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 My Middle Toenail Fell off... is it okay to paint the skin underneath until it grows back?
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 The right side of my right foot hurts terribly when any pressure is on it. What is wrong with it?
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 How to properly treat my small cut/wound?
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 Why do we feel a burning sensation when we hold the ice for sometime?

 sprain ankle that won't heal?
I sprained my ankle 5 months ago. Swelling has gone down alot but it's still swollen alittle. I have no problem walking but when I run, it hurts a little until I am warmed up. After I am ...

 Muscles hurting a day or two after exercise a few questions?
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 knee/leg problem?
for a month now my left leg has been really stiff and randomly has pain in my calf and thigh. and my knee is really tight and pops sometimes when I walk. I went to the doctors scared I might have dvt ...

 Can you bruise from the inside out.......?
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 what are the symptoms of a gastric ulcer?

 my toenail is turning white feels like half is still connected to toe should i take nail off or leave alone?
little toe,nail looks white but still feels conected to toe.when i try to remove the nail it hurts becouse it is still half conectedto toe what should i do wait for it to fall off or take it off by ...

 help please i dont not understand?
i have rear whiplash n is still painful in my neck the hospital said it will be sour for quite a while but keep moving my kneck! but the main problem is what is it because im not ...

 how do i treat a burn in my mouth?
got burned from ...

 What medicines treat bradycardia (slow Heart rate)?

 Do you think it would be a good idea to wear a helmet in the car?
Don't laugh....

 pain from broken bone years ago?
no less than 10 years ago, i broke my wrist. after it healed, i would get recurring pain in my wrist...i went to the doc, and he said it was "something" dystrophy. NO, it's not ...

 Knee Injury?
i have twisted my knee last year in 2006 (like octoberish). first time my knee was all swelling and painful, but later on it get better and the swelling was gone...but now my knee sometimes has pain ...

 Why do bones of older people break more easily?
Than those of a younger person?...

 I did the splits and heard a "pop"? what is it?
It's been almost a month since this incident and i still have pain in my leg....

 How many days minimum will it take to almost recover from having stitches?
I have 20-25 stitches on my left upper cheek and I want to know how many days/weeks MINIMUM I will have to wait until I can go out and play soccer competitively again. Its important thanks!!!...

How long will it take for my twisted knee to heal?
I twisted my knee on November 7, 2006. It felt better a week later but the pain came back all over again.
I haven't been able to get rid of the pain.
What should I do?
And I feel like I've forgotten how to use my injured knee. I do everything with my other one.

You should put your knee to rest, and in about 2 months after the injury you could use it again in a normal way.
The wrong thing that you did was using your knee before it's time. When you feel better that doesn't mean your knee is healed, it only means that your body is used to the pain.
Go to a doctor. Your knee could be missplaced, or some muscles are torn.

Hi, If you are having pain,there is something wrong. Go see your doctor A.S.A.P. A knee injury is nothing to fool around with. I hurt my right knee 42 years ago. i had 2 surgery,and a third Total Knee Replacement. It took me a year to beable to get my knee to bend so i could walk without problems.Alot of hard work,and i still have problems with my right knee after all of that. So Please see your doctor,don't end up like i have. A Friend.


I've ever experienced that before...it takes 3 to 6 months to heal but please do not strain your injured knees as it will prolong the healing process and age is also another factor.

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