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 My big toe was pulled off in a hydraulic sys. @ wrk.in cali?
I was helping a coworker dump a load on a fork lift. I was raised up to the top of big trash bin with the load,I pulled the lever on bin to release. F/L drvr tilted forks w/me still on it and shook ...

 Injured left knee. Aches and "crunky" sounds when walking. Why?
I'm 15, on my school's dance team, chinese contemporary dance which is actually much of ballet stuff. when doing warmups, i cant do a split. my knee will "pop" kinda. does popping ...

 How do I know if there's a splinter in my foot?
I've been doing some stuff barefoot on this rough ground (like with those really tiny pebbles sticking out) and now there's a wound/cut there... and it really hurts. How do I know if it...

 can microdermabrasion help permanent third-degree burn marks disappear?

 Can you do anything about a bruised and dented shin?
About 3 months ago I was getting up onto the back of a boat when I slipped onto the back landing and landed directly on my shin onto the hard landing, and then fell into the water. I thought I was ...

 Which sports have the most cases of spinal cord injuries in the USA?
I need to know the precentage breakdown of which sports cause the most spinal cord injuries. If you know which part of the spine is most affected by these specific sports it would be a great help.

 What is 8 weeks from today?

 hey can someone maybe help ?
i hurt my knee 5 years ago and 3 years ago. Now it hurts when i have my period and just started hurting all the time it keeps me up at night but i dont walk with much of a limp. i cant keep it in ...

 Owww! Hyperextended Knee - remedies, please!?
Hi people. I fell asleep on the couch with one ankle up on the arm of the sofa, bending my right knee slightly backwards. I think I slept about three hours this way. Ever since, for about three ...

 can an eye injury effect thinking?
I had an eye injury (blackeye) and now I have moments of where I cannot remember what I was about to say or thinking and I have flashes of light occurring....

 knee problem?
yesterday at work i was climbing a ladder i dont remember twisting my leg or anything but later on in the day yesterday it hurts to straighten my leg it feels like something needs to pop i dont know ...

 how serious is lumbosacral radiculopathy?.?
I had a 50 pound box fall on my back a year ago .I aggrevated the condition in september and I am now out of work because I have frequent spasm down my leg and ...

 my arm is swollen?
i slipped and my forearm has swollen and hurts any thoughts?...

 sprained ankle questions?
i have an ankle that i sprained quite badly two years ago (fell down the stairs....). it swelled ALOT and i could barely put any weight on it. when i went to the foot doctor, they said everything was ...

 Is it easy to chip a bone in your arm?
Someone hit my friend with a baseball bat in the arm. It isn't broken, she could move it but her bone hurts. Can it be chipped? The bat hit her hard but not super hard. So how easy is it to chip ...

 Abraham Lincoln had a medical condition that made him so thin and his bones weak does anyone know what it was?

 UPDATE: Since i can't "reply" to you regarding the below, if you can find the question and thread...
Herniated C5 and C6 with spinal cord compression - severe?

Can I do strenuous exercise or sports or not? I get mixed answers. If the MRI says "severe" disc herniation and spinal ...

 Emergency Appendectomy pains a year later?
Sometimes after I make a wrong movement or finish up a hard work out I still feel pains in my side....not extremely painful, but enough. Is this normal or should I be worried?...

 explain why a crushing injury to the occipital bone is usually fatal?

 help witha knee?
hurt my knee five years ago and three years ago. Ever since the three year one my knee hurts when i have my period like my back does. It been hurting for a whole week now and doc said i hurt the back ...

How much force does it take to break the ribs of a human being?

lots of power

APBT lover
About 12 psi in some fragile spots.

really not all that much if they are hit in the right place

Depends on who you are, old or young, prolly if your around 20 you can talk a big blow to the ribs and have some narly bruises but if an old man like 50 took that he could break one or two. I have taken one from a hockey stick, there pretty wicked pain, but i just had a nice bruise. But I did break both my Ulna and Radius in my arm from a hockey stick it wasn't that heavy of hit but it hit in a exact spot to crunch both bones pretty easily. It felt F**K up.

not much...you can break ribs just doing cpr if you are not careful

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