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 Tennis elbow (Ice or hot during treatment?)?
I am suffering with tennis elbow and doing physio. at the first week and taking Ibuprofen (anti inflammation). Throughout this rehabilation process, should I continue Ice treatment or should I do hot ...

 is tmj a cosmetic procedure,and is it covered under insurence ,?

 Is a broken Ankle supposed to still be swelled after 3months of healing?
I broke my growthplate playing ...

 How long after nose operation the swelling goes away?

 what would be the osha standard for being poked with a needle?
if a nurse was working with a ...

 My Knee is very sore and i run daily, does and one have a cure to relive the pain?

 what kind of food/supplements promotes rebuilding of cartilidge?
I have a friend who was in a severe car accident. his feet were both broken severely. the cartlidge in his feet was pretty much GONE. serious answers please?...

 can taking potassium for leg cramps lead to hyperkalemia?

 my girl's nose is broke i think.because it moves all around.what type of doctor should i take her to?

 Spondylolysis and Surgery?
Will surgery effective for spondylolysis ?? Will a woman can lead normal life after this surgery ? What will be difficulties / defects any after post surgery life. Is there any other option than ...

 wrist injury?

 institute for emergency medical services in banglore?

 two movable ribs?
I was in a car accident 2 years ago. since then, my right and left lower ribs pop when I move and hurt. you can press on them and they move. x-rays confirmed no fracture or broken ribs. doctors are ...

 How to get relief from wrist and shoulder pain?
I have continuous pain in my right shoulder, wrist and elbow for the past few months. I feel it is due to continuous use of mouse and keyboard. Previously I had similar pain in upper back and neck ...

 In a NON-at fault car accident and used my health insurance to go to the doctor, can my insurance come for mny
My girlfriend and I were involved in a re-end accident and the other drive admitted fault immediately. All insurances were contacted and his insurance took the blame. We both went to urgent care to ...

 angry and concerned mother needs advice.?
my son while on a week long trip to his grandparents 100 miles away. crushed his finger and lacerated it very bad. the first hopital they took him to said "we don't like how it looks" ...

 how do you treat a sprained or torn arch on the bottom of your foot and what is this syndrome called?
It only hurts when stiff. After sleeping or sitting still..then hurts when first walked on, but after 1 minute, no pain and I can do anything painless. But sit still for 10 minutes or inactivity and ...

 what is the statement of problems on causes of mortality in sub-saharan Africa?
the research proposal on causes of mortality in Borno state NIGERIA(

 freind got a cortizone shot in her shoulder and the doc hit a nerve in her neck could the damage be permanent?
She had to get a cortizone shot in her shoulder cause something was wrong with one of her tendons and the morning after she had pain in her neck and could hardly move. Im really worried about her, ...

 how do dr.s put on a cast? this is for repair on my thumb ligament, so what should i expect?

Is there a drink or some sort of herb that can make a person lose their voice entirely (temporarily)?
Like in the Phantom of the Opera, when Phantom gives Carlotta a drink and she cannot sing at all. Her voice is squelched. Does something like that actually exist in real life??

no cause if it did men would use it on the girlfriends all the time

but if it does someone got to tell me where to get it

not a herb though, but try to shout at the top of your voice for like an hour and drink an iced water after....and you're voice will gone before you knew it...

I doubt it, just Hollywood making up crap to make people like you believe it exists.... wait maybe Superman does exist!! hmmmmm

I know Molly, I seen that on the 3 stooges (alum)

Yes, Allum or just take one bite out of a persimmon that isn't ripe.

It's WILD!

wait let me think No, to stop talking rip out your vocal cords or just die those usual work

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