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How long does it take for a broken ankle to heal?
I broke my ankle yesterday doing gymnastics... I was on the balance beam doing a roundoff flip and fell, and broke my ankle, right now its in a soft cast and I get a hard cast soon but how long will it take to heal completely, I know it takes a certain time to come out of the cast but then what about after that? it hurts now but the doctor said it will stop after a couple of days, but what about after the cast come offs?

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Dennis R
Sorry to hear about your injury. The bones will heal in 6-8 wks. The physical therapy after will take you 3-4 months to get back to about 80-90%. As a gymnast MAKE SURE the doctor sends you to physical therapy....a sports PT would be best. I have seen athletes break their ankle and the doctor does not send them to PT and then they come in a few months later complaining that they cannot even walk normal without pain. Then it is SO much harder to rehab if you wait too long after the bones heal. Good luck with things.

Karen M
I broke my ankle 7 weeks ago, the fibular bone and I am just now coming out of the cast and wearing tennis shoes (3 days). I still need a cane and after a day at work it hurts but I walk alot at my job. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you but please take it easy and don't rush. I kept my foot elevated as much as possible. I was in a hard cast for 10 days then a "boot" the rest of the time but I even slept with the boot on up until about two weeks ago. I just know that I NEVER want to go thru this again. I've already told all my friends that if I brake anything from the waist down again to just shoot me. The only benefit was the pain pills but they aren't that much fun when you really need them. BE PATIENT and expect 3 months before you are back up to par.

it will probably take a good six to ten weeks, then therapy could last another two months.

I broke my ankle 5 weeks and 4 days ago just above the ankle. I broke both the tibia and the fibula (twice each). I had surgery and now have 2 plates in my leg plus a bunch of screws. I will have my hard cast for a total of 8 weeks, then a walking cast or a pressure boot - he hasn't decided which. Then, I will start physical therapy. I've been on non-weight-bearing status for the whole time, which means I use a walker, crutches and a wheelchair depending on the situation.

I broke my leg June 4, and he told me I should be 100% by Christmas (6 months!!!). I don't know how severe your break is (mine was really, really bad). Also, I am 40, and I assume that you are much younger, so you will probably heal much more quickly than I will.

Sorry for you! I know it stinks! Wish I could tell you it would heal in no time at all.

possibly a month if you take it easy.

about 8 to 10 weeks then rehab for about 6 more.

James K
6 months in total, and you can expect serious weakness for a year.

Try some balance exercises once you can walk on it, they wiill strengthen it.

ie. a wobble board - ask in the hospital, the physio dept. should have them, or stand on just the affected ankle with your eyes closed, arms up first, then down. That also strenthens it.

See a physio as much as you can, as doctors aren't great for the recovery process.

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