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 hey i hope i dont lose my toe D:?
so i have an ingrown toe nail and havent seen the doctor its been about 3 or 4 weeks could i lose my toe because of it? ...

 Im going on skii camp next week and I sprained my ankle today will it be okay?
So the sprain isn't very bad but it us still quite swollen and hurts so much when I walk or put pressure on the area with my hands.. Anyway do you think It will be alright for skiing next week??...

 I hit my head really hard?
I was trying to do a back flip into the pool and I slipped and fell on my head. My boyfriend said I was out for about a minute. I have a lump on my head and it looks kind of bruised. Do you think I ...

 which pain reliever would do a better job of reducing the swelling on my knee, aspirin or ibuprofen?
What about brand names? Bayer or Advil or..........

 pain in right ankle...?
hey, well i don't know whats wrong with it.. ;l i have a numb pain in my ankle and its like from the ball bit of the side of the ankle and up my leg to my knee, i can walk on it but its starting ...

 someone please tell me whats wrong with my elbow?
my elbow is swollen and hurts when ever i move it to a certain extent.i did nothing to it and i have no idea whats wrong. so please someone tell me whats wrong.and thank u for your time!...

 What helps sprained ankle?
I was in a car crash, and I got a really bad sprain I can't walk on crutches because I also broke my arm, I can hobble on it though. How do make it heal as fast as possible? And how long will it ...

 Is a Broken Toe the possibility?
Ok, so I slammed my foot into my wall, trying to keep my dog from scratching my bedroom door, and instead of getting my dog I got my wall. I hurd my toe crack, and like an hour or less later i looked ...

 is my toe broken or bruised?
ok, about 4-5months ago a friend of mine accidently knocked a stool over and the metal part on it hit me just above my toe, and it really hurt! i kinda forgot bout it but about 2 weeks later it ...

 Is it okay to walk a lot on a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle last monday and the next I did walk on it because it didn't hurt much. I then discovered the RICE method and used it but still walked a little. It's been almost 2 weeks ...

 My father's right toe (2nd one- next to the thumb toe) is jammed for around 7 yerars .?
He can't move that toe at all . We have shown to all variety of medicine doctors.. allopathy, homeo, ayurved, accupresure , But nothing has helped. Actually he had an accident in 2001 and ...

 how do you cut your wrists?

 i had nosebleed yestday, doc coterized it, started again. got it to stop, how i kep it from start again? plz?
look, i had an awful nosebleed yesterday, so i went to the emergency room where the doctor cauterized it. i thought everything was fine, but 5 hours later it started up again. I got it to stop by ...

 i have a broken toe. how do i convince my mom i need crutches?
i need them bcuz i was hopping around school today. how do i convince her. i'm not gonna ask them today bcuz its her and my dads anniversary ok well u ppl that say the doctor said he shouldn...

 Manager wants me to work on a sprained foot?
Earlier this week (monday) i happened to have sprained my foot. My physician noted that i should stay off my foot for at least a week. So i called in sick on tuesday for my job,and explained the ...

 How can you get rid of bruises?

 Smashed toe- Please help it's bad!?
My boyfriend smashed his toe with a pallet at work and it broke the toenail off and bled for a while. He's limping cause it's bruised. He can walk and move it but he won't soak it on ...

 I did something terrible last night!?
I pushed my boyfriend down the stairs and he broke his ankle! What do I do!...


 How can I tell if I fracture or bruised(really bad) my had?
I not sure if I have a fracture or a really bad bruise hand, I had blacked out from too much drinking the other night, and I woke up the next day and my had was really messed up. My middle knuckle ...

I slipped going down the stairs at my sons school?
I took my son to school at 6:30 am, but going down the stairs i slipped and went down 8 steps on my tail bone. My son and i was the only people that was what happend. I got up mad cuz he was laughing at me and left. I thought the pain would go away but it dirent so i went to the er. Should i sue?

Courtney Lee
Unless you can somehow prove the step was wet, or anything like that, then don't sue, you will probably end up spending way too much money with a lawyer, court costs, etc. It isn't worth it.

James Paterson
no because you fell if you sue than obviously you are fat and lazy and cant work because you have to take others money... and by the way you would take tax payers money that would make the papers and guess who would hate you for taking their money

no, don't sue

I doubt you will win but its up to you.

no don't sue. its your own fault for falling down the stairs not the school's

Only if the school was negligent. Good luck proving it.

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