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 Could my taibone be broken?
Pain started March 5th. Thought maybe I slept on it wrong but I have a waterbed. Tried to just work through the pain. I have no apparent swelling or bruising. Just pain that has went from a 4 to ...

 I've never had any type of foot/leg injury (luckily) although I've played sports my entire life...?
But I seem to have twisted my ankle playing soccer and now part of my ankle has a large bump on it (my ankle isn't completely swollen) and i have an occasional shooting pain sometimes up to my ...

 Paralyzed from the waist down?
firstly, I'M NOT TRYING THIS. I'm doing a report on it for medical studies class. ______________________________... How does one become paralyzed from the WAIST down? AKA, Your legs ...

 Urgent!! What happens to a brain injured person who takes oxi's ,cocaine,or morphine?
Does not a neuroclinicalpsychologist know these affects? Would this allow brainwashing on a person with a GAF of 30? I need help. The physical injury is above the right ear....

 re: Achilles Tendonitis?
Anyone experienced with treatment, please advise me on what to do. Been on crutches for a week. Cold-pack does not help....

 could this be appendicitis?
since novemeber i been having lower right side stomach cramps. i feel cramps when i push in but not when i push out. i had an ultrasound in december, which showed no appendicitis, and nothing wrong ...

 Fracture / Break?
How do you recognise a fracture? signs of a fracture?...

 Work related injury help.?
I recently fell of the boat at work onto the dock, (I am a biologist and I was taking sediment samples) and injured my back. I have to have an MRI performed because my doctor thinks that I herniated ...

 How long does it take for cut marks to go away?
My boyfriend used to cut himself and he says he hasnt done it in 5 weeks, but i saw marks 5 days ago and now the marks are gone. How long does it usually take for the scars to fade? is it true ...

 how can you cure whiplash and how does it occur?
also what is ...

 I have had a lactic build up for a long time. How do I get rid of it?

 A couple of weeks ago i got a bruise on my knee.?
and it swoll up like i expected it. three weeks later, the bump is still there but it is numb. What is wrong? Is it a tron miniscus?...

 Sick for almost a month and a half!!!?
Well....over a month and a half a go i came down with a cold. I thought I was about due since i hadn't had one since June. About 3 weeks later i was still sick and went to the doctor. They said ...

 How Do You Know If its a Sprain or A Broken Wrist?
yesterday, i fell on my wrist and its swollen up a bit, and has a massive bruise. i can move my fingers and my wrist to a certain point back and forward. but it hurts. i cant pick up anything with it ...

 Stomach pains from car accident?
A friend was in a car accident and now she is have severe stomach pains... What could be the cause of this??...

 How do i heal a zit in my nose?
i have a zit in my nose or at least i think its one . it burn and also has a rock pain.How do i make it feel ...

 Cat ruptured his tendon. I took him to the vet and they stitched it up, but no splint - will this heal?
My cat ruptured his tendon and the vets stiched the wound, but there is no splint and he's noticeably limping -- doesn't seem like the tendon will heal without a brace or splint - does ...

 Whole in gut??
If I tore a tiny whole in my guy will I need surgery? What will I need? I was in a car accident earlier today.. I was having sharp pains a friend of mine talked to someone online and they said ...

 What insects leave a permanent bump after biting?
I was bitten by an insect about a year ago near my right elbow, and a hard bump still resides where the would was. About 3 hours after I was bitten, pain in my hand set in and moved up my arm. I had ...

 sprained wrist? idk!?
we had gymnastics in school today, and i might have hurt my wrist...i was jumping from the uneven bars, and i fell wrong on my wrist. i just shook it off. however, the pain got more intence, i got ...

I slipped on the stairs about 3 wks ago and my leg still hurts and is numb right where I fell. Is this normal?
Its not completely numb just slightly and it still hurts if I bump it or push a little bit. I know it sounds weird but the way I slipped I hit the front of my leg... my shin.....

I would visit a doctor!

Praire Crone
Over a year a go, I fell down a flight of stairs and badly bruised both of my shins. They are still numb and the Docs say that it is normal for a bad trama like I had. The only one who can answer your question for sure is a Doc. Good Luck.

Violet Pearl
Probably normal. I did the same thing once- fell and hit my shin on brick stairs- and the bump & tenderness stayed for quite some time.

Tina R

it'll probably be fine on its own.. slammed a chair on my toe once and it hurt for a few months actually but now its fine

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