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 Where can i find a knee brace?
I tore my ACL last year and had surgery, but now i need a knee brace to do physical activity. I'm on a ski vacation but i left my custom brace at home. is there a place i can find a suitable ...

 First time doing squats in a while, and my knee numbs a bit and it shakes whenever i walk?
Is this suppose to happen? as i'm walking downstairs, my knees are shaking but it doesn't hurt it just feels sorta numb....

 what i do because my left ankle in a lot of pain still?
My left ankle hurts when i walk on it and when i move it. Please help me!...

 Broken finger and verry swollen?
I am not sure if my finger is broken but I can't bend it and it is very swollen, it's not black and blue though, and I am not sure what I could have done to it...very confused here....

 Is it ok to be having head aches after hitting your head?
Just making sure. It happened a while ago around 4:00pm. i was sledding and i swerved and my sled hit a rock flipping the sled over and my head hitting another rock. (it was my forehead) I wasnt ...

 my friend broke her ankle and her last two toes are numb, is this normal?
it's a half cast, a splint. and she says they're numb and she's a little worried about it. normal or does it need to be looked at?...

 I had to walk in the cold yesterday and now my body aches and i got a light fever. should i see a doctor?

 i shut my thumb in the door and now i cant move it, what more than likely happened?

 do i need to be taken to the doctor's office?
i have a bone bruise that i have had for about a week now. I can barely walk on it, and even when it is just dangling, it hurts. But i can go swimming, and it doesn't hurt. The bruise is on the ...

 Is it safe for someone to be airlifted after they've suffered head trauma?

 Whats wrong with my hand/finger?
I somehow injured my left hand but im not sure whats wrong. There's no bruising or swelling that stands out but it hurts when I make some movements. The area the pain is, is around the finger ...

 Would you rather take a punch in the face from someone with your strength or get stung by a bee in the face?

 Will a serious part of your skin heal if you lost part of it?
Half of my dog's stomach skin is gone....like you can see the inside. I wonder will it heal? It's very severe and I wonder will it heal on its own? please answer...im trying to find a ...

 What are some of the most painful experiences you've ever been through?
I've never broken a bone, burnt myself or had anything really serious. but things that are fresh in my mind was when i was at school and put my hand in my pocket and the compass needle went ...

 i dont know if I have concussion, been 5 days since i have been hit and i just feel no emotion maybe shock?
My head seems ok, just hurts where its been hit, i think i have been a little vague ,...

 i fell and hit my wrist i have a small amount of swelling and bruising could i have broke it?
it is my right wrist on the right side near the end of my hand all the way to my elbow (the swelling is only near the bottom of my hand though). I tripped over my feet and fell on carpet really hard. ...

 Do i have a concussion?
my head hurts, i feel dizzy, i feel like im going to throw up. i have missed alot of school lately because of this? what is wrong?...

 i just cut my hands with a scissors?
help me!...

 how can i help my sprained twisted swelling anke heal faster?
i have a basketball game on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Urgent, need help. I had what appeared to be a tiny scratch on my arm last night...?
I went to sleep with only a twinge of pain in the area. This morning i woke up to find the afflicted area had grown from a small cut to a band aid sized swollen red area of skin that is sensitive to ...

I hit my head and now I feel a lot of pressure, like my skull is squeezing my brain?
About 20 minutes ago, I pulled something out of the freezer but it fell on the floor so I bent down to pick it up, and when I stood up, I hit the back part of my head (close to my right ear) on the bottom part of the freezer door really hard. It hurt for a second, but I didn't really feel anything else, just blood rushing on the inside of my skull to where I hit my head. And now, I'm starting to feel pressure of the sides of my head and I'm getting a bit of a headache and a little dizzy. Is this common or does it sound serious? I don't have health insurance or any money right now...so I can't go to a hospital...not unless it actually seems serious. So, is it?

Maria P
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art geek
that's how i felt when i had a concussion, i hit my head on my cousin's knee (stupid, i know) one day after that i started having the worst headache of my life, i couldn't see through one eye and i felt really dizzy so if you think you are feeling similar to me, i suppose you call the ambulance hope you get better :)

Sounds like you may have a concussion. Pressure builds up from increased fluid on the brain and can stop bodily function like breathing or heartbeat. Definitely get it checked out. Most hospitals have payment plans or financial assistance to help with the bill. Good luck and go to ER now.

Jessica P
Put some ice on it. If you still don't feel well after another 30 mins go to the hospital.

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