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 is it possible to bruise your spine?
Ive heard you can bruise the bone, but can you bruise your spine? like it you land on your back or something?...

 Acl reconstruction, patella vs hamstring.?
I am 15 and getting an acl reconstruction. The doctor suggested using the hamstring instead of the patella because I am younger and will experience knee problems when I am older.
What should I ...

 if you bang your wrist as hard as you can on your knee could you break or fracture it please answer?
if you hit your wrist as hard as you can on your knee could you possibly break or fracture it im not gonna do it just wondering ...

 I hurt my thunb a month ago and it's still hurting.?
I was closing my daughters stroller and my thumb got caught in the handle which closes. It hurt so badly. Till this day since it happened, my thumb is numb where my fingernail area is and the rest ...

 Ankle problems.... Any doctors on here?
Ok, so for a while now, both my ankles will hurt me. but lately it's been the left one. my right ankle pops and stuff, but it doesn't hurt THAT bad. I've had to sit out of PE for 2 ...

 What did do to my knee? How can i fix it?
Ok so the other day i fell down 2 steps.. clumsy little child.. anyway it hurt really bad after that. now i walk with a limp. Its on my left knee on the side like an inch and a half down from the ...

 bone healing and extreme use again?
I broke my wrist 8 breaks total its been in a long cast for 6 weeks and short cast 2. I bmx stairs handrails major stuff should I still take precautions I kno I need to build muscles again but I just ...

 How to cure a jammed thumb?!?! 10 point's to the best answer!?
Ok, so when I was playing basketball one of my team mate's was trying to dribble and hit the ball right into my thumb. And now I believe it's jammed since I can't move it much, and it ...

 Should I be worried about this?
Last night, as I was bending down to sit on the floor, both me and my sister heard a loud snap (like someone breaking a pencil or twig in half) and I could feel that something happened in my upper ...

 Is this a jammed or sprained finger? ;P?
So, today in gym we were practicing throw ins for soccer, so I went to go catch a ball, and my index finger hit the ball straight and started hurting right away. Not anything excruciating [I wasn'...

 someone kicked my thumb.i could bend it but it hurts.it is not swollen.i did it yesterday.?
i want to know what is wrong with it?...

 What to do if i've cut my stomach?
I smashed a lamp when i was walking around in my underwear, i picked it up and it cut my stomach. It was bleeding a lot so i wrapped it in a bandage. I thought it was fine but it was still bleeding, ...

I was playing in a soccer game and i headed the ball twice within 1 minute in the same spot and it was painful. I then got very confused and was out of it for about 15-20 minutes and i was dizzy and ...

 got hit in the back of my head and pushed and hit my head on metal?
2 hours ago i got punched to the back of my head and thrown into metal frames which hit my head i got bad headaches and everytime stand up i get real dizzy and my heads get worse feels like i ...

 I tore my ACL, Lateral Mensicus and Medial meniscus. When can I walk?
Did surgery on 7th of September.
6 weeks passed.
When is it healthy to leave the crutches without any risks?
I don't want to go under surgery again......

 i fell over and i landed on my wrists they bent back and 1 of them hurts alot what is it?
im 14 and i was in sport in school today we were playing nees its a game wen u r in a pair of 2 i was the defender protecting my nees i was walking backword i triped on a bag andlandedon my wrists ...

 sprained ankle? what to do?
i was warming up for a basketball match when i was running and i twisted my ankle (4:45pm). It started to hurt instantly and began swelling. I didn't get to play so i sat on the side with ice on ...

 I banged my toe on the wall and pushed my nail under the skin. Not that painful, but will it grow out normal?
Just wondering if it will grow out normal again. Thanks....

 I found this on my mom's back, is she lying to me?
My mom has been very secretive and weird for about a year now, and tonight I noticed a huge scar/rash on her back. She let me take a picture of it after laughing nervously and saying "her bra ...

 Punched in Solar Plexus?
Today, for a reason which would take a long time to explain, i was punched in the solar plexus. The punch caught me off guard and i had the wind knocked out of me. After the punch my ribs hurt for a ...

My knee is numb after auto accident, why?
I was in a car accident on february 13th of 2009. My knee hit the dash extremely hard.
Since that time, I have had numbness in my knee. There were no open wounds, but I seem to have some type of a scar where I hit the dash.
What could the numbness be? Or why is it there? I have no outer skin feeling, but when pressed on, the area is extremely painful.

i dont get it... how can it be numb it it is extremely painful when pressed on?

dear ghoul
nerve damage or tissue around the nerve impinging upon it

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