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My Toe Nail is coming off, help!?
I REALLY don't want to see a doctor. (Will it come off by itself?) (Also how do I make it get better?)


Emily Y
You have a few options.

If the skin is undamaged, and just the nail is the problem, you could superglue it. If it is really on it's way off, you may just want to wait for it to fall off (it will most likely do so on it's own) or carefully remove it yourself.

If this is a whole issue with your toe being damaged as well and you have a wound under there, you should clean thoroughly and put disinfectant (neosporin works best) and a bandaid over it. Make sure you clean it to avoid infection. If the skin is damaged, the you should leave the toenail on for now to help protect it. In this case, it will still fall off on it's own eventually, but keep it covered until the wound is healed.

It'll probably be outgrown. If doesn't, you "have" to pull it off. It'll grow back in a few days

You should be fine when it comes off on its own (be careful it doesn't get ripped off!). Just make sure to keep it clean and dry. My doctor recommended I put tea tree oil on it... Unless you know why it fell off I would also consider seeing someone just to make sure that it's not a problem that can affect your other toes. My toenail fell off about 4 months ago and it's growing back in all thick, yuck!

Track II
I had the same problem when I was doing a lot of running. My toe nail came off but a new one grew back.

It really all depends why your's is coming off. It's either fungus or injury. If it's injury no problem, but if it is fungus then you need to see a doctor.

If you want to know if it is fungus check if your toenail has turned yellow brown or white. Is it thick and overgrown? Crumbly and falling off? If you answer yes to these questions than you probably have a fungus.

Nails that fall off because of fungal infection will grow back, but the new nail will probably become infected, similar to the old one. Since the condition rarely goes away on its own, it's smart to talk with a health care provider about treatments.

let it come off by itself .. it'll grow back again .. but be careful form infections. no need to see a doctor

You don't need to see the doctor if it isn't infected. Did it just get smashed? I once stubbed my toe really hard, and damaged the nail. It detached from the nail bed, then I finished the job a few weeks later when I ripped it up on the couch. I just clipped off what I could and bandaged it up. The nail bed will dry out and become less sensitive. The nail will grow back eventually.

What I'd do is remove the nail with clippers, or gente rocking/twisting. Then put some antibacterial ointment over the nail bed, and put a bandage on it. Make sure you change the bandage daily, so fungus and germs don't build up!! Just try to keep it decently clean, and I'm sure it will be ok.

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