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 how to get make a black eye go away?
i need to no how to get red of ...

 glass in my thumb for a few years now...?
a few years ago i was bartending and i think i was a bit drunk and broke a bottle of alcohol... a piece of glass went inside my thumb and never came out... how can i go about taking this glass out? ...

 knee has been hurting for 2 years.....?
okayy in 6th grade i was playing basketball and my knee popped, its hard to explain. ever since then my knee has been swollen and it popps alot. its worse when i dance but fine other wise when i ...

 Hit on the head with pencil tip?
today at school a girl threw a pencil at my head and i got hit on the top of my (where my circle spot is) with the tip of the pencil. i am worried if the lead or getting hit cause memory loss or any ...

 my ankles are swollen but dont hurt?
my lefft ankle is sollen but doesnt hurt! wats wrong? but hurts when i rub on to it! but hurts when i rub on to it! im 12 years ...

 my ankle is severely sprained...?
About a week ago, I sprained my ankle severely in basketball. I got it checked and I tore two ligaments. The bruising on my ankle, foot and toes is REALLY bad. It's all the way up my ankle and ...

 i think i broke my pinky. HELP. im home alone?
so im home alone and yesterday i fell off my bike trying to do a wheelie and idk how i landed but my pinky has been swollen and its a little purplish blueish and i cant straighten or bend it without ...

 i think ive broken my finger i trapped it in a heavy gate it hurts badly an is swollen and purple HELP?
it ...

 What is wrong with my eye?
My eye started really bugging me yesterday afternoon, around 1:00 pm. Whenever I close my left eye, it feels as if there is a spec on my eyeball. I've tried eyedrops and putting a cold compress ...

 how is the scar looks like after tummy tuck surgery?

 I think i broke my hand?
During a soccer game i hurt it. Its not bruised or swollen though. It hurts to make a fist, move my middle three fingers, and i can't hold anything. It hurts the most right under the bottom ...

 can you get a herniated disc in your back when your 15?
my brother has a herniated disc in his back but he's only 15, has anyone every heard of getting this at such a young age?...

 i need some answers please.?
about a Year ago, my daughter noticed a small red spot/lump on the back of her leg but she just ignored it. But for the past 2 days it has been bleeding at random times through the day and bleeding ...

 Recurrent Tendonitis?
I'm 15 years old and have been getting tendonitis for the past year and a half. It happens every two weeks or so. I went to a doctor and he just told me that it was nothing. I'm really ...

 i got hit in the eye by a football?
it hasn't started to hurt yet but for the first few minutes of being hit i had my eye closed and hadn't chosen to do that, will it swell or start to hurt? the ball wasent a little kiddy ...

 my foot is in pain when i walk..and its pretty swollen as well?
its in the side of my left foot and when i do walk it hurts alot... besides going to the doctor what can i do?...

 i cant walk for very long on my knee and it is not straight. Any ideas what i have please ?

 deep red and sore swollen foot?
what does a broken bone in your foot feel ...

 My finger fell asleep, and hours later, it is still numb. Should I be worried.?

 do you think my nose is broken?!?
yesterday my sister and i got in a fight, she punched me directly in between the eyes dead on my nose bridge, it didn't bleed but now today there is a bump and hurts to even lightly touch it, ...

I hit my head very hard and...?
and when i did a sharp pain went through my head to the back of my brain. I had a short headache, with a minor long lasting one. I actually feel dumber..and im being serious. Is it porrible that i did damage, I hit my head pretty hard. like really hard. if there is damage how can i tell or if i am effected with intelligence how can i tell? im being serious.

Dean D
Well, the first thing you should have done is put an icepack on it, to stop the swelling. You should ask your Mom or Dad to bring you to an emergency Doctor so he/she can have a look at you too see if it really is a concussion or anything other. You shouldn't go to sleep either, you may not wake up. Bumps on the head an be really serious I'm afraid :(

well to answer your question do math going back to the basics and going until you can't anymore have someone do the writing of the problems and you figure them out ok that's my answer to your question now on a more serious note you need to see a doctor or tell your parents (sorry you didn't specify how old you were) so im just covering all the bases but you need to get some kind of medical attention ok

Melissa Z
I already question your intelligence because you spelled possible as porrible. But if you are not leaking spinal fluid from your nose or ears, not puking, or can remember actually hitting your head you should be fine. As far as the intelligence thing goes, maybe if you smack your head hard again then maybe you might get the smarts back in ya.

well judging from the couple of typos u made i see what u mean about the lower IQ thing lol jk definitely get it checked out...like NOW. u could have a concussion so u might not be able to go 2 sleep tonight......actually u probably shouldn't if u have a concussion u can die in ur sleep go to the doctor NOWW!!!! hope i helped(:

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