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 nose job + nasal broken?
my story is,,, I made 2 nose job for my nose and I think they only rape my money for nothing,, I think they even dont know what is the problem in my nose,,, I think the problem is from nasal bone it ...

 Does anyone know if Nadolol makes you feel nauseous a few hours after taking it.?

 My lower left side of my back is sore I exercise,I streach it but it never gets better?
I've put heat on it. It just never seems to be healing.Any ...

 rotator cuff injury?
I slightly tore my rotator cuff in an auto accident about 2 years ago. It wasnt bad enough for surgery, and for the most part the pain is gone, but when i do regular simple activities (rake, sweep, ...

 Why would a knee pop n' grind feels like it could give all the time and what kind of treatments work for this?

 Did anybody ever have any complications after an Electrophysiology procedure?
my dad had the procedure about a month ago and his leg is still in a lot of pain. He went to the dr and they took an ultrasound/xray everything seems to be fine, but his leg is swollen. He has a ...

 Shoulder problems?
About 3 weeks ago my shoulder popped outta place at a basketball practice. I hurt it alot more last night at a basketball game on a half court shot b4 halftime. I can only move it about a half inch ...

 my pinky hurts when i play my bass and i dont know how to get rid of it. help me.?
its not broken but it hurts what can i do to help it? i need it to better by ...

 Anyone had a chipped ankle? What is the treatment?
I woke up this morning with a huge "bump" on my ankle. I was already going to the doctor for a sinus infection. The doctor looked at it said I either bruised it, there is an infection and ...

 I need some help from a doctor, please help doctors out there!?
Accidents That Need a Doctor's Care
Yesterday you were out shooting some baskets or maybe playing some touch football when you made this sudden turn and heard a soft "pop." Soft ...

 In Colorado, how old do you have to be to take a minor to the hospital?

 Does anyone know why The bruises on my shins wont go away?
Ive had them for pretty much as long as i can remember. My diet is pretty good.
I'm 17 and everywhere elsoe on my body the bruises come and go normally.
Any ideas?...

 I just fell down my steps and hit my side all the way down could someone tell me if i brusied or something?

 How long does it take a dislocated finger to heal?
im wearing a cast, but how long till it comes off?...

 would you rather have your knee joints reversed or your elbow joints reversed?

 Can a back injury cause this to happen to my bladder?
I injured my back and was told I probably have a bulged disc. Since the injury I have had problems with my bladder that are slowly getting worse. It started as trouble starting my stream. Now I go a ...

 do you think it could cause any harm at all smoking crack while still in the hospital, after surgery I mean?

 Can protruding discs in back just go back into place?
18 months ago I hurt myself at work. A CT scan was done and was found to have 2 protruding discs...One in my thorasic spine and one in my lumbar spine. I was in a lot of pain and have been on heavy ...

 Is it possible to get carpal tunnel at the age of 20?
what are some symptoms of it and what causes it?...

 the doc said that i tore my meniscus!?
i hurt my knee 5 and 3 years ago and since the three year ago one its been hurting when i have my period and now it hurts all the time. I went to a few docs two said arthitis and gave me an anti ...

I got hit in the throat with and elbow and now it hurts what is wrong?
I was playing football tonight and i went up for a pass and a guys elbow caught me in the throat, i swear it felt like my throat was pushed in to the back. Well anyway it hurts really bad right now, I'm just curious if anything COULD be or IS wrong if I am having a hard time swallowing?

The throat area is sensitive (ever notice when you swallow medicine/whole pills sometimes it feels like the pill is stuck in your throat but it really isn't).....it'll go away in a while.....

You got an elbow in the throat. Nothing to worry about. How is your friends elbow? May need a doctor to check him over.

Get it seeing to straight away my brother copped a ball in the neck it led to a huge cist.

as long as your are able to breathe without any trouble and are able to swallow things w/out them becoming trapped inside your throat, then i wouldn't worry about it too much.

you could have bruised the tissue around your throat and this is causing the pain.

if you ARE having trouble breathing at all, or are unable to swallow food or liquids-then report to the nearest emergency room. your esophagus and trachea (windpipe) are made out of very flexible cartiledge but in the event of a traumatic injury, pieces of that cartiledge could crack or break loose-causing injury to that area.

make sure to make an appt with your dr within 24-48 hours just to have it checked out anyways. better to be safe then sorry.

you can take ibuprofen for the pain. take 200-400mg every 6 hours as needed but no more than 1200mg in 24 hours.

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