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 Can a horse bite near the sternum damage my lung or anything serious?
Ok, I was bitten by a horse at work today ( I work on a ranch with rescue horses), and I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the bite or not... I've been bitten or nipped at several ...

 How do I decrease swelling?
I hurt my finger during practice and my ring finger on my right hand is swollen. Real fat. And I was wondering how can I make this swelling go down by practce Monday....

 is it an infection?? will it be ok?
on thursday, i broke up my 2 dogs fighting and one dog bite down and ripped my thumb. it was prertty bad. i waited 7 hours before seeing a doctor and they cleaned it out it really good. i had a temp ...

 Is there a certain time of year when knee injuries are more common?
It seems like over the past couple months a number of people that I know have had knee problems, and have either had or will be having surgery shortly. Not just in my family, but people I know at ...

 Is gout inheritied from the mother or father's side of the family, or can it come from either side?
I have had problems with gout over the years. I have learned that there is a family history of the condition - there have been people on both my mom and dad's side of the family who have had ...

 Confused! Need opinions!?
Ok well about 3 years ago I jumped off a swing and landed on my side of my ankle. It really hurt but I never went to the doctor. Dont ask why. It really hurt for about 1 year but I nevered bothered ...

 help please!?
hi, okay i have a question and i'm hoping for an answer okay my mom got her blood drawn about a week ago they drawed her blood from her hand. since yesturday her finger and the area around her ...

 i fell at work a couple of days ago and didnt report it i now have back pains. is there still time to report?
i fell on tuesday feb 6, 2007. some employees did see me but i never reported it because it didnt hurt till much later. Now im not getting hours at work! What should i do its been 3 days?...

 Nose Bleed...major?
I have had plenty of nose bleeds in my life but this one was way diff.
first of all I ddin't do anyhting to cause it and it was so bad I was gagging up blood. I had like 5-6 major clots ...

 Ankle Injury?
Last week i twisted My ankle during soccer practice, it was hurting so much the whole week, so I did so compressions on it and massaged it.
This is the second week, and I can sprint and Jump and ...

 Anyone know any causes of Shoulder Pain?
My left shoulder has been sore for 1 week. The pain seems to be very slowly increasing. It is not too sore to keep me from going about my normal activities, yet. It seems to hurt the most when I ...

 Knee pain-what could it be?
I have had knee pain off and on while on treadmill and walking for a month. A week ago it began to swell and I couldn't bend it without pain. Went to ER and they said needed MRI-had to ...

 did I fracture my wrist?
ok so there is this bone sticking up in my wrist it has been here for a week then I went snowboarding and fell a couple times and it has gotten worse and there are more misplaced bones moving around ...

 regarding headaches?
Lately I have been getting sharp pains in my head. They happen to be sudden knife stabbing pains. As quickly as they occur they also happen to go. what is happening? what is the deal? PLEASE HELP...

 Do you think I have a malpractice case?
I was in a car wreck on 1-19-07.I was treated at an E.R. for very bad chest pains and a badly hurt finger,so,I thought ,it was 3 times bigger than my other ones.I informed them it as well as my ...

 why do my heels hurt after i run?

 Has anyone ever had an MRI and been they had a torn menisus, and when scoped, there was no tear found?

 Is it necessary for an elderly patient to be trained to use a walker?

 How do you remove a bruise on the lips?
So, I was making out with my gf for a while and I noticed that she got a bruise on her lips. Is there any way to get off quickly because it looks like that I punched her. Thats what lots of my ...

 Regarding an arm inury- I am left with feelings of numbness, tingling and throbbing. What does this indicate?
On new years eve, i sustained some bad injuries from a fight. My arm was bruised very badly, bruise was 3 in and BLACK. the bruise is now gone, but the part of my arm below where the bruise was and ...

Vanessa B
How long does it take for a broken ankle to heel?

2 months at least to be safe

6-9 weeks approximately

Are you serious?
For it fully about 2 years:(

It really depends on the type of fracture, your overall health, age, habits, etc. If you are young, non-smoker, not diabetic or pre-diabetic, and have no problems with calcium, you should be healed within 1-3 months.

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