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 pain from crutches?
i sprained my mcl the other day and was told to use crutches and to be non weight bearing for 48 hrs and then limited WBAT after that the only problem is that the crutches are rubbing me and ...

 Sprain or torn cartilage?
I went to the doc about me knee, and he said i either sprained it or its cartilage was torn...

I waited 2 months to go see him, and I go for an MRI this week... But would a sprain still ...

 Knee Injury!?
About a month ago I fell straight on my knee. I was drunk ;), and that nite I continued to walk on it. In the morning it was very swollen and hurt alot. The swelling went down and I have been ...

 my toung feels like its been pulled out from the bottom?
ive had this feeling for one day under my toung it feels like its been pulled out or something idk y but it makes me gag i can swallow and everything i just dnt know y could it be strained ive had it ...

 What does it mean if when im working out. My right arm has less feeling in it?
I know its not weaker. It just feels like i lost something in it. Maybe nerve damage? I'm going to see a neurologist in about a month but that's a while....

 have you or anyone you know ever received a black eye from a punch?

 Why would injuries and deformations favor one side of your body over the other?

 What would REALLY happen if you grabbed on to an electric line?
Of course, I know they're dangerous, and I would never willingly grab one, but let's say you grabbed an electric line from an ordinary electric pole. I'm not talking about a downed ...

 Cost of an x-ray and MRI for my knee?
What will be the approximate cost if I have my knee x-rayed and/or have an MRI done?...

 How to heal my sprained ankle and still continue with my exercises?
I sprained my left ankle about a week ago. It is swollen on the inside and bruised a little. It is sore to touch. I am still exercising regularly, just modifying the cardio moves so that there is ...

 if i cut my arm off how do i cut the other with only one hand?

 Why does my arm hurt from the flu shot I got at the end of October?
The nurse jabbed the needle in and it immediately started hurting. I've had flu shots before and they did not hurt. Could it have hit a nerve or the bone? How long does this take to heal. It ...

 i got punched in the chest and now it hurts to laugh, is this bad?

 Help, I've been worrying, what if Kermie gets hurt some day, how will I tell if it's gangrenous?

 How can I twist my ankle so that I can skip school today?
School is in 15 minutes and i want to twist my ankle so I don't have to go. How do I do this?...

 Poll: Why do my ribs always feel tender ? Like they will break if i put to much pressure on them ?
A year ago i got in a fight with some guy and he stomped on my ribs and they have been hurting since then and ive never gone to the doctor for it why do they feel to tender and easy to break ?...

 for some reason my body twitchs when i lay down , my leg and arms/hands move for no reason for a sec?
im 18, weigh 168lbs, 5'7
should i be worried, had been going on for a while ...

 How long can humans live when they are caught on fire?
For example, when a car crashes and explodes turns into a gulf of flames, but humans are alive....

 How to treat a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle and am using tennis rackets as crutches/canes while holding the leg with the sprained ankle up. Should I do anything special to it?...

 ACL tear, MCL sprain, Micro-fractures, Healing time?
I am a 21 year old college student and I blew my knee out playing volleyball, 2 1/2 weeks ago. After x-rays and an MRI I was diagnosed with a completely torn ACL, an MCL sprain and impact/micro-...

How long does it take to heal from a gunshot wound?
If the person recieved a wound to the upper left shoulder and one to the side, close to the ribs.

Joan J
You really cant pin point this question the most important factor would certainly depend on how severe the gun shots are (the upper shoulder may not take as long to heal but the side injury would) because if vital organs are injured-it certainly could be life threatening--therefore there are so many facets to this question no one answer will help you. I suggest you to define your question in order to get a clear answer for your writings.

Depends on where you were shot, with what calibur, and who shot it (emotional ties)....

have this person reported to the nearest police station yet?

Big Blue Fan!
its different for everyone

John M
If you are going into details, then you need a 'script doctor'. If only a generalization though, you can say something like "...and bullets went flying as if from an old Western movie, and only one bystander was hit, who was grazed in the shoulder, and also took another to the ribs about three feet above his sags. The caliber was small, therefore the slugs couldn't bounce around his innards like a shopping card in the Walmart parking lot during their Grand Opening Trailor Trash Sale".

yes it is different for everyone and depends if it hit bones, organs and if it had to be dug out i would say it shouldnt take more then a few months.........also depends on your medical condition, such as diabates make it so infection sets in very fast..........or being an alcoholic thins your blood and makes it harder to heal

its different for everyone.

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