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 tongue injury.. how to get rid of the swelling?
The suction thing at the dentist scratched the side of my tongue and now its all swollen up. I went to a dental clinic about it and they just said it was inflammation caused by injury and nothing to ...

 Do I have a stress fracture?
I'm a high school cross country runner and I've had severe shin splints for 3 years now. I run a lot all year long. The pain has always been on and off and in a pretty big area. For about 2 ...

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I got bitten a week or so ago. I do not know how I got bit. It seems that the bite bruise just appeared. I am sure it happened in my apartment... Anyways, the bruise around it seems to be getting ...

 I jammed my finger into a basketball? How to treat it?
So I was playing basketball at school today and I jammed one of my fingers into the basketball by trying to get it (defense). I could still move it up and a little down but I can't include it in ...

 Did i Fracture My Thumb?
I was playing basketball and the ball came flying at my face,and i went to go smack it away,and it bent my thumb all the way back and twisted it. it hurts to bend it outwards,and sometimes it hurts ...

 how long does a sprained limb to heal on cats ?
My cat burned his foot on a stove burner about 2 weeks ago. He did NOT seem hurt and didn't limp at all : his behavior was unchanged. But a few days ago , he got in a major fight with my other ...

 How to cut your arm off at home without it hurting?
My arm hurts so i want to know how to cut if off by myself without feeling ...

 How to break a bone easily?
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 I'm 16 and having some trouble, can you help?
Right now I am not working with no income, and I got an injury(finger cut off, and another one seriously damaged) and having diffculties doing a lot of things. I'm in high school right now but I ...

 My arm hurts when I bend it?
At the joint. It hurts when I press on it to. It feels like I'm getting a needle. Is there something possibly wrong with a vain or something?...

 Should I go to the doctor if I think I sprained my ankle?

 I dropped a chair on my foot, is it broken?
I dropped a chair on foot the other day at school (i was attempting to put in on the table) and now right below my toe, it is bruised and the bone is sticking up weird...it doesn't really hurt ...

 Dunno why but nearly all of my injuries i have heal up really fast?
its really ...

 is my kneecap dislocated?
i fell very heavily on my knee hitting it on a rock about 2 months ago. It isn't sore when i bend it anymore, but it has moved further over to the inside of my leg. It isn't as easy to move ...

 will walking damage my knees even more?
I put on 30 pounds since March this year, the majority of fat is stored in my gut and triceps. Before I got this way I was averaging 5-7 mile walks 5 days a week. I want to get this weight off ASAP ...

 if i take 2mg sleeping pill..... will it kill me or do it cause any side effects ? please help me.....?
please me with ...

 i feel a bruise on my spine will i be ok ?
i fell on the corner of a table and it hit my lower spine hard it feels a little painful u cant c or feel the bruise from the out side but i can feel it on my spine
will i be ok is this ...

 Did I hurt my arm badly?
I was lifting my dog off of my bed to put her on the ground and I slipped on my carpet and onto my desk. I remember that my arm smacked into the edge of the desk first, the spot is below my shoulder ...

 The very tip of my thumb is numb after I got a deep laceration, will i get the feeling back?
I now have 4 stitches there....

 should you stretch a pulled muscle?
I pulled my Quadricep tendon and I was wondering if you should stretch it if so what are some good stretches and give sites please thanks to all....

Doris H
I fell down the stairs (back first) and now having headaches?
I just woke up and I was walking up the stairs and I felt dizzy and my vision was blurry (and I was having a tingling sensation, I often get these) anyways I rested my head on the railing then all of a sudden I fell backwards and hit my head on the floor. I don't even remember how I fell. I just remeber resting my head and then opening my eyes finding myself on the floor. My mom said she heard me yell then I fell but I dont remember that. Anyways, Im now having headaches and my tailbone hurts whenever I bend over etc.. Should I go to the doctor to get this checked?

Yes. You probably have a concussion and a bruised tail bone.

You SHOULD see your doctor, Yes... The dizzy, tingling sensation you describe often feeling could very well be what the medical world calls 'auras', which often occur right before an epileptic seizure. Also, the yell your mother heard from you is a common part of that aura (in some people),... A siezure could also easily explain why you don't remember how you fell...

When a person has a tonic-clonic / grand mal siezure, they not only lose consciousness, but all of their body's muscles at first become rigid, and in so doing I have seen the person's head thrown back, & then their rigid body fell over backwards, the back of their head 'breaking' their fall onto concrete (he needed stitches)... YES, you need to be checked out, and discuss ALL of your symptoms with the doctor, not just the symptoms occuring since your fall!

Concussion - scroll down to > "Postconcussive Syndrome"

National Society for Epilepsy : Complementary therapies

Use of the Amino Acid 'Taurine', for Treating Epilepsy

I have a history of epilepsy, and find that the natural method of treatments are both safer & more effective for me. Be careful about riding bikes, walking in traffic or on stairs, or driving, until your doctor has thoroughly checked you out & OK'd you for doing such activities alone.

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