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 Ear hurts sooo bad (Read Details)?
Ok, so around sunday my ear started hurting and it hurts soo bad. I kinda just blew it off, but now its hurting like really bad. I tried cleaning it yesterday with peroxide and alcohol but it still ...

 black eye help?
i hear that castor oil helps speed the healing of a black eye, one perosn i think it was also her said that she used it and in a couple hours her black eye was gone

what do you guys think?...

 what are the chances i fractured my upper arm?
I just want to know if i shouold go to the hospital, I fell and bashed my upper right arm really hard into the edge of a tool case. Ive had ice on it for the last 45 minutes, nothing is better, there ...

 i am going for an MRI soon and i am very chlosterfobic? what do i do ? can i leave my head out?
it is on my ...

 Best Easy and Most Painless Way To Break My Leg or Ankle?
i'm going to camp next week and we have to go on a 20 mile hike that i don't want to do.
if i break my leg or ankle bad enough that i have a cast and crutches, i won't have to go.<...

 Are Chiropractors expensive?
I have been having severe neck & shoulder pain for the last 2 weeks and someone suggested a chiropractor but i've never been so i was just wondering about how much they cost....

 I run about four miles a day, and I've developed a really bad pain on the bottom of my foot.?
It is between my big toe and my first toe. I went to a doc and he said it was a neuroma, but a second opinion doc said neuromas don't form there. He injected me with cortisone and said he wasn�...

 how can u tell if your nose is broken/fractured?

 I read somewhere that if you stick a needle into a muscle knot, it will go away. Is this true?
I don't know why. I just read it somewhere. You stick a needle or pin into the muscle knot and it "releases" or whatever that ...

 i get like these black outs when i..?
Stand up from getting up from the couch or bed whether im standing or sitting. Even if i get up real slow. It last for like 30 seconds. And i get all dizzy. Sometimes ill just be sitting down and ill ...

 How do I know I am flat footed?

 Thumb question?????????????
my friend says that her thumb hurs so she wont straighten it. if she leaves it bent for too long will it get stuck like that cause it has been like a day and im ...

 help please..i have to use crutches for 2weeks!?
so i got a second degree sprang on my right ankle from cheerleading yesterday, because im a flyer. and i fell.and i had to go to the E.R and stuff. Anyway i been using the crutches today and its ...

 car accident?
My son and I were in a car accident on Feb. 11...my car was totaled. After two weeks we started physical therapy because our bodies were stiff and completely just hurting....I just stopped taking ...

 how do you get rid of shin splints?
please help !...

 has anyone gotten a cut so bad?

 why do you call it foot ball if you dont use your feet?
just ...

 when i get cut i bleed a lot?
it's not that i'm emo, it's like when i accidentally get cut by something, even though its a small one, it bleed alot.. is soething wrong with me? like when i wash it off it keeps ...

 I broke my foot, the doc gave me a cam walker instead of a cast...Shouldn't I have a cast on for it to heal?
I wrap my foot with an ace bandage. I don't sleep with the cam walker on. It has been broken for a month and a half now. It still hurts like crazy. I also use crutches. My fingertips get numb ...

 Knee problems?
I am a 17-year-old boy and I am very short (5-6) and skinny and look younger than my age. Since about February 2007, I've felt pain sharp below my knees that occurs everytime ibend my knees ...

How to tell if my finger is broken, sprained, or dislocated?
Yesterday, I fell and hurt my right ring finger in the process. It swelled immediately, and bruised around the joint a couple hours later. This morning, there is even more bruising and swelling, and a moderate, constant pain. I'm hesitant to go to the Dr. because I don't have health insurance, and aren't they likely to tape it or brace it anyway? I could do those things at home. My concern is that if it's broken, I should probably go because it is my right hand and I'm right-handed. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Go to the doctor just to check and if it's serious get treated!

magic sword
constant blinding agonising pain would be the big clue here

physics is cool
well R.I.C.E it rest ice compress and elevate it only a doctor can know if its broken because they can take your xrays so yea the remedy for it might just be a splint of some sort

if its dislocated you'd know. it would be out of its place and u wouldn't be able to move it.
but to know the difference between sprain and broken you have to get an xray

Jessica B
well if its stil in the right position ur in luck you havent dislocated it and it maybe isnt broken
youve most likely jarred it. This is where youve put way to much pressure on the joint and therefore it bruises and bleeds inside. You could do this by simply bending it back ot far , i did it by catching a basketball once.
Ice is regularly and tape it so it stays straight, i no its funny but u can use a popsicle stick to keep it straight and tape around that. I NO this hurts lyk a broken bone but its not . Ice is regularly u should be fine in a few days.


if not go doctors get a scan

okay, what you have to di is feel up and down your finger even if it hurts! it doesn't matter, if the bone is not smooth and straid or it feels jaged it is broken,if it is sore, but feels strait, but when you put presure on it it is probably sprained, and if it is dislocated you would feel your bottom joint and if their is an indentant it is dislocated, for a dislocation you could try to put it back in yourself or you could go see a ciropracter. For the other 2 go see a doctor.
sorry bout the spelling errors

An x ray will tell you instantly whether its broken or
dislocated. You can usually tell if its broken because
you can't use it without experiencing extreme pain.
Go to a peoples clinic where they will either treat
you at no charge or charge you on a sliding scale
based upon what you can afford.

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