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 Help! What should I do?
OMG PLEASE FORGIVE SPELLING MISTAKES. My brother just came home like now and he has this scar on his like feet. BY SCAR I MEAN A BIG INJURY. He told me that a dog bit him on the foot and I DONT KNO...

 if you cut a rabbits broken arm it will heal faster? dont lie!?
help!! and will it bring any pain to the rabbit?...

 is there any thing wrong with my arm?
i was snowboarding yesterday and when i got off the lift i feel on my right elbow it hurt to move it and i had a hard time doing my bindings up the rest of the day. i still cant put it strate it or ...

 How Long Does It Take Stiches To Heal .?
i rencently accidently cut my hand with a kitchen knife , and my cut was pretty deep and bad. and its been 3 1/2 weeks since i had the stiches , they are sapose to desolve , but they didnt . should i ...

 Bad burn help plzzz!!!!?
I got a 2nd degree burn blister on my hand about thr size of a half dollar i was wondering if i can pop it....or keep it wrapped up with cream on it and let it heal on its own?...

 How do you make a cast for a broken hand?

 If you touch your eye a lot and it swells up how can you help it?

 going to the doctor tomorrow what to expect? 10 points?
well i tore my meniscus not too long ago and had an mri to conform it. i had therapy sheets for home but my knee pain got worse. so i went back a few weeks ago. now for the past few weeks i have been ...

 How can you tell if you're missing a finger?

 Do I have a Concussion?
well, i was snowboarding today and i got cut off while i was going pretty fast. I had to swerve to miss the guy and while doing so i got basically bucked off a little ledge and hit the back of my ...

 My big toe hurts,what should I do?
Ok , so i was in the pool and stubbed my big toe.Woke up the next morning and hurts when i walk on it,(or bear down on it).its swollen and even hurts when there isn't any pressure on it ,it ...

 Shoulder Pain, Please HELP!! I need several answers PLEASE!!!!!!?
hi I am a swimmer and my left shoulder has been aching for a while. When I say a while I mean like a year and a half, but I dont want to say anything because I have been going to the same doctor for ...

 h.e.l.p. a.s.a.p. please!!?
i accidently dropped a very large t.v. on my foot yesterday, and today I have been walking on it all day. Right now it's really really realllllllly red and it hurts so bad. so bad. It looks a ...

 Foot injury, please help diagnose!?
I kicked a tree (don't ask) I kicked it sideways with the top of my foot (like kicking a soccer ball). The edge of my foot (little toe side) hurts up near the ankle, and the large ball-...

 i have cold sores in my lip evertime i got new every week . i put abreva is not help me what shoud i do?

 Finger injury, What should i Do?
i was skateboarding today. i fell and i tried to catch my self with both my hands. my thumb was under my hand when i tried to catch my self. directly after that my thumb "fell asleep". ...

 why do i feel the urge to cut my wrists?
the first time i did it, was because that was the only way for me to let out all the pain. but not i just want to keep on doing it and doing it. but i want to stop no i am not emo. ehw i dont feel ...

 Could I have pulled my shoulder?
Last night I was in my room but tripped on my bookcase. When I fell I extended my arm. I heard something that was like a popping noise. I couldn't move it for around 30 seconds but when I did I ...

 What is this bump on my foot?
I have had a bump on my foot for a couple months. I didnt think it was anything serious so I didnt tell anyone. But there is a HUGE bump on the left side of my left foot. It hurts when it bumps into ...

 Long middle toe and short little toes?
So my toes are suuper wierd. My big toe and second toes are the same length, But the other 3 toes are tiny and i hate the way it looks. It just makes my second toe look even longer and i really hate ...

I got my ears peirced 2 days ago and they still hurt.?
I got my ears pierced 2 days ago and when I push them in and out to clean them, they hurt but there not red around them. This is the first i got them pierced. Are they infected?

Angel In The Pouring Rain..
That's normal, they will hurt a little for quite a while. just make sure they're clean and don't fiddle with them too much until they're fully healed.

just continue to keep clean and remove the crusty chuncky bits, when sleeping your ears take a bit of force on them during the day they heal better, but most of all keep clean. o.k.

They are going to be sore for awhile.. thats normal. Just make sure to keep them clean. If they are bloody or pusy then ya they are probably infected.

That is perfectly normal because your ears are naturally trying to close where it was pierced so the skin is tender. You only need to worry about it if they become red around the hole, till then just clean it with alcohol swabs.

bone thugs n tupac

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