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 When I walk on my treadmill my toes go numb on my right foot, any idea why?
I walk 2.5 miles. It takes me about half an hour. The treadmill is flat not lifted. I walk at a fast speed but not so fast that I can't speak without having to catch my breathe....

 is there anything as a crack bone? and what can be done about it.?

 Repetitive Strain Injury?
Has anyone on here ever had a Repetitive Strain Injury. I have one in my back muscle near shoulder blade. Have you had luck curing it? How long did it take? Could you live a active lifestyle after?...

 plaster cast?
i broke my wrist today and they put on a plaster cast this is my first broken bone they told me not to get the cast wet could someone tell me how i would take a shower and not get the cast wet?...

 Can Stem Cell research fix spinal injuries?
If someone had a spinal injury and now the nerves in his arms causes him not to have strength in his hands, can the stem cell research fix this problem?...

 my ankle hasnt healed?
i sprained my ankle in june. when they took x-rays they found a 2 inch leasion right above my ankle bone. they said i didnt break my ankle just sprained it. i went to a orthopedic surgion and sent me ...

 Throat burn?
I bought something to eat and without much thought i ate it and it got stuck in my throat for 5-10 seconds and burned my throat. It hurts like crazy and it blistered. I am worried that if i fall ...

 Back problem, Doctors out there, please help!!!?
I went to the doctor and he told me my back was out of alignment (im 16 if that makes a difference). Anyway, I have this burning pain in a muscle on the left side of my back, next to the spine and ...

 My nose ring fell out?
My nose ring just fell out a few mins back and refuses to go back in, ive tried putting it in with oil/vaseline, but nothing's working. I'm afraid it will close up. Can anyone help?...

 How do I treat a busted lip where the swelling has not gone down after 2 days?

 How long does it normally take for a deep cut to heal? Say, 1/4" deep on the thumb about 1" long?
Kept clean, held together with bandages, no stitches. Stitches were definitely part of the advise of the doctor, but I decided, not to get them. It was a clean cut, with a box cutter razor. The last ...

 what is the treatment for an eye stye?
any home ...

 when having a broken leg?
how long do you have to use your crutches after you get your cast off? has anyone had a broken please explain do you walk on your casted leg without your crutches when getting the cast off never ...

 What are the long term effects of a ankle sprain?
I had sprained my ankle years ago and have developed a lump at the top of my ankle which is now causing pain. I have spoke to a surgeon and they had said that they will drain this lump. He had given ...

 Sprained wrist?
Is my wrist sprained? It really hurts, i can't twist it at all, i can't move it without really bad pain. If it is sprained tell me what i should do about it, if not then tell me what to do ...

 Plz Help I had a level 3 lamenectomy in Feb I'm in worse pain now DR said he can't do any thing more for me.
Is this a common reply from all Dr's when the surgery fails? Or should I try to find another Dr. that might be more willing to help me? Or should I just give it up, & endure this pain? I ...

 Turnakit... Ternakit?
Ok, this is really irritating me. When somebody cuts of there foot for example, you would tied a piece of cloth around the ankle to prevent the rest of the leg from draining blood.

This ...

 When you burn yourself with salt and ice...does it affect you health at all?
i mean..it cant be good for you...theres like salt going into your flesh...and i have a salt and ice burn [[which my brother keeps hitting cuz he doesnt know its there]] but ya..i want to know if it ...

 Tailbone injured for almost a year.. tired of pain, need it fixed.. please help!!?
I had been horseback riding for about a year adn i started getting a little pain in my tailbone. I didn't think anythign of it until it got really bad all of a sudden. The trauma from the horse ...

 Without surgical treatment, could I have torn my achilles tendon further since the MRI?
I tore my achilles tendon about a month and a half ago. It really hurts. I've been going to a podiatrist and he said that I didn't need surgical treatment. I've been in a walking boot ...

My back hurts. Whats wrong with me?
I lifted 800 lbs this morning, was that wrong?

You lifted 800 lbs?! Highly unlikely, unless you are a mega body builder. Most likely you destroyed your back and spinal column. Go see a doctor.

If you are doing it for the first time, definitely its wrong.

Black Dog
This sounds like a case of an ill-advised bench press mishap. My father injured himself once doing this, only it was a bit less weight than 800 lbs. Put ice on it to lower any swelling and thank your lucky stars you can still walk...IF you can still walk. Then, go back to the 250 or so that you were probably pressing before!

I know the exact remedy.
Try eating your uncle's toupee and then driving yourself off a cliff.

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