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 is there any cream to remove the scar its a big scar since i was a kid,?

 I sprained my ankle yesterday and now have a fever?
Had x-rays, nothing broken. Told to rest, ice, etc. Was given an air cast and crutches. Can put some weight on the ankle, but is very swollen across the top of my foot. Today I have a fever of 100 ...

 Healing dog bite, muscle is getting really hard...?
Ok, one week ago my 7 year old daughter got bit by a dog on her leg, one fang puncture. We ended up in the ER with an infection, which they cleaned up, left the wound open and I clean and dress it ...

 Injured back...now body and mind numb, feel totally out of it?
I injured my back last week and went to the chiro and then to the er. Both feel it is just a pinched nerve and not a disk problem. Was given shot of pain meds and muscle relaxer. Then a rx for ...

 I had tingling in my arm after I woke up, but it didn't leave until a couple hours later, why?
I fell asleep on my arm, so I knew it would go numb, but usually after i shake it my sensation in my arm comes back after a few minutes, but this time it took longer. I am a little scared and nervous ...

 below knee amputation exersizes?

 Need to know some options before seeing my neurosurgeon tomorrow for injury to l3-l4 level. MRI finding below
This is the summary of the MRI report...Near complete spinal block posterior to the l3-l4 level with a large extruded central disc. Please give me any information about potential treatment options ...

 when a tendon is severed and surgically stitched?
after healing time can it be useful for exercising, retaining strength and flexibility because tissue is constantly being rebuilt?...

 What's wrong with my legs?
A few days ago, I tripped on a shoe and twisted my ankle(fell on it). My ankle was hurting for a few days after. Then today, my ankle stopped hurting but my hamstrings started to hurt with every step ...

 stay in bed or get up after reconstructive foot surgery???
should I be getting up and walking on crutches after my foot surgery, even though my foot throbs? Or is it better to just stay in bed for 2 weeks?...

 father with bad back?
here is what happened to my father when he was in his 20s

basically a large and heavy object fell on his back and ever since then..he's been having back problems. He always has a ...

 i have a bump on the back of my head..i'm 17 and kids make fun of me what should i do?
i have a bump when i was little i hit my head and it hurt alot and then it went away i need to know how i can get the bump on my head to go away i've tried growing my hair and it doesnt work......

 is there a web site for degenajointdesise?
i was diegnose with degenerated joint desise. i must be spelling it wrong.can any one help me? if so thank you and god bless you....

 How did I got unconscious?
My friend told me that he can make me unconscious within a minute without any drugs or hitting me , he asked to take a deep
breadth and hold my breath till I can , then he grabbed from behind ...

 ingrown toenail?
on the toe next to my big toe every 6 mo.s or so i notice it looks semi unattatched so i take it off and underneath theres another fresh new toenail that grows for 6 months or so and does the same ...

 can a person with ankylosing spondylosis bodybuild in the gym ??
i get neck pain when i sit long hours on the comp, i used to be a bodybuilder, which due to my profession had to quit....i get swelling in the nape of my neck too..i have put on a lot of weight n ...

 How do you get a second opinon??? My son broke his leg almost 4 years ago and the ortho doctor said to keep?
an eye on it because he was 5 when this happened and said that he may need surgury later in life since it was the bone the bowed(I dont know bones) anyway I dont think he needs surgery now but he has ...

 Unknown foot pain.?
Pain shoots around outer ankle down into toes, then swells there or move over top of foot. I am seeing my sixth doctor. It is not morton neuroma, nor any pinched nerve. Curculation is fine as well ...

 Do you thing he will able to bull ride the 11th?
my friend fell off a ladder and busted an artery in his arm like a month and a half ago and he says he can ride the 11th do you think he can??...

 what wrong?
i hurt my knee five years ago and three years ago. Ever since the three year one my knee hurts when i have my period like my back does. It been hurting for a whole week now and doc said i hurt the ...

Lump on my leg- weeks after a fall?
Several weeks ago - like 6-7 now- I tried to jump up on a platform to cross over something and fell to the side hitting my upper thigh and upper ankle area. The area by the ankle (maybe 5 inches above the ankle bone) swelled a bit, by the time I got to a place with ice and then I iced it.
It bruised pretty bad for a number of days then started healing. But I still have a "knot" in that area- that you can feel- about the size of two quarters in diameter. It hurts slightly at times- especially if you touch it with more then a bit of pressure.
What could this "knot" be?

Thanks in advance

this is cookie i not going to lie and my parents dont except me they always want me to better than everyone else . if i tell them them the truth thell get even more angry than if i told them......


it could be damage to the muscles, or damage to the bone, best idea would be to go see a doctor, just to be sure.

I had a bump on my armpit, turned out to be a swollen lymphnode/ abcess. my brother had a lump on his knee turned out to be a cyst. i dont recall falling on my armpit, and his just showed up. Maybe you want to see a Dr. about it though. It can never hurt.

Good Luck, and God Bless!

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