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 Sue for negligence?
I live in a apartment building, there is only one way to get in and out of the apartment building. There used to be two post to hold on to. but one of them has been broken since August of 2006. The ...

 Neck spine surgery?
C-5 and c-7 disc laying on Nerve part shoulder and N...

 my son woke up limping in his right foot and it was a little swollen, what could it be?
All tests for strep came back negative and there are no red marks over there. He cant stand on that foot, what could it be?...

 how do I cure Edema? also know as swollen ankle?
My (left) ankle has been swollen for some time now, and I tried just about everything.. does anyone know how I may bring the swelling down?...

 how can you tell if you finger is fractured or jammed?
i was playing basketball and my finger was stright out and the ball hit it hard. my finger is like a blueish purple color. it is swelled up and i put a splint on but it is hard to bend my finger, ...

 Does anyone out there have carpal tunnel syndrome?
I apparently got it from what i do in work, from repettive movement, as I have been a cashier in a supermarket for ten yrs, I was thinking of building a law suit against them, could somebody give me ...

 why can't i crack my knuckle?
So i got my finger jammed or i dont know what happened to it, me and my friend were doing tae kwon do and he got my thumb. Its still somewhat swollen, this happened 3 months ago. Besides the swelling ...

 Why might an area still hurts many months after a bruise?
Last May (in 2006), I fell down the stairs and got a very bad bruise on my hip. It had some moderate swelling, and it didn't look very pretty, but the pain was bearable, and it was just in that ...

 CAN you get burned by a lighter?
Is is possible for a lighter to explode in yor face and cause severe burns 1st and 2nd degree?
my son said he was lighting a cigarette and it expolded and burned his facial hair off and caused ...

 What kind of thread did doctors use for stiches back in the day?
I have seen in many movies(Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) this thick thread that is used to stitch flesh back together. I have asked everyone that I know what it is called, but they don'...

 I hurt my elbow?
It was at wrestling practice today, somebody put me in a cradle (for practice) and when i tried to get out, he spun. This made my arm bend back all crazy and now extending my arm hurts.

I ...

 what's the best way help get rid of the color and swelling from a bruise aside from the obvious "ice it"?
i've been in colorguard for five years now, but i've just recently obtained some of the biggest, nastiest bruises that i've ever gotten. I've iced and elevated, but i wanted to ...

 Is this an infection?
I pierced like 4 monthes ago and 2 monthes ago this 'bump' appeared after changing the earring for the 3rd or more time.


 What type of shoulder exercise is available to me without further aggravating my scoliosis?
I just recently found out I have mild scoliosis. I notice that when I do arm raise of 30LBS for my shoulders, my backbone arcs going into the 2nd and 3rd set because it really is heavy. This can be ...

 When my left eye is overly teary and is always scratch but only that eye, what is it?

 What would a dr. do for a concussion?
I hit my head with the trunk door. Its swolen of course but looks like I was in an accident. I hit the right side of my head around the temple area. What would a dr. do for that sort of injury?...

 Broke finger 4 weeks ago. if not set right can it cause nerve damage. Didn't see doctor?
When my finger is out straight it feels good. But when I try to make a fist it starts to go numb. kind of nervous cause I play golf and I tried to grip a club and it realy felt bad.no insurance....

 Collar bone.......did i brake it? help please..?
at a rugby practis we were doing contact drills where u tackle ect.. and after a while, i picked up the pace and went 100% into the tackle and the second i made contact....my arm felt liek someone ...

 Have you ever had lasik eye surgery? Would you recommend it?

 14 years old and was outside talking to the neighbor when i went to turn my back hurt real bad?
like its a sharp pain on my lower left side of my back. it was out of nowhere and i cant move without pain like its ok for a sec the nreal bad this is the firs time it ...

How long does the swelling last with a broken ankle?
I have to have surgery on my ankle because I broke two bones, so I just have a splint on it. The worst part is the swelling.....when will it start to subside? It has already been three days.

A week or so.Want me to come massage it?(=

it may not til after surgery

Carrie G
The swelling should start to go down by The 6th week, it depends on the weather,you should stay of the ankle if at all possible, the swelling will go down, give it time.the weather will also have a effect on how the swelling as well.

My friends brother broke his ankle and it was swelled for 4 weeks. good luck to you.

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