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 lumbar spinal fusion?
advice, personal stories with the surgery... im 13. :)...

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So, anyway: if a person were to jump off a building, ...

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I have a cut, and I want to MAKE it infected,

what can i use to make it worse and infected?...

 Easy answer! Back Injury! Please help?
Im going to sit here and be 100% honest with you!
Doctors arnt my thing!
But my back has been killing me for a few weeks now!
Its lower back and it hurts super bad!!

 Why did the doctor put me on crutches?
My foot was swelling for 2 weeks after a dance competition and I went to an orthopedic and got an x-ray. He says I have a stress fracture in my foot, possibly two. I can't dance for 6 weeks and ...

 Rib pains. Please help?
Ever since Saturday morning, every time I breath I keep getting these pains in my left side of my body (rib area). It feels like I'm being stabbed. Does anyone have any ideas?...

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Tonight, somewhere around 8:30... I had stood up too quickly from my couch, passed out, and hit my head on the coffee table during my fall. The blow woke me immediately and I was in pain. I have no ...

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 I cut my arm and am not sure is it's infected?:S Help please?
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 How do you reduce the size of swelling in your Knee?
I Fractured my left patella on the 8th Febuary 2009 and was in cast for 12 weeks or so.

My knee is still swollen. Im just wondering is they any thing i can do to reduce the swelling ...

 hit my head, it hurts, idk what to do PLZ HELP?
I hit my head really hard about 2 hours ago i dont have a headache but my head hurts and the bck tickles it also hurts wen i shake it idk if its bleeding internally my mom said i was fine i really ...

 do i need to rent a wheelchair?
i tore a ligement in my knee so now i can't do p.e class or run for two weeks. my mom is thinking of taking us to a theme park next weekend and there's going to be a lot of walking, so i ...

 ok i have back problems..... can someone help me?
i have scoliosis and i am going to my doctor today. i have a 19 degree curve in my back and he said if it gets between 21 and 25 degrees that i will have to go to this hospital in greenville, SC- ...

 i had artificial disk surgery on my neck on 5-2 Do you think that I should start playing softball? I feel fine
As I said I had neck surgery 2 weeks ago. My neck feels great and has totally ridden me of the pain that I was having in my right arm. I do not want to risk any future I have of playing sports or ...

 Is the Radius part of the wrist?
I broke my radius, does that mean it's a wrist injury....

 Please help! My dad has a herniated disk in his neck!?
My dad's neck was injured at work and he herniated the disk. His boss won't give him work's comp. which means he might have to get a lawyer. I really want to help but I don't know ...

 What kind of treatments or cures are there for nerve damage?
I fell 5 months ago and hit my ankle. I have been seeing an orthopedic specialist and he is now telling me that he thinks I have nerve damage. I have to go see another doctor and want to know what I...

 About how long dose it take to heal from a Meniscal (Cartilage) tear?

 can sunburn cause internal skin infection?
my skin is burned from the sun when i tanned about 6-7 days ago. i didn't put on any sunscreen bc i didn't think people with olive complexion can get burned. My stomach is getting better ...

farideh s
I drop something heavy on my toes, what am I suppose to do now?
My desk drawer came out and was dropped on my toes. I have so much pain and been applying ice on it for last 30 mintues. What am I suppose to do next? What signs should I look for?

LC :)
seriously go get it x-rayed it might seem like its not worth going to the doctor but trust me it is. are you shivering? when somebody brakes a bone you start shivering. but if your not still go to the doctor. feel better!

the massacred
Bruising, if your toes look weirdly shaped, or "bent out of shape". They could be broken or could be just badly bruised. Keep up with the ice and wait a couple days (in the meantime try not to put pressure on them...walk more of the sides or heels of your feet). If in a couple days they still hurt as bad, get to the doctor.
Hope I helped :)

Dummy, you need to go get that thing xrayed to make sure you didn't break any bones in you foot.

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