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 Are there any doctors in Oklahoma who know how to do artificial disc replacement?

 Sore Ribs.. Broken, Bruised, or Seperated?
I was playing Basketball with some friends 1 week ago and took a shoulder in the ribs. It knocked the wind out of me but I was able to keep playing. The pain is bearable but constant a week later. ...

 knee pain and popping?
About one month ago, I went running and after I was done, I had extreme pains going through both of my knees. I run frequently and have never had this problem before. After I felt this intense pain, I...

 Lower back pain after working out?
I go to the gym about 3 - 4 times a week, do low-impact cardio and some free weights. I've started having a strange lower back pain, right on the spine, just above where my back curves in.

 ever have surgery on a pianiddle(sp?) sisst(sp?)?
this is the sisst (boil) just below the tail bone. the actual boil is gone right now but the problem is still there down in. i am having it cut out in a couple weeks. i am just looking for other ...

 My 5yr old is double jointed & was suggested he stay away from contact sports.?
What excersices can he as a young boy do to build supportive muscle around his joints? He loves basketball and I would hate to take this away from him. He has had no injuries but this is more ...

 What is tennis elbow and how do I get it to go away?
I got it from pushing a guy down in football....

 just had my second shoulder operation?
this time it looks like I have a clothes line inside of my shoulder, ok, so maybe not that bad, they had to go in and tie everything up, has anyone heard of this before? please tell me. I am in so ...

 muscle spasms in shoulders?
I suffer from muscle spasms in my shoulders. I've had a emg done and was told that it is not nerve damage. The doctor wants me to start physical therapy, but I do not want to waste my money. I...

 my arm is numb for some reason...its been like this for about 5 hrs...anyone know whats up?
this is kinda scraing me......

 muscles in back of jaws for 10,15,minutes,I`ve had this happen twice?

 Broke toe?
I got my toe stuck under a door and its killing me. I can't sleep. I've took BC Powders and I've iced it and its not helping. I have sharp pains running from my toe throughout my foot. ...

 Are there any home remedies for a superficial dogg bite wound?

 Jimmy is in a car accident. He can't open his mouth and has been told that he suffers from the following:?
black eye, broken nose, broken cheek, broken upper jaw, damaged eye socket, and punctured lung. Describe exactly what stuctures have been affected by his accident.

I am an ...

 how old do you have to be to visit a patient in a hospital in california??

 how long does tendinitis....pulled Achilles tendon..take to heel? the best treatment? can it b chronic prob?
im a waitress and i pulled mine in august. just recently went to the doctor...a generalist...he gave me something for the pain and a gel for the imflammation. would like to get back to running but it ...

 3 days ago @ gym i worked on my calves.(R) one is killin me,sore,painful.Can't lay foot flat, but can tiptoe.
I have put Icy Hot on it. When I tip toe, i can put pressure on it but i can't lay my whole foot on the floor it hurts really bad. I see little swelling, bot no brusing or irregular colors. What ...

 what part of the body do sprains, cramps, and pulled muscels affect?
what part of the body do sprains, cramps, and pulled muscels affect?

plz ...

 how is it possible???
why and how is it your hands or other joints "pop"?...

 I broke my big toe-nail in half (horizontally), what can I do?
I broke my left big toe-nail in half (horizontally) and the nail is there, and I can see a little blood underneath, but it's not dripping or anything. Should I wash it out? Leave it? Put N...

How long does a broken finger take to heal??
Saw the doc, had an xray, the bottom bone of my pinky is broken. He gave me a splint, said use for 5 weeks. I take it off for showering, and it's STILL swelled up. Only hurts if I try bend it. Was using NSAIDS the first week. It's been 4 weeks today, I would expect to see some improvement, but I am not sure that I am. Someone said you have to learn to use your finger again afterwards, and gently flex it. Well doc didn't bother to tell me any of that. Should I take the splint off at the 5th week and start working on it? Will the break in the bone actually be healed then? I am not sure if the pain when I try bend it is due to inactivity, or the bone still broke. It is no longer bruised, but my skin is irritated from the tape, so it's all nasty from that too. Should I go back for another xray?? I have never broken anything, so I don't know what to expect for the entire healing process.

it takes about 6 weeks for a borken finger to heal and yes you do have to exercise it back so it can be as close to regular as possible.

you should keep the splint on and the finger immobilised as much as possible and try to keep it up example might be at night rest it on a pillow this will increase blood flow and therefore help healing. by text books 6 weeks for a bone to heal but it will be tender for longer. when your 6 weeks of immobilisation is up your Dr will refer you to a physio, public hospitals have physio hand clinics. allergies to tapes are common go and see the pharmacist at your chemist and he/she will have a cheap alternative. so leave the splint on, immobilise your hand keep it up and resting comfortably. don't try to do exercises yet and go for your follow up xray in 2 weeks but if the pain is not under control seek Dr's advice PS you should start to see a rapid improvement over the next few weeks

Emma B.
it could take a few months. depends how fast you heal

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