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 can you die a few months after a head bang?
im asking becase i usually get weird head pains on left side of head has any1 ever felt like there head feels a weird pain and u think u can feel ur heart beat in your head?...

 I was walking alot in the sun and I'm throwing up help?
I went on a trip to the queen Mary and it was like 80 degrees and there was alot of walking was it because if the heat I didn't drink water at all while on the triip and now I threw up 2 times ...

 I got my face hit by a dude. My lower jaw cant open. Its not broken butpaingin a lot. What do i do about it?
Its paining when i try to open my jaw. And my half face is swollen. How to reduce the swelling?...

 Is my little toe broken?
My horse reared up and leaned on my baby toe. Im not sure if it is broken or not. Its got bruising underneath and on top its double in size and when i touch it or walk on it, its painful. The toe ...

 A few months ago......?
i fainted in my bedroom and my me mam found me on the floor, she revived me, it turned out i had a low blood shugar level. but ever since that day i kept having alot of anxiety, then a few weeks ...

 Wondering if this was right or wrong for a high school football trainer to do concerning my sons knee injury?
At a football game 3 days ago my son had a knee injury...all seemed okay 2 days later and they put him back on the field and he re injured the same knee. I would think any injury should require more ...

 is it possible to poke your eye out by rubbing it too hard?

 what do i do if my arm is broken?
i was skateboarding and while i was grinding i fell on it and broke it!...

 please help! need answers kinda fast ewww blood?
okay so i was eating chips and one of 'em cut the roof of my mouth and it wont stop bleeding!!! please tell me some way i can get it to stop cause i cant stand the taste of blood =[ oh yea THANKS...

 hey i hope i dont lose my toe D:?
so i have an ingrown toe nail and havent seen the doctor its been about 3 or 4 weeks could i lose my toe because of it? ...

 Im going on skii camp next week and I sprained my ankle today will it be okay?
So the sprain isn't very bad but it us still quite swollen and hurts so much when I walk or put pressure on the area with my hands.. Anyway do you think It will be alright for skiing next week??...

 I hit my head really hard?
I was trying to do a back flip into the pool and I slipped and fell on my head. My boyfriend said I was out for about a minute. I have a lump on my head and it looks kind of bruised. Do you think I ...

 which pain reliever would do a better job of reducing the swelling on my knee, aspirin or ibuprofen?
What about brand names? Bayer or Advil or..........

 pain in right ankle...?
hey, well i don't know whats wrong with it.. ;l i have a numb pain in my ankle and its like from the ball bit of the side of the ankle and up my leg to my knee, i can walk on it but its starting ...

 someone please tell me whats wrong with my elbow?
my elbow is swollen and hurts when ever i move it to a certain extent.i did nothing to it and i have no idea whats wrong. so please someone tell me whats wrong.and thank u for your time!...

 What helps sprained ankle?
I was in a car crash, and I got a really bad sprain I can't walk on crutches because I also broke my arm, I can hobble on it though. How do make it heal as fast as possible? And how long will it ...

 Is a Broken Toe the possibility?
Ok, so I slammed my foot into my wall, trying to keep my dog from scratching my bedroom door, and instead of getting my dog I got my wall. I hurd my toe crack, and like an hour or less later i looked ...

 is my toe broken or bruised?
ok, about 4-5months ago a friend of mine accidently knocked a stool over and the metal part on it hit me just above my toe, and it really hurt! i kinda forgot bout it but about 2 weeks later it ...

 Is it okay to walk a lot on a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle last monday and the next I did walk on it because it didn't hurt much. I then discovered the RICE method and used it but still walked a little. It's been almost 2 weeks ...

 My father's right toe (2nd one- next to the thumb toe) is jammed for around 7 yerars .?
He can't move that toe at all . We have shown to all variety of medicine doctors.. allopathy, homeo, ayurved, accupresure , But nothing has helped. Actually he had an accident in 2001 and ...

My friend dropped a knife on her foot...?
She says it is fine but it looks deep and like it is getting infected she only just dropped it this morning and she refuses to get it checked out. The only reason i think she needs to get it checked out is because when she did drop it it didnt hit and fall it stuck..

Cassandra H
ok. you answered on one of my questions. and you said my story was fake because that's now how things go.. well you're a dumbass then, cuz that's exactly what happens. if you have weed, they try to get a source from you. then they give you a number, tell you to call it the next day, and you set up a meeting. I went through it, and my boyfriend went through it. So i advise you know what the hell you're sayin before you say it. Cuz im right, obviously. Cuz your dumbass hasnt expirienced it. i have.

She needs to get it checked out to see how much damage was done to the inside of her foot. The foot is a complicated and sensitive part of the body which is why i recommend going to the E.R. asap. In a extreme case if an infection is not treated properly the only treatment is amputation. Lastly, it sounds like she may need stitches.

well she NEEDs to clean it very throoughly and then put a bandaid or gauze on it to keep it from getting infected. if it does get infected then she needs to see a doctor or she mite lose her foot maybe her leg even

eww once i dropped a brick on my foot but it wasnt as bad as that. maybe u shud tell her parents and c wat they say

Alissa, R.N.
it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and then covered. If there is any yellow or green drainage with a foul odor in the next week or so, it definitely needs to be checked. Hope she's up to date on her tetanus shot also.

Yowtch! Look, if she won't get it checked out, make sure she washes the cut very carefully with pure water, and covers it up with a band-aid (or whatever) to protect it from dirt. Keep a close eye on it overnight and if it gets infected by the next day she should definitely go it to the Dr.! When you say it "stuck" that sounds like it went in really deep. She may need a stitch or two...

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