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 what should i do, i fell on ice with like 90% of my wieght and it hurts. what do you think?
i was iceskating. and i dropped my hat so i went to pick it up and i slipped and landed with mabey 90% of my weight on my right knee.it hurts on my bone to the botton left of my knee cap. i dont know ...

 My ankle hurts when I run and I have a game soon. Help?
My ankle is fine when I walk. But when I run my ankle hurts. Any advice?...

 What should I do about this?
I was in Gym yesterday around 10 am, playing basketball, when I caught the ball and jammed my left thumb pretty bad. I didn't think it was a big deal, so I didn't go to the nurse or ...

 the girl i babysit bit me!!?
it was hard! aa bit of skin ripped off and it looks red. what should i do? what are some infections a person can get from bites?...

 how do you treat a concussion?
my friend just got a concussion from playing soccer. he has had a history of concussions before in fact he got a concussion about 8 weeks ago from rugby. he came back to the dorm with some friends ...

 My cuts are all infected..what do I do?
I cut myself, and my cuts all look bad and kinda..yeah, just not good. I have about 7 cuts that are infected because I forgot to even wash them out after I cut cause I passed out afterwards (not ...

 A guitar string snapped and pierced my pinky and went though a good amount of it. Im not sure if it hit a vain?
Will I be fine either way. I was told it will be bruised. Well Wiil H I stopped bleeding right away after i kept my hands under the water with soap for a few ...

 Bump on toe - serious problem!?
About 2 years ago, .. I was camping in my trailer. I was sitting at the table. then I wanted to get out and I hit my tow SOOO hard on the metal leg that hold up the table. i was crying so much and ...

 My toes are possibly broken?
but my mom doesn't want to take me to the doctor because she thinks they can't do anything. And my toes hurt T.T Would the doctors be able to do something?...

 What do i do with my fractured foot?
A couple weeks ago I fractured my fore foot and the hospital nurses just gave me a boot no crutches but my foot hurts so bad from walkin on it all the time and I keep hitting it against the wall and ...

 How to get rid of canker sores?
I have this one canker sore in my mouth that hurts like sh** how do I get rid of it????sometimes I just wanna stab it with a needle but I know it won't feel good and won't help but what ...

 I think I broke my pinky toe during karate class. How do I treat it because it hurts?

 Do i have a concussion?
About 3 weeks ago i went to a water park and slid down a very steep slide. When i got off i was completely disoriented, dizzy, and experienced a sharp unusual pain in my head. But after a few minutes ...

 question about the cast on my leg!?
Kay I hear that if it doesn't itch it isn't healing. Is this a true statement? I mean mine itches but,not that much. so yeah....

 an injury to the spinal cord could?

 How to tell if I broke my toe?
Not my TOE, but the appendage next to the big toe. I don't know how you call these T_T Anyway, I was walking to my room when I accidentally hit the side of a wall really hard with my foot. E...

 watsup with my finger?
i failed in breaking a bord in karate about 3 weeks ago, and middle joint of middle finger has been swollen, bruised and red ever since with not much improvement. it is only uncomfortable to move, ...

 My horse has a wound and keeps bleeding through his bandage. Should I...?
...immediately replace the bandage with a fresh one? ...replace the medicine but put more medicine on it before I do? ...just pile more bandages on top? ...hold pressure on the wound and drug him ...

 My feeling are easily hurt. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
I need tougher skin....

 Should I get treatment for my broken toe?
I was running through the house today to grab something and my pinky toe got caught in the wheel of a rolling file cabinet laying on its side. At first I thought it was just stubbed, but it started ...

I Hit My Head Really Hard, What Should I Do?
Okay So A Couple Days Ago I Was At A Show, & This Hardcore Dancer Kicked Me From The Side Of My Face To The Back Of My Head So Hard The People Around Me Could Hear It, While The Band Was Playing. My Head Has Been Hurting Badly Ever Since, & Not Just On The Side I Got Hit On, But The Other Side Too. I Havent Told My Parents, Because I Dont Want To Risk Not Being Able To Go To Another Show Again. Im Going To Be Okay Right? Will This Headache Just Pass Over? Nothing Serious Happened Yet, & Its Been Two Days?????

Since you only have a headache you should be fine.If symptoms continue or you get new symptoms,then you need to tell your parents so you can see a doctor.For now you can just take something for the headache and rest. Do not do anything too physical until all symptoms are resolved.

Okay then have you had any dizziness, and been feeling nauseous? They can be signs of a concussion. Maybe you should ice it for about 15 minutes a day. Also if it continues for more than a week or so you may have to tell your parents. Hope you feel better!

F & M :)
You need to go to the hospital. Head injuries are very serious.

Go to your doctor! You might have gotten a concussion! You really need to go to your doctor!

Elose Oldsal
your taint should start itching soon but dont worry its normal. both symptoms should subside shortly

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