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 What is wrong with my knee?! :(?
I hurt my knee about a month ago but the DR. said that there wasn't anything very bad done to it. It hurts very bad still and its still swollen and bruised... SHould I go back to the doctor to ...

 Ok i need to get scratches of my MW2 disk iv tryed Rubbing alcohol and tooth past what should i do?

 I got in a car wreck more then a yr ago and hurt my shin bad. Even now i cant run, wear heals or touch it.Help?

 can a sudden physical pain (ex. broken bone) make a grown man cry out like a baby?
if u are men, have u ever cried for a sudden physical pain, for ex., because of a broken bone? if so, how old were u when the fact happened? did u cry out like a baby? describe the fact. Or if that ...

 what is a common injury that a softball player could get that requires surgery and 6 months to recover?
I'm writing something for school and I need an injury that could happen preferably to a catcher that would take six months to a year to recover. T...

 I just got injured. What should I do?
I just fell off my bike and the handlebars went vertical to the ground and my chest landed on it. My chest hirts a lot and I can't breathe well. What should I do?...

 My friend might have a concussion..?
We were walking downtown when this drunk guy punched him in the face out of no where and he fell back and hit hit head on the side walk. His head really hurts and his arm was all scratched up and ...

 What do I do about this burn blister?
I got a burn 3 days ago and now it is a white blister. Should I pop it or just leave it? I would rather pop it because it hurts since it's on the bottom of my toe so whenever I walk, it pushes ...

 I'm vegan. What should I do to get my broken foot to heal?

 I think i'm injured pretty badly?
I'm 16yrs old and i was skating, I did a trick and fell on my tail bone. It didn't hurt that much so I started skating someone. I got home and started to exercise. The next day the middle ...

 I broke my hand two weeks ago (Boxer's Fracture); it has been getting steadily more painful and swollen.?
I was first in a Galveston Splint and the Doctor then just put me in a normal splint. My hand was never set and the bone keeps sticking up furhter. Is this the normal course for a hand to take?...

 My ankle cracks, is this bad?
Ok so my ankle will crack sometimes. Sometimes it's everyday and sometimes its every other day. But when it does crack, it hurts like a mofo. Is there something wrong with my ankle?...

 I got stabbed in the leg with a knife. what should I do?

 do you think its still not right?
well a while ago i was on my bike and it had been raining so it was a bit slippy on the pavement and my bike starting going quite fast so i put my brakes on and when flying off my bike at first i ...

 is this anything serious?
Well, I have a twin sister. Everyone knows how it goes with sibling rivalry. But when my sister and I were younger, she used to hit and kick me. Every time she'd kick me, it was in the same spot ...

 What in the world is up with my toe?!?
Ok, so for about the last 4 years i have had some type of infection on my toe, and it goes away and comes back, and goes away, and comes back, and I have never seen anyone else with this problem, and ...

 should i see a doctor or not?
okay so while i was walking to the change room to change my clothes after my pe lession i was turning a corner and didnt see the wall :S and i hit my right hand pinky kuckle on the wall. The kuckle ...

 I slammed my finger with a metal meat mallet....?
This evening I was preparing Breaded Pork Tenderloin, and while flattening the pork cuts, I miscalculated the projectory of my Metal Mallet and proceeded to smash my middle finger on the nail, and ...

 what's wrong with my thumb?
i know that it's not broken, because i can move it. but it hurts whenever i do. or when i bend it back. i'm black so i don't bruise. :p and i can't really tell if it's ...

 Step By step on how to tape an ankle?
Sprained ankle but i need to do long jump and high jump and soccer... have an ankle brace but it doesnt work alone.... neither does the ace bandage and neither does the combo of both of them. Taping ...

I hit my knee hard while skiing and now it feels weak and hurts a little, what does this mean?
I was landing a ski jump and I hit my right knee a few times pretty hard. And now something in it doesn't feel right, it seems weak. Like when i was trying to walk in my ski boots, my knee torqued a little and it hurt and it seems like it came out of it's right place. I was running up the stairs and it started to hurt right under the knee cap like on either side on the patella(but not on the patella) Could this lead to a tear in a ligament or something bad? Or what does this sound like? Is there exercises to make it better/strengthen it up fast without hurting it?

Mr E
it is natural for some bursal inflammation to follow a knee impact. often due to the hit as well as the swelling, the patella will be slightly displaced upward. however, in most cases, with a little time, the swelling will reduce and the patella will resume it's proper place and range of movement naturally.

elizabeth w
I would just wait it out, its prob just bruised. if it worsens and doesn't feel better in the next week i would contact a doctor. also put some ice on it and try no to do anything that will put strain on your knee, until it heals. hope that helped :)

i know this is the last thing you probably want to hear but lay off the skiing for a while :( and give it time to rest. if after a few days it still hurts go see a doctor he will tell you if you need to do some physio. if you must still ski just stick to some bunny hills

Maybe you should go to a doctor. They could tell you exactly what is wrong with your leg.

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