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 will working out decrease my..?
shoulder's chances of dislocating?
i dislocated my shoulder 3 weeks ago and im still recovering
, its the second time this happens to me
when i recover.....will working my ...

 BROKEN wrist! ICE or HEAT!?
I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago and I have a splint on. It is still a bit swollen and a bit uncomfortable. Should I be applying ice or heat at this period to make the swelling go down? T...

 What are someone's chances of living after being burned from the waist up?
3rd degree burns. 56 yrs old? This is my aunt I'm catching a flight to the burn center in an hour... I just want to know what to prepare myself for bc my Mom said she's doing good ...

 I had an accident?
on December 29th, I was hit by a car. I suffered a head trauma, the doctors told me I might suffer some slight to severe short term memory loss, which I did.But I have noticed I am very short ...

 I got my blood test thing done 3 days ago, andi just noticed my arm is like green! Is that normal?

ok so i'm 15 and had to walk home from school today. I don't have to do it that often and forgot about it when i was getting ready this morning so i wore my ugg knockoffs. i wasn't ...

 is it fun to stick yur hand in a light socket?

 i was playing with needles.HELP!?
ok so i found a syringe that wasn't open and filled it with water and injected it in my mattress and then again with hand sanitizer then i got crazy and drew blood from my arm with it. i was ...

my mom was curling my hair with a curling iron, she grabbed the wrong end!!!!
it was about 400 degrees and she held it for a second and a half....I REALLY NEED HELP!
does she have to go to ...

 What causes excessive menstruation?
I've had it for over a month now. At first it was hardly there and now, it's gushing to the point where I need to change every half hour.

Should I be worried about this? What ...

 Fingernail black from slamming it in a door?
K it was on monday night that i slammed it in a door on accidennt, <--obviously. okay hurt extremly bad monday, not as bad tuesday, and still getting better today. the part that hurts worst is ...

 Help?!?! anyone please?
In a soccer game I got kicked hard in the inside of my ankle...not on the bone but like behind it and it is tender there and up my leg a little but it is tender in like a line right behind the bone. T...

 Why does the EMTs and ER staff cut off a person's clothing when it's obvious where the injury is located?
For example, if a person is stabbed in the stomach then why cut off the bra too? Once the person is in the operating room then all the clothing is cut off? Why do they do that?...

 Whats a way to relax my ***tense/pulled arm muscle***?
would wrapping it help?
would Ice help?
would Heat help?
should i take Advil?
how long might this take to heal??


 I think i broke or fractured my ankle.. dont know how, but it hurts and isnt like a sprain?
how do i know if it is serious or not. my father told me if it was broken i wouldnt be able to stand up, but i do find my self limping around. i dont know if this is something to do with it, but ...

 Thumb injury question?
I don't remember doing anything to my left thumb, but it hurts so bad when I move it. It isn't a dull pain. It is a sharp, stinging, burning pain. No swelling. No bruise. Just really ...

 Can I sue hospital for negligence??
My wife had a car accident and was taken to ER. She was complaining of chest pains. and the Seatbelt marks were clearly visiable on her chest where it had brused her.. they check her out exrays. ct ...

 i recently got my tounge pierced and noticed a greenish color on the top of it that wont go away. Is this ok?

 ankle!!!!! please help!?
I got kicked in the ankle last night at soccer practice,

It's on the right side of my left ankle. I have a game tonight and I really want to play.

I've been icing ...

 Broken toe or what??
Well this happened on Saturday, it was my first day ever to wear high heels to work. They were really high, my feet started to hurt but i kept them on. Then when i went home my second toe (next to ...

How to get the dirt out of this wound?
I was playing basketball yesterday and it got pretty intense so I got tackled to the ground. I got a deep wound in my hand and there was bleeding and I rinsed it under some cold water but there was still gravel and dirt in there... I put some vaseline and a bandaid on it yesterday and today we peeled off some of the skin to try to get the dirt out but it's kind of under this "slimy" shiny clear stuff under the skin layer now. I don't know how to get the dirt out and my mom said it would just come out on its own but my dad has a similar wound from when he was younger and there was dirt in it but the skin grew over it so there's a dark spot on his hand now. I don't want to get a pair of tweezers in there though and make the wound deeper or push the dirt in deeper...

Do I have to go to the doctor (although my parents probably won't take me) or will it be alright on its own?

benzoyl peroxide it cleans dirt out of wounds it stings though

wash with alcohol

Wash it out

if you have a shower massage, use that to pulsate it out or a water pik. it could be painful. can soak it in some warm water with table salt in it, but need to do this a few times a day. signs of infections, redness, swelling, heat, pain and pus, difficulty moving hand. You would have to sterilize the tweezers in boiling water for about 10" or wipe them with alcohol and let air dry. It could be painful to do this your self.If not better by tomorrow or wound not closing on it's own, be seen by MD. apply neosporin or triple antibiotic after ea soaking, keep covered.

Wash it out with IV fluid or DISTILLED WATER. then pour some hydrogen peroxide.

With the help of a syringe you can sort of make a water jet/spray to help you wash out the dirt.

You need to see a doctor in case of infection and the dirt. If you leave it on its own it will grow over and that dirt will be permanent, go see a doctor and he/she can properly take the dirt out :)

Jim D
Hydrogen peroxide is only good when you initially cleanse a wound - repeated uses actually removes newly formed healthy tissue.

You Mom is correct that most foriegn material will be 'pushed' outward as the wound naturaly heals.

And since so much time has passed and your hesitant to see a doctor I would suggest bandaging the wound with a simple dry bandage with only some triple antibiotic ointment (if you're not allergic) available at any pharmacy or wal-mart. Watch the wound for signs of infection; increased tenderness/pain, swelling/puffy, pus (yellowish green discharge), red streaks from the palm up the arm, or tenderness in that sides armpit.

Next time a similar wound occurs it's important to get the wound as clean as you can - scrubbing the wound with a soft brush and normal soap is painful but ensures no contaminants.

It may get infected if you do not clean it properly, so I'd try to get the gravel out. You may need to get some tweezers or see a doctor if it's swelling.

If the dirt is stuck in the wound and it grows over it, there may very well be a problem, and it will need to be re-opened.

Peroxide and (I know this will sound harsh) a nail brush. Believe it or not they use it on your organs after surgery to make sure they clean all the infection off your stuff. My mom's a nurse.

Use Peroxide... Burns like a mofo. Real bubbly to lift junk and germs out though.

Rinse or soak your hand in peroxide. You could do this several times a day to make sure you get all the dirt out. However you do it, it will foam up for a while, but it will help to clean the cut.

Hydrogen Peroxide is pretty good about getting dirt out of a wound, and it doesn't burn like alcohol. I would try that

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