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I'm young and healthy but my knee is popping a lot..?
I'm 18 and at a healthy weight. Lately I've noticed my knee pops every time I do squats or I jump although I feel no pain. I go up and down stairs on a daily basis and sometimes they pop then too. I've been doing step aerobics this summer but I don't remember ever feeling any pain while doing any steps and I remember to stretch before and after any exercise. How can I stop the popping? Any guesses as to what exactly caused it?

I would go to the doctor just to make sure that its nothing serious. If its not, it may be you have a weak muscle and another muscle overcompensating for it. Then the doctor can give you exercises to stregthen that muscle. Good luck

sounds like your just jointed different and now that your using your knees more it happens more

Sometimes your bones will pop when you grow but if you're eighteen you might be already done growing

me I guess
It happens and it's normal, like the other dude said, it is from gas around your bones in your limb. Needless to say if you are worried ask an actual doctor but they will tell you the same thing. A doctor and physiotherapist told me that, and that theirs pop too.

I find with me it happens if I am inactive for a long time then use whatever joint it is. Like if I have been stiff maybe, then move it a bit later. Do you warm up? I find that helps.

dude I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM and im 15 ...
i heard it something about growing or something is moving in your knee
i dunno i saw it on google a loooong time ago

try to google it

Jose S
same thing happens, idk how to fix it but i think its caused by that fact that you may your legs alot in excercising, thats what i stronlgy believe

It is possible that either your ligament around your knee is stretched (and loose) or torn.
It would be best to check with a doctor as there could be other possible reasons or causes.

i had the same problem when i was 13, my knee would pop, only i would lose all strength in it and almost fall every time it did.
when i went to the doctor, they told me joints pop, it's normal.
but after a couple of mri's and x-rays, they discovered a flap of skin that was getting stuck between the bones when i walked.
this, i was told, is incredibly rare.
they also found fluid in the tip of my femur by the knee, but that was completely unrelated.

I have this exact same problem. I don't think it's a serious problem but just to be safe, visit a doctor!

Krissi S
same deal with my left ankle. i've hurt it a few times in the past. you might not have broken it in the past, but maybe twisted it or hurt it in some way. i don't know how to stop it or what causes it, it's just annoying because i can't be sneaky.

well i popped my knee out playing bball several years ago and now my knees just pop naturally. kinda like cracking your knuckles. i would ask you doctor if you don't remember hurting them

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