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 Help me with this shoulder blade problem...PLEASE HELP ME....?
* I got a very light sprain over the shoulder blade (scapula) while in gym a year ago.
* Without taking complete rest, I was trying to lift weights once a week and failed. The pain slowly ...

 i have a compression fracture of T12?
does anybody have any stories or had this happen to them? what the symptoms were, what was done to fix it, mine was found by MRI looking for something ...

 Please help, elbow problem?
I got an MRI and i went to doctors

They both say nothing is wrong with my elbow

I had cubital tunnel syndrome ( yes thats a real syndrome and no it is not carpal )

so ...

 what is an icp monitor and where is it placed?

 where can i get an airplane splin?

 how much is my contribution?my sss ID is:03-4626314-5?

 Can you get a concussion...?
from pushing on your soft spot? I was like rocking my head back to scootch around in bed last night and I sort of used my head as an anchor to scootch up. It sort of hurts now....

 how do u know if ur nose is broken and how long does it take to heal?

 what would a chair look like if your knee caps were on the back of your legs?

 how will my fiance's surgery go?
he is having back surgery in 7 hours laminectomy! im so nervious im a reck! please help!...

 i hurt my knee five years ago can i just leave it? it does not hurt really at all just at time lke menstral ?
it hurts when i have my menstral flow and i tripped over a gas hose and my knee hurt all over again just from the fall. The doc said i sprained it the first time i tripped over a kid playing basket ...

 Back/neck sprain?
I was sitting in a chair stretching my arms and neck today when I guess I pulled something just behind my shoulder blade. I had a huge, painful, cramping feeling every time I tried to move my neck, ...

 I was diagnosed with a complex communicating tear of the medial meniscus. What does that mean?
The doctors report that I got said that I have a complex communicating tear of the medial meniscus with a small joint effusion. I looked up "joint effusioin" and know that means fluid on ...

 Some great internet sites for fractures ?
I have fracture of my talus bone. I want to know more about it and its treatment.
Plz ...

 Does anyone know of a solution to a burning kidney sensation in people with spinal cord injuries?
Individual does not cath, has little trouble voiding urine, eats healthy, takes few meds (only baclofen - 80mg per day), does not drink alcohol, smoke or take illicit drugs. Kidney tests show that ...

 I hurt my shoulder last year playing basketball, ive been experiencing pain in my shoulder esp when i try to..
throw a football, shoot a basketball with one hand, trying to reach out and catch a ball, lifting things at work, etc. etc. etc, even stretching, and the worst might be moving my arm during sleeping, ...

 ankel pops when i run?
when ever i am playing a sport my ankle pops and i end up falling
but when it happens it hurts really bad

what is it??...

 How can I find out a general estimate for how much arthroscopic knee surgery costs?
I have high deductibles and want to compare prices, but I can't seem to get any information until AFTER I've had the procedure. I just need to know an order of magnitude cost, not a ...

 My knee constantly hurts but not broken and I "think" there was no popping sound?
A few months ago I was playing in PE... I wanted to dive to catch a ball and I was totally ready but when I took the first step I felt a sudden pain and the fell to the ground. I couldnt move my leg ...

 What are other ways for curing a slipped disc of the shoulder and neck without surgery?
I have cerebral palsy and i had a spasm attack that lasted 45 min long last month. I have gone to an orapedic doctor yesterday and did a x-ray on my shoulder and neck. I have been trying to do ...

Mom of 7 gramma of 1
How do I tell if my cast is too loose ie; how much space between cast and skin should there be?

there should be enough room that it isnt squeezing but isnt falling off either. if you can move it around alot then it might be too loose. if you are reallt concerned call your dr and ask.

Your cast will loosen as you heal because the swelling goes down and your muscles might atrophy a little (or a lot). If you have been in your cast for a while it isn't weird for it to start feeling really loose.

Karla R
The purpose of a cast is to immobilize an injury, but the cast must not be too tight to inhibit blood circulation. Normally when an injury is healing, swelling goes down and the cast gets looser. If it’s too loose and you feel that it’s not protecting you injury properly you have to change it.

Just Q
You don't say how long you have had the cast on.
While it is true that when swelling goes down it will seem as though the cast is loose,before it is time for the cast to come off due to not using the limb with the cast,there will also be some skin "wrinkling" which will also make the cast seem like it is too loose.
As a general rule if you can get more than one finger between the cast and the skin,your cast is too loose.
Does the cast seem to slide if you move it? There should be minimal movement or "slippage".
Most Dr's who put casts on generally know what they are doing and depending on the particular cast they will know if it will become loose and they will reapply it if need be.
If your Dr has not mentioned that the cast will be need to be replaced before complete healing has taken place you are probably looking for trouble that is not there.
Casts are NEVER skin tight,either at the time of application nor during the healing process.

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