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well i tore my meniscus not too long ago and had an mri to conform it. i had therapy sheets for home but my knee pain got worse. so i went back a few weeks ago. now for the past few weeks i have been ...

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Ok , so i was in the pool and stubbed my big toe.Woke up the next morning and hurts when i walk on it,(or bear down on it).its swollen and even hurts when there isn't any pressure on it ,it ...

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hi I am a swimmer and my left shoulder has been aching for a while. When I say a while I mean like a year and a half, but I dont want to say anything because I have been going to the same doctor for ...

 h.e.l.p. a.s.a.p. please!!?
i accidently dropped a very large t.v. on my foot yesterday, and today I have been walking on it all day. Right now it's really really realllllllly red and it hurts so bad. so bad. It looks a ...

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i was skateboarding today. i fell and i tried to catch my self with both my hands. my thumb was under my hand when i tried to catch my self. directly after that my thumb "fell asleep". ...

 why do i feel the urge to cut my wrists?
the first time i did it, was because that was the only way for me to let out all the pain. but not i just want to keep on doing it and doing it. but i want to stop no i am not emo. ehw i dont feel ...

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Last night I was in my room but tripped on my bookcase. When I fell I extended my arm. I heard something that was like a popping noise. I couldn't move it for around 30 seconds but when I did I ...

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I have had a bump on my foot for a couple months. I didnt think it was anything serious so I didnt tell anyone. But there is a HUGE bump on the left side of my left foot. It hurts when it bumps into ...

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So my toes are suuper wierd. My big toe and second toes are the same length, But the other 3 toes are tiny and i hate the way it looks. It just makes my second toe look even longer and i really hate ...

 My teen girl 15 y/o has thrombosis Help?
She is on the High school swim team. The area is just below her left knee and extends about 6-8 inches down the inside front of her leg.It is not red,infected or very swollen. How serious is this? T...

 Have i broken my ankle?
I sprained my ankle on friday night, i went to the hospital on the same night and they told me it was just a bad sprain. They have read the x-rays wrong for me before, and i cannot stand on my tip ...

 Please help me with my finger problem?
ok i fell on the ground and hit my finger and after 2 weeks it still hurts its not infected but i have to play with my band in a week and i play bass so i need to know how to heal my finger fast ...

 what bone did you break recently?
leg, arm, toe, fingers? what's the worst part about dealing with it? "wrist, the worst part was i had to learn to write and do alot of other things with my opposite hand" lol, like ...

 I've had this pain in my knuckle and it's super annoying?
I've had it for 3 days know. It's not swollen or discolored, but it is kind of tender. It's the first finger knuckle on my right hand. It hurts when I move my finger or grab something. ...

 I Broke my bone, Safe for Six FLAGS?
So i broke my elbow bone about 4-5 weeks ago i had surgery in it, its still in a splint and when im out i have to wear a sling, im wondering if there are any rides for me to go on OR if its safer for ...

My shoulder hurts, What do you think is wrong with it?
Now it doesn't feel like it's broken or anything. And it doesn't feel horrible. But when i use my right arm and move it up and down or side to side my shoulder blade hurts really bad. And if i bend down to touch my toes it hurts too. I was pitching yesterday and my coach doesn't think i was warmed up enough. Now my baseball coach is also my basketball coach. I do think i hurt my arm from pitching but i have Basketball practice tonight and if i don't practice my coach won't play me this weekend in the tournement. And i can't hide the fact that it hurts because he already knows from baseball. How do i fix my shoulder?

You need to let it heal, and playing either will just make it worse and could cause a chronic condition. Ice it and lay off of everything for a week or two.

problady pulled a muscle. you should see a doctor right away.hope it feels better

Happy Hills
You most likely tore a muscle Rest your shoulder to avoid injuring yourself even more and get some protein to accelerate healing, like chicken or protein bars In a couple of days your arm will be stronger than ever As for now, grab a beer watch Simpson's and play a bit of call of duty

It could be a pulled muscle, I suggest you put a hot/cold patch on it or absorbent jr. on it and wrap it up. Maybe even take an anti-inflammatory medicine like advil. However, if it gets worse you may want to visit your doctor. get well (btw this is only a mere suggestion, im not a doc, but have had plenty of injuries from sports :)

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