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 i just broke my 2 bones in my foot & i'm having my b-day party this halloween what should i do??
i have to where it for 4 wks & i can't play on my basket ball team for 8 & i think that i will go ...

 I was at an amusment park and i was running and the tripped and now my wrist hurts i think its sprained.?
i was at ...

 Healed broken toe?
My husband broke his toe 1 year ago and still gets pain in it. Any one else have this if so is there anything you can do about it?...

 I have bad knees. Can you help?
I do some martial arts, but have found that sometimes my knees ache. It's the twisting motion that I have issues with. Would a knee brace of some sort help, or just provide a false sense of ...

 What is happening to my knee when it makes this sound?
When I walk up or down stairs, my knees make clicking noises. -it almost sounds like cracking your knuckles, except I can do it again and again, it is fairly consistent (unlike knuckle cracks, which ...

 Is there a surgery that makes your head smaller?

 I banged elbow and fingers are numb for past 1 1/2?
I banged my elbow and i can't move my little and ring fingers very well. the little finger is numb and the ring finger is slightly numb. Will the numbness and paralysis of my fingers go away. it ...

 Will I need surgery?
I tore all the tendons and ligaments when I dislocated my shoulder. Can I re-grow these naturally, or is surgery the only way?...

 Okay so Iwas warmed up and I did the splits. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my thigh?
do you think I should try to tough it out and do the performance even if I can barely walk or what?
I can't lift my leg to even a 45 degree angle and I can't run
What do I do?...

 Needle injection?
Hi, Last week i had a injection done to a knot in my back which doctor told me was a muscle strain. Now he's sending me to get a Ultrasound done and I read somewhere that you shouldn't have ...

 Ok, I need a dentist or dental student for this one. What is a dental air aneurysm and how is it treated?
I went to the dentist and was fitted for a crown. Nothing invasive.
When I came home, my whole cheek was swollen. Ok, I had my mouth open for 2 hours, maybe that's normal.
Now it'...

 why cant i hear in one ear and slightly full in the other it hurts and i echo myself?
i was hit in my right ear and lower jaw im dizzy and feel like a crazy cant see or know where i am when i stand .icant hear anyone but myself in my rightear yet my lef is starting to feel clogged and ...

 how much does a cast up to your knee weigh?

 Sprained Finger?
I hit my finger against the wall last weekend, and even though it was a little sore all week long, it was nothing major.

This morning I woke up and the pain was horrible, and I can barely ...

 Over the past few days i have used a needle and ink to tattoo my skin; can i get ink poisoning? What symotoms?
Two dyas ago i carved a small heart into my palm and used red ink to color it. It was fine & looks good. Yesterday i used a needle to slice into my hip an asterik and put red ink into the wound. ...

 Hairline Fractures?
my doctor said that I might have one but it wasnt my normal doctor it was like an asistant.. basically below my elbow on my forarm i have some pain and when I add pressure it is worse.. it is swollen ...

 my bugle has been limping for a couple of days he runs and play es i do not see anything wrong with him.?

 I'm having muscle spasms in my leg real bad and I can hardly walk. What can I use to help my muscle spasm.
I have strain my leg some how and the muscle spasms are coming from the strain. I already been to the doctor and she gave me celebrex and flexril, the flexril is for the spasms which is not working. I...

 Someone broke their leg and....?
I need to write something funny on their cast.

I was thinking "Whats better than winning gold in the paralympics? Having Legs" but this might offend some people.


 Toe nail about to fall off!?
Every year that i run cross country i get a blue/purple blister under my toenail. Last year the blister went away, but this year the nail is about to fall off. When it falls off will it bleed? How ...

Mike H
How long does a finger sprain last?
I was tossing around a football and injured my left pinky finger almost two weeks ago. It hurt enough to ice it down but I never took any advil or anything. iced it for a few days and taped it to my ring finger. Yesterday I tried bending it and it doesn't seem to be healed yet. I can't touch the palm of my hand like I can with the rest of my fingers. The visible bruising is gone and it never swelled up very much. It is debatable if it still slight swollen. Is it time to see a doctor? Do I have more than a bad sprain?

thiers not alot they can do for a finger.

I used to "jam" a finger all the time.

chip the knuckle a tad.

just tape it up and let it be. dont take the tape off ... you need to leave it taped to the other finger till it is better.

if you go to doctor they will just go goofy and put a huge bandage and splint on it and make it worse.

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