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Lower knee/leg still swollen and bruised after almost 3 weeks?
About 3 weeks ago, during a slow pitch softball game, I hurt my knee. We were beating the team really bad (by about 20 points) so we were all goofing off. I got a typical fly-ball hit to me, so I backed up, ran and slid in order to make some sort of "climactic" catch. However, the only thing "climactic" about it was how I completely missed the ball and it hit, straight on, directly under my left knee.

At the time of injury, it swelled up to a huge ball really really fast. It was really tender and I had to step off the field for the rest of the game because it was too painful to move my knee. That night, I put ice on it, took some ibuprofen, and just tried to let it heal on it's own.

That was almost three weeks ago. Today, there is still a significantly sized knot (although not as huge as it was the day of the injury) where the ball hit. There are splotches of bruising going down my lower-leg/shin area, all the way to my ankle. The knot itself, although not near as tender as it was originally, still is somewhat painful to the touch. What is concerning now is that I am starting to feel some soreness throughout my lower-leg, and it's getting slightly worse every day. It's not painful, just sore, like if you sleep on your arm or shoulder the wrong way and then wake up the next morning...that kind of soreness.

Long story short, should I be concerned? Or should I just leave it alone and hope it's nothing?

Personally, anything that takes 3 weeks to show sign of healing is not good. I would recommend seeing a doctor. It is possible that it's just an nasty bruise, but I would also be concerned with a blood clot forming.

It might be a bone bruise but if the pain is getting worse I would go to the ER and get an X-ray to make sure it's nothing else.

Ricky C
I think you should definitely get it checked out, if it's been three weeks that's cause for concern. The fact that you got a bruise down in an area where you didnt even get hit makes it seem like you strained something. I've had and seen a whole lot of sports injuries playing pickup basketball, and I don't know what it is, but I do the waiting game too but when it get's to a certain point I think it's worth it to find out what is wrong with you from a dr.

Nichole F
if it has lasted that long i would go to the doctor of i were you.

let it be, it was probably just really swollen and needs time for the blood to drain back out of the bruise

Angel Love
You need to go to a sports med doc. Usually teams have one assigned to them, ask ur teammates what doc they see and talk to him/her about it. Sounds like the typical athletes injury, it's nothingto worry about, IF YOU GO TO THE DOC. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY

Id go to the doctor, then ull no for sure.

Possible blood clot, see a Dr. soon.

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