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I was in a car crash and injured my back this took place about a year ago and got treatment or so i thought, I am a CNA for a inhome suport comany working with adults with physical disabilaties and ...

 If I hit my nose with a hammer would it fix my broken nose?
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 What exactly are stitches made of???
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 What if you want an MRI but the doctor just doesn't see a justification that would satifsy insurance and ...?
... other issues?

I injured my left quad 19 months ago. It will never be the same. I still have a pronounced lump there - and I don't know how to explain how it feels - the best ...

 hit my head really hard....concussion?!?
today....i hit my head so hard that i saw a bug white flash for like...1 second, and i have a big bump on my forehead....and my head (inside) hurts and the bump itself hurt a little teeny bit... ...

 HELP ME PLEASE! should i go to sleep? i dont wanna go to the doc.?
earlier today i got hit in the head with a weight. it hurt. i had the worst head ache all day feeling a little dizzy not that bad. i been tired ever since this. i dont want to go to the doc i just ...

 I smashed my thumb 4 weeks ago, the nail is all black and feels funny. How long before a new nail grows in?

 OMG! I damaged my nose and now it is broken!?
Okay, basically I wanted to correct the slight bump on my nose so got a hammer and hit it with that to see if I could sort the bump out with that, as I had heard things that it you hit it just hard ...

 I Rolled my ankle and ....?
Well On friday i rolled my ankle. I was just walking and i landed on my ankle. And i really hurt so . there was a bump on the side of my ankle and its been a few days and i have this massive ...

 I spilled bleach on me and it got in my left eye. I ran water on my eye. it still hurts. what do i do?
how do you stop the stinging that feels like my eye is dry every time I try to open it?...

 Have you ever broken a bone please answer!!!?
If you have please tell me:

-which bone
-how you did it
-how much it hurt
-how long your cast was
-color of your cast
-how long it was on for
-advantages and ...

 Do you think my foot could be broken?
alright, last night me and my friends were partying and I ended up jumping off of a second story balcony, I noticed right away that i landed on my right foot wrong, I remember getting a really odd, ...

 I got a shot today and now my arm hurts, what can I do to make it feel better?
I got a shot earlier today and now, of course, my arm is killing me.

What, if anything, can I do to make my arm hurt less?...

 if my nose is broken it would hurt really bad right?
because i got in a fight today at school and everybody telling me to go to the ER but it really dont hurt much so i was wondering if my nose is broken wouldnt it have to hurt real ...

 Someone please, please, please help.?
So, I cut my leg a week ago,
and it was intentional.
So school's starting,
and I wasn't supposed to be here.
I was supposed to be gone.
So, we have to wear shorts ...

 How can I tell if I broke a bone?
Yesterday was fall fling day at school where they bring a bunch of bouncy houses and carnival type rides to school for students on campus to just have a good time. So they had this mechanical bull ...

 I hurt my leg 6 months ago and and it still hurts. There's a GAP in my leg where muscle used to be.?
I give up. I tried everything. I went to a doctor and she told me to take 4 asprins a day for a week...nothing. I then went to physical therapy...nothing. But then I started walking on my own about 4 ...

 Some Glass stuck in foot?
I'm not sure if there is any but last night I stepped on some glass, I think I took most of it out but every time I take a step I feel like there's glass under my foot, when there's ...

 A man falls from a three-story building--what's the least damage would he recieve?
Also, is it possible for someone to survive a four-story fall? If so, what likely damages would they recieve?...

My three year old hit his head and then threw up, concussion or not?
My three year old had just finished eating dinner. He was standing up behind his brother in a chair and the chair fell over backwards. He started crying after I picked him up. I put him down to pick up the chair and he threw up. My husband thinks that I am overreacting but I want to make sure he doesn't. I have heard to not let them go to sleep right after a head injury too....is that true? PLEASE HELP!

Take that kid to hospital

He could very possibly have a Concussion. I would definitely suggest you call his Pediatrician or take him to the E.R. right now.

yesssssss. done let him sleep!!! he probly just threw up because he had just eten and got abit of a shock. if your really worried then take him to the docs. tell your husband to be more supportive and care more about his kids.

I work in Pediatrics. I would take him to urgent care or the emergency room. Just to be safe. I have seen head injuries turn into nightmares. Please go. A small bleed may take a few hours to really show and it may be to late. The vomiting worries me. Go now!

Leona W
Give the doc a call to be sure. The throw up may be just cuz he ate recently, but I'd not let it go by w/out checking...How bad would you feel if it is serious and you let it go???? The doc isn't gonna be mad if you call, so just call...

If you're really worried, don't let him go to sleep for 8 hours after he hit his head. Nausea and vomiting is a symptom of a concussion, so you have a right to be worried. Also, use a flashlight to see how his pupils react to light. If they don't contract to light take him to the doctor.

Proud mommy <3
Is he having any other symptoms? Dizziness or sleepiness? The vomiting was most likely caused by the shock of the fall and that he just ate. His stomach is little and sensitive and he was shaken up a bit. You don't typically see vomiting immediately after like that. I would put some ice on his head right away to slow down the swelling. If you feel concerned than take him to the ER. Head injuries aren't something to just take a guess on. You know how hard he hit his head so only you would know if it was enough to cause damage. Even if it wasn't that hard, if hit in the right spot it could still be dangerous. Just take notice to any other symptoms. Go with your gut. Good luck!

J Dubble
You have much cause for concern. You do not want him to go to sleep, and if he threw up that's not good. Go with your gut, as I think everything in your body is telling you to take him to the ER. By ignoring it, you could be doing your son irreparable harm. Wanting to make sure your son is not in danger is not overreacting -- it's called good parenting. Plus, if you do ignore this and something does happen, children's services could step in and then you will have a lot of hell on your hands. Your biggest regret will be if something is wrong that could have been prevented by a simple check up.

Well considering he had just eaten, then was crying and then had an injury it is understandable why he would throw up. Now image you just ate a full meal, cried a lot and hurt yourself like that you might feel sick to your stomach. The difference with children is they vommit quite easily and can't control it like the adults can. We know what we are feeling an can control ourselves down where children can't. Just keep an eye out for him. No sleeping is fine and if you are worried you can always let him sleep for awhile and then wake him up gently and then pat him back to sleep. You can also have him sleep with you tonight.

I am sure he is fine. I have had several concussions and I never had any problems not waking up. It would have to be a pretty bad blow to the head to be concerned about this. We are talking completely knocked out.

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