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 When I wake up in the morning and stretch in bed my calf hurts.?
When I wake up I stretch out (as do many people), but it seams when i stretch out my calf muscle (I extend my legs) my calf seems to pop out of place, becomes unbelievably rigid and hard, and the ...

 Pulled muscle in back what do i do?

 i fell down and went boom?
today on my dads (700 v twin) I did a little wheelie and trying not to hurt the bike I pushed my self off of it landing on my back.. it hurts very bad.. I dont know what to do.. it hurts on my ...

 i was licking a rock and my tounge fell off what should i do?

 Would wheelchair bound people say that they are going on a walk when they go on a "walk"?

 I Hit My Head Really Hard, What Should I Do?
Okay So A Couple Days Ago I Was At A Show, & This Hardcore Dancer Kicked Me From The Side Of My Face To The Back Of My Head So Hard The People Around Me Could Hear It, While The Band Was Playing. ...

 I have stitches in my lip. Is it still alright if i smoke?

 whats the main point of a hickie?
like how do you get them and whats the main point of them?...

 I Think I Broke My Big Toe!! Help!!?
Yesterday, I was moving the couch in the living room and i dropped it on my big toe. It was extremal painful and bloody. Today it is swollen and bruised. I can walk on it but, i have to use the side ...

 Please help me get rid of my Canker sores!?
Ok so my problem is i don't just have one canker sore. They are all on my gums, in side my cheeks, on my tongue, on the front and back of my gums upper and bottom row of teeth, on the roof of my ...

 My car fell on me while working on it from underneath. Could this be the cause of my back/neck pain?
The weight of the car pushed down on my chest so hard that i had to take very small breathes while a friend jacked the car back up. Im guessing with that much weight coming down it could easily cause ...

 difference between compound fracture and broken leg?

 how long would a popped vein heal?
ok so i went to volley tryouts for the first time, when i tried it i was ok, but then at one part when I hit the ball my arm started hurting, when i got back home I saw 2 dots on my arm and my sis ...

 I burt my tong the other day testing some food for my daughter and now i cant taste anything its been 2 week?
how long should i wait befor seeing a doc. about it or should it come back on it s ...

 should i go to the doctor?
i was shaving with an electric razor and i cut the mole i had. and it started bleeding....

 When one has a knee injury, how long does it take to recover?
I fell at work. I still have a slight brusie and knee pain. Doctor did MRI and said it was banged up but I was ok....

 what should i do, i fell on ice with like 90% of my wieght and it hurts. what do you think?
i was iceskating. and i dropped my hat so i went to pick it up and i slipped and landed with mabey 90% of my weight on my right knee.it hurts on my bone to the botton left of my knee cap. i dont know ...

 My ankle hurts when I run and I have a game soon. Help?
My ankle is fine when I walk. But when I run my ankle hurts. Any advice?...

 What should I do about this?
I was in Gym yesterday around 10 am, playing basketball, when I caught the ball and jammed my left thumb pretty bad. I didn't think it was a big deal, so I didn't go to the nurse or ...

 the girl i babysit bit me!!?
it was hard! aa bit of skin ripped off and it looks red. what should i do? what are some infections a person can get from bites?...

Long middle toe and short little toes?
So my toes are suuper wierd. My big toe and second toes are the same length, But the other 3 toes are tiny and i hate the way it looks. It just makes my second toe look even longer and i really hate it. Does anyone else have toes like mine? Cause i've never seen anyone else have toes like this and im always getting made fun of by my family so i refuse to wear sandels anymore because they all have pretty feet.

I actually like the way that type of foot shape looks. My wife has toes just like that and she doesnt have a problem wearing sandals. There are times she even gets complimented on having pretty feet.

honestly girl, there is no such thing as pretty feet;; your feet are just unique;; & yes, I've seen a multitude of feet much like your own;; I am one that has 4 very short stubby toes..almost too short..people will stop commenting when you find something more interesting to talk about..or when you just plain find it humourous..& again, unique..but usually this is a genetic factor..so mom, or dad, or the two of them together, produced those feet you have attached to the rest of you..thank them, & just tell you brothers & sisters that you are the best of the two..while they are lacking this incredibly unique benefit..better balance...good luck!!

Been There
My toes are like that. Both of my siblings have toes like that. My dad had toes like that. He was 50% Swedish. A few years ago, I went to a gathering where a girl wearing sandals had toes like that. Went up to talk to her ... turns out she was visiting from ... Sweden. I wonder if it's a Swedish thing. Any Nordic blood in your family, perchance?

Bold Grey Mare
In statuary and shoe fitting it has been called the Greek foot (as opposed to the Egyptian foot, where the great toe is longer). A longer second toe has often been associated with royalty, particularly during the rule of the Ptolemaic dynasty when Egypt was under Greek rulership. It was an idealized form in Greek sculpture, and this persisted as an aesthetic standard through Roman and Renaissance periods and later (the Statue of Liberty has toes of this proportion). There are also associations found within Celtic groups. The French call it commonly pied grec (just as the Italians call it piede greco), but sometimes pied ancestral.

*Miss Mya*
haha i have the same thingg. i call the second toe my hitchiker toe (: i just learnd to lvoe it just bcuz i cant fix it. its good to have a flaw. makes you unique (:

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