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 how can i tell if my finger is broken,sprained, jammed or fractured?
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 Whats wrong with my big toe?
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 do you know anyone who self injury's?
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 Seriously..help pleasee? This is urggent?!?! Answerss PLEASE!?
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 Can a concussion cause anger and agression problems?
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 ok i no im dumb but im only 13 and i wanted to get my lip done like snake bits but my mom said no?
so i got mad and did it myself now the lip ring in the lip wont come out it hurts alot
i mean im at my bffs right now and we tuged on it we even tryed to rip it out and its still not comeing ...

 my 2 year old daughter cut her head open, how do?
how do i know if shes got concusion? she hit her head on the radiator she had to go hospital to have her head glued but the cut is that deep they had to put steri strips on it aswell, anyway since ...

 what is another name for a broken bone?

 Do toenails regrow back after they've been completely ripped off?
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 my daughter slipped off our porch yesterday and twisted her ankle. It is purple-ish on one side. is it broken?

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 My Husband got in a car accident?
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 why did my calf muscle cramp up?
After track practice today, both of my leg muscles(calfs), cramped up.

Is it because I ran cross country for 3 months in the fall and than took 2 weeks off and did absolutely nothing than ...

 If I take the stitches out myself, what instruments should I use? And whiskey for the pain?

 the bad points of cosmetic surgery?
4 ...

 how can you break/sprain your ankle on purpose?

My foot made a loud pop noise and it it hurts please help?
I was putting pressure on my foot like a football hicker all of a sudden my foot made a loud pop like sound. I got a lot of pain on the top of my foot half way down my foot. My foot is red and pain full I can bearly stand on it what could be wrong? Please help.

Thom Thumb
Take your foot and stick it in your mouth and bite it hard.
That will cure it.

You may have poped your knee cap

easy. its called a foot-fart. it happens all the time. next question ( makes fart noise)

The Midnight Captain
its disloacted or broken go to the emergency room right now

it may be sprained, put ice on it and elevate.

if swelling doesnt go down, take some x-rays.

Not much we can do, lol. Get yourself to a clinic or hospital.

Oh btw, i had a friend who always did lunges, he said he heard a pop and one day on his shin was a lump.

it could be broken. if it was by a joint it could just be sprained. go to the hospital to get it examined

First,don't panic and immediately GO SEE THE DOCTOR!

PoO pOo HeAd

if the pain does not go away in a couple minutes, then you should call the doctor rite away and make an appointment. im guessing u might have broken a bone or popped a bone. try just putting your foot straight on the ground, but dont walk around. i hope your foot feels better.

Angel Heart
Hmm, I advise that you rest your foot and put some ice on it. It's nothing too serious. It may hurt for a few days though. If you have to go somewhere like work or anything like that, if you can, try going to a pharmacy and get something that you are sure will help you walk. If you can't decide, possibly go see the doctor.

If you heard a loud pop, and now the foot is red, and you are in much pain, the answer is simple. Go see a doctor, most likely a podiatrist.

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