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 I'm afraid plez help me I believe I sprained my ankle?
I believe I sprained my ankle...it's a little bit bruised and kinda swollen...it hurts to put pressure on...is it sprained? if so what can I do besides put an ace bandage on, ice it, and elevate ...

 Isn't dyslexia caused by some sort of eardrum injury?

 How to get my wrist to heal faster or stop hurting?
I hurt my wrist over a month ago while snowboardig. I went to the doctor and the x-rays did not show a break. It still hurts alot and randomly I get jolts of pain in it. It hurts to make a fist and ...

 Is it okay to unwrap my arm?
I fell Saturday and have been having pain in my arm every since. I finally went to the doctor and he said i stretched my tendon but didnt rip it. he wrapped it in a half cast and put a sling on it. ...

 i have a bruise on my right shin and it is hard what is this?
I was playing lacrosse(im a goalie) i got a hard shot taken at my right shin. it went through different colors and now its like reddish/brown and it is really hard in the center what is this? its ...

 how to make bruising and swelling go down?
my mom hit her nose in the dash bored and her one of eyes is are really swollen her eye is almost shut and it is black and blue and purple and her nose was bleeding when she hit it and her whole face ...

 is it safe to put makeup ona swollen eye?
My tear duct was clogged for a few days but I got it popped open today and my eye is fine but it is still swollen and a little red. Is it safe to put eye makeup on it?...

 i think i swallowed a tiny piece of silly string like 3 hours ago.Will this do anything to me?
me and my friend was having a silly string fight,and she srayed some near my mouth.Then i kept spitting and stuff,and now i think i swallowed some but im not sure if i did.what will the silly string ...

 will my toe nail fall of?
i was at basketball pracitce 2 days ago and had to wear a old pair of shoes and my toes really hurt. my left one was really purple when i got home and really hurt. but now it isnt that purple but is ...

 I hit my head and I have a lump on my head.?
It kind of stings. Are there any side affects with it? (Sorry. I'm kind of paranoid about that stuff.)...

 hospital, foot, aircast, crutches 130 dollars?
okay so about two months ago i came back from the bar and fell down some stairs and hurt my foot. My res advisor literally made me go to the hospital. I was still pretty buzzed and they were sober. T...

 Please make my toe stop hurting.?
Hi. I kicked a wall really hard (in a fit of joy, of course) while wearing my shoe. Now, my big toe hurts really, really, really bad. I can BARELY walk or drive. Please tell me what to do to make ...

 my nose is stoped up i have no medicene please help!?

 Why does my scab softens and peels off by itself when i shower?
I have a scab on my palm that i got about a week ago, & it has been there since. Everytime i shower it'll soften, and peel off, then it'll bleed, then another scab will form, & the ...

 How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?
okay, so after my Volleyball game i started to notice that the muscle in my lower back was hurting when i coughed or moved. It also has this burning sensation and it won't stop. Did i pull my ...

 What's wrong with my calf? Did I sprain it?
When I woke up this morning, I stretched my legs on the couch I was sleeping on. I flexed my calf muscle and pushed it into the couch and an extreme pain came on. It passed after about five minutes (...

 help! i just ate a chicken bone should i go to the emergency room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i got it caught on the top of my mouth (i cant reach it ) help! its very thin and its moved to my troat ive tried eating and drinking what do i do i didnt go i died lol no im ...

 I twisted my ankle yesterday playing bball and heard a pop. Should I be worried? It hurts when I walk.?

 my are my garandmothers ankles swolen?
why are my grandmothers ankles and legs always swolen...me aswell as my family and my grandmothers are very worried. we went to specilaliast appointments and test but all they say is she needs ...

 I got hit with a football really hard, could it damage me in any way?
In my lunch period i was with my friends, and someone threw a football and hit me in the back. (right in the middle of the back of my rib cage, right side) it still hurts a bit when i move ...

My wrist hurts when I turn it palm side up. What is wrong with it?
I was helping my friend bring in boxes from her garage, and they were pretty heavy. My wrist is killing me now. What is wrong with it, and how do I make it better? it kills when I turn it palm side up!

You overworked your muscles. Just take some advil and it will go away tomorrow.

well you could have arthritis or you may have pulled a muscle try putting some ice on it that may help if it is none of the above

It might be sprained, but i would wrap it or put a brace on it for a few days and if its no better then def. go to a doctor

You might have carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite common, if it does not get better right away consider seeing a doctor.

Ice it often and dont do anymore heavy lifting with it. Hopefully its just sore

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