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 My Mom tripped and hurt both her feet. Its been two days now but both her feets are turning purple..?
when my mom got hurt her feet swelled but we kept putting ice and "bengay" which is an ointment for bruises and pains(cold relief). The next day she was able to walk slightly. However, on ...

 what should i do if i can see my bone in my arm?
what should i do if i can see my bone in my arm?...

 I hit my head yesterday?
on yesterday i hit my head kinda bad on this table chair and its hurts so i dont see no bumps,redness,no bleeding i do feel a little dizzy but not so much. i took a pain pill. like on different spots ...

 I slipped going down the stairs at my sons school?
I took my son to school at 6:30 am, but going down the stairs i slipped and went down 8 steps on my tail bone. My son and i was the only people that was what happend. I got up mad cuz he was laughing ...

 can i heal my sprained ankle in 3 hours?
i hurt my ankle today morning!!! and there is a basketball match that i want to play in 4 hours!!!!! it is with my friends !!! please help me i want a lot to go!!! and play!!...

 can you die a few months after a head bang?
im asking becase i usually get weird head pains on left side of head has any1 ever felt like there head feels a weird pain and u think u can feel ur heart beat in your head?...

 I was walking alot in the sun and I'm throwing up help?
I went on a trip to the queen Mary and it was like 80 degrees and there was alot of walking was it because if the heat I didn't drink water at all while on the triip and now I threw up 2 times ...

 I got my face hit by a dude. My lower jaw cant open. Its not broken butpaingin a lot. What do i do about it?
Its paining when i try to open my jaw. And my half face is swollen. How to reduce the swelling?...

 Is my little toe broken?
My horse reared up and leaned on my baby toe. Im not sure if it is broken or not. Its got bruising underneath and on top its double in size and when i touch it or walk on it, its painful. The toe ...

 A few months ago......?
i fainted in my bedroom and my me mam found me on the floor, she revived me, it turned out i had a low blood shugar level. but ever since that day i kept having alot of anxiety, then a few weeks ...

 Wondering if this was right or wrong for a high school football trainer to do concerning my sons knee injury?
At a football game 3 days ago my son had a knee injury...all seemed okay 2 days later and they put him back on the field and he re injured the same knee. I would think any injury should require more ...

 is it possible to poke your eye out by rubbing it too hard?

 what do i do if my arm is broken?
i was skateboarding and while i was grinding i fell on it and broke it!...

 please help! need answers kinda fast ewww blood?
okay so i was eating chips and one of 'em cut the roof of my mouth and it wont stop bleeding!!! please tell me some way i can get it to stop cause i cant stand the taste of blood =[ oh yea THANKS...

 hey i hope i dont lose my toe D:?
so i have an ingrown toe nail and havent seen the doctor its been about 3 or 4 weeks could i lose my toe because of it? ...

 Im going on skii camp next week and I sprained my ankle today will it be okay?
So the sprain isn't very bad but it us still quite swollen and hurts so much when I walk or put pressure on the area with my hands.. Anyway do you think It will be alright for skiing next week??...

 I hit my head really hard?
I was trying to do a back flip into the pool and I slipped and fell on my head. My boyfriend said I was out for about a minute. I have a lump on my head and it looks kind of bruised. Do you think I ...

 which pain reliever would do a better job of reducing the swelling on my knee, aspirin or ibuprofen?
What about brand names? Bayer or Advil or..........

 pain in right ankle...?
hey, well i don't know whats wrong with it.. ;l i have a numb pain in my ankle and its like from the ball bit of the side of the ankle and up my leg to my knee, i can walk on it but its starting ...

 someone please tell me whats wrong with my elbow?
my elbow is swollen and hurts when ever i move it to a certain extent.i did nothing to it and i have no idea whats wrong. so please someone tell me whats wrong.and thank u for your time!...

i &heart; shiver
My lower right leg hurts, right behind my knee all the way to my ankle hurts...?
Heyy . my right lower leg hurts, right behind my knee all the way to my ankle hurts...it hurt the day after cheerleading practice . that day we did jumps and cheers . it is kinda of a T all tha way down my leg . why does it hurt and what can i do for it? heyy it hurts so bad i cant hardly walk today is the 2 day its been hurtin and it hurts more 2day then yesterday

Hi. It may just be a cramp (aka a stitch). I would recommend trying to gently massage the area where you feel pain. If this does not work, put something cold on it (for example: you could use a bag of frozen peas or you could wrap a few ice cubes in a tea towel and place it where you feel the pain). Ice packs will be the best option if you have any. You will need to put the cold item on the site of pain for at least 5 minutes and I recommend no longer that 20 minutes. The idea of the cold item on the pain is to: 1. kill pain and 2. Reduce swelling. If the above method does not help, or if the pain does not go in the next 24 hours, you need to go to your local hospital for an X-Ray.

mark h
it sounds like a simple pulled muscle, thats why we stretch before heavy physical exertion

You may need to see a doctor. A pain like that could also be from a ruptured disc or a pinched nerve in your back. If it comes and goes, could be trouble. Does it hurt all the time? If so, you have probably strained your calf muscle. Take 2 advils and call your boyfriend. (he will be glad to massage it for you).

id say shin splints but those hurt in the front of your leg.. you prob pulled something

Sprain? maybe you pulled a muscle...ask your doctor Answer mine?

You probably pulled something. Put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on it to loosen the muscles.

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