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 Gymnastics injuries?
I have just started learning cartwheels and after my session with my coach my legs have been sore and i lost flexibility is this ...

 Does nose cartilage grow? and how fast?
I had my nose smasdin playing soccer and had reconsrtuctive sergury. however becuase my nose was smashed in it looked abnormally small, so my dr used a septum graft to increase the ize, but it still ...

 Injured leg?
About 8 days ago I was carring a box & tripped on some shoes, I didn't fall but I kind of stretched my right leg. It hurt at first but not that bad & it felt OK later. The next day it ...

 Pain after starting exercise regimen?
I started exercising regularly about three months ago. For about 2 and a half months of that time I was fine, I was able to exercise for about an hour every day, I even took up running and was ...

 life after reconstructive knee surgery...help...lock ups?
2morrow (dec. 30th) will mark one year since i had my knee reconstructed. I had my ACL replaced and part of my meniscus taken out. i started snowboarding again this season even though i still have ...

 Torn ligament or something more?
I twisted and fell on my ankle while hiking two weeks ago. It was terribly painful but I had to get up and walk another mile to get back to the truck. When I got home I had a huge goose egg on my ...

 How is it possible for some people to be "double jointed"?

 does nose cartilage grow?
I had my nose smashed in playing soccer and had reconstructive sergury. however because my bone was smashed in it looks abnormally small. my doctor used a cartilage graft from my septum to increase ...

 my eye might be bleeding?
i dunno wat hapened i poked it the other day and its ...

 does anyone know the best way to treat a 2nd metatarsal fracture. The pain is getting worse.?
I injured my foot and was told it is my 2nd metatarsal bone. What is the best way to treat this. The pain is getting worse...especially when I am ...

 WHY WONT IT help??
i have been going to physical therapy for a month just for a sprained ankle....it doesnt seem to help very much what else can i ...

 If i sit cross legged on the floor and stand up my left knee hurts very badly whats wrong?
also if i sit in a chair with my knee bent at a 90 degree it hurts when i stand up but much less. pain comes from the keecap area. I injured this knee running a year and a half ago and i never went ...

 DEEP tissue bruise?
I was hit in the hamstring region with a line-drive softball. 4 months later the hugh bruise (approx 9" x 4") is still there, the area is also tender when touched.. i can walk, jump, and ...

 I've heard wrestling causes a lot of injuries, but how severe are they?
Can u give me some numbers? I need to convince my mom that I can continue in high school....

 How can i heal a jammed finger?

 can a very badly sprained ankle bruise deep purple and still be only sprained,or might it be broken?
an xray was taken and doc said it wasn't broken,but the next day there was a very large deep purple bruise....

 Knee Pain!?
My knee hurts really bad! So bad it makes me wanna cry...right now at Uconn...we are on an overnight field trip to talke about college stuff...the pain in my knee carries up to my hip and makes me ...

 Would you hire someone with a brain injury?
On November 26, 1999, I had a stroke and a a cerebral hemmorhedge. I'm smart and funny. However, it takes me a little longer to lern and have a slight vision impairment. I'm tired of taking ...

 what kind of exercise can one do if you have a Herniated disc?

 can anyone help? I have a knee injury due to basketball im in a bunch of pain?!?
hey, im a mvp player for my basketball team and i have a tounament coming up like next week and it is the finals. i was in pratice scrimmaging and i dribble the ball and one of my teamates tried tp ...

Knee pain when walking, climbing stairs, bending down etc. Help Please?
Well I dont remember exactly when it started I know that it has been hurting for at least a month, see I do Capoeira in November I took a month break and started again last December, on the day I came back it was not really class day so we did not warm up and went on to kicking etc right off the bat.

I think this may have been it, my knee pain has been bad it hurts when I walk, specially when I bend down or walk up/down stairs. It also makes popping noises from time to time.

I feel like I need to go to the doctor and get xrays and an mri. Thee problem is my mom is not in a stable economic situation at this moment and we have no health insurance I asked her if we could at least go to a family doctor and she said maybe.

My question is, is there anything I can do to prevent further injury to my knee, and is it worth spending money on a family doctor who will probably tell my mom to go to an orthopedic surgeon or go to an orthopedist right away?

When you say that you do Capoeira, I assume that you do Capoeira Regional (the one that flips in the air).

I know too many people who destroy their knee doing Capoeira Regional. If you want to do Capoeira, I would recommend Capoeira Angola. This is a good step in saving your knees.

Welcome to the world of wear and tear pains.

As one grow older, it happens that joints, and most especially knee joints,seem to start giving us problems.

Many causes of knee pain, especially those related to overuse or physical activity, respond well to self-care:

* Rest and avoid activities that aggravate the pain, especially weight bearing activities.
* Apply ice. First, apply it every hour for up to 15 minutes. After the first day, apply it at least 4 times per day.
* Keep your knee elevated as much as possible to bring any swelling down.
* Gently compress the knee by wearing an ace bandage or elastic sleeve. Either can be purchased at most pharmacies. This may reduce swelling and provide support.
* Take acetaminophen for pain or ibuprofen for pain and swelling.
* Sleep with a pillow underneath or between your knees.

Take a 'X' ray of the knee joint.
Do not climb stairs.
Use knee caps.
Take care.

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