around it. How much pain? No telling. Every ones pain threshold is different. You can leave the toe nail the way it is, and possibly loose the toe, or worse yet the foot. Hopefully you are on some antibiotics now. Good luck. The shot doesn't really hurt that much.

I've had 2 toenails removed- The injection to numb it hurts like hell so I had the next one done under anesthetic - doesn't hurt until 1 day later, but the the toe still hurts 1 week later - lucky it's hot - can't wear shoes yet! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually i saw this happen my friend had the same thing. so the doctor was like i am going to pull it off and my friend was all scared he couldent see his toe and the doctor was like do you feel that? and my friend starts screaming and doctor tells him he didnt even touch it yet...then once the doctor does i guess you feel the pain so just relax NO PAIN NO GAME!

I would know. But ive had alot of ppl get the same thing done. And they say the shot hurts like hell. So be prepared.

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