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 Is this normal?
This last july I happen to get hit by a huge heavy tire swing and it left a giant bruise on the front part of my arm, right around the elbow area. But the bruise is long gone, its almost october, and ...

 have i got a broken finger?
two weeks ago, i banged my 3rd finger just above the first joint. it was red and swollen and very tender to touch and bend, it also throbbed. two weeks on, it is exactly the same and hasn't got ...

 I have had a headache for 3 days mainly around my left eye now its swollen?
I have had a headache for 3 days mainly around my left eye now my eye is swollen.It is a constant pain.1st i thought it was a sinus infection, but now I am wondering if i got something in my eye.any1...

 How can I get rid of the pus from my big toe? It's really swollen and hurts alot :(?
This is really gross, I know. Basically I've had a really painful big toe for weeks!! Could even say months. I've had enough. I have tried squeezing it but it's just too painful :( S...

 I broke my foot! How did you break yours?
Just a random question to see who are as silly as me to trip and break you foot! :P so how did you?...

 My toe nail fell off, will it grow back?
I am in the Army, I did this ruck march and I got a really bad blister around and under my toenail. then it fell off about 2 and a half weeks later. I'm scared I'm a girl and I like my feet ...

 i want to break my ankle/leg...how to o it please help i want crutches and a cast?
ok im going to sound crazy but i have wanted to break something since i was in primary school and i never could its like my bones wont break its really annoying.
Just give me ideas on how to ...

 I know my podiatrist is worng but who do I see now? Plz answer? Easy 2 or 10 points!!!?
I hurt my ankle badly 3 weeks ago and on Monday I went to a podiatrist and he said it was probably just a sprain and said continue with the crutches. He also reccomended physical therapy. My mom made ...

 I have Boys' PE this year in school. I have a bad knee. How can I strengthen it?
This school year, I have all boys' gym. I dislocated my knee about a year ago. It is still weak and I can't run without it hurting. We have to do the mile run soon, and I don't think I ...

 How can I make this bruise/injury go away quicker?
I got into a fight and now when I throw a punch it really hurts in my chest. There is no visible bruise and its above my pecs and under my throat. There seems to be a bone there when I knock on it (S...

 why do teachers have to be so supicious just because i have cuts and bruises on me?
i have cuts and bruises and my teachers are supicious help!!...

 brother sprained his ankle?
he is 19 and he has no medical insurance because my dads only covers him if he is a full time student and he hasnt enrolled in a college yet. what should he do? his leg is very swollen and he cant ...

 My horse stepped on my foot and it still hurts?
Over a year ago I was grazing my horse on this stretch of grass that was slanted downward. As we stepped down she accidentally stepped on my foot and wouldn't get off for about a good 10 seconds....

 How do you know if you have Scoliosis?

 What's the best wound cleaner that could be found in a pharmacy?
I'm writing a story in which the main character get's a deep cut from a sword. What would be the best thing to clean a wound like that?...

 My WHOLE toenail just broke off, and I'm wondering how long it would take{approximately} to grow back?
I have school in three weeks and I love flip-flops; but not soccer anymore lol.


 I had a sudden numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg any suggestions on what could be wrong with me?
I am also a diabetic with no health insurance....

 after give birth for 20 years,what 2 do if the part of virginia is torn(mean it's not in its original position

 How can i break my wrist????
I wanna get a cast and break my wrist so i get outta everything and because i want a cast any suggestions please ...

 Boyfriend fell over 1/52 ago playing football - Rib pain since-scores 8/10?
What do you think might be wrong? I told him to visit the doctors but he said if it were broken or anything there is nothing they can do for him.

What could be wrong for it to be hurting ...

How do I know if i broke my ankle?
Today in soccer a girl kicked me and my ankle swung back and i fell down crying. Im 13 years old (if that helps). But i did have to get carried to my car because i cant walk on it. if i try i will fall, i tried once. there is one HUGE bruise and it is slightly swollen. pleasee help :D

youd know if you broke your ankle. I broke my ankle and fibula in a game last spring for my U-17 team. The pain was so unbearable and there was no way i was moving that ankle. You might have possibly injured a tendon or sprained your ankle since its the tendon and ligament injuries which hurt the most. I would reccomend seeing a doctor though to make sure its fine.

♥ terry g ♥
The only way to know for sure is to get an xray.

Christine N
well if it gets worse goget an x-ray to no. also if u feel ur ankle is like being twisted, then i'll say maybe

broken ankles hurt ALOT! so yer i know how you feel.

can you put like any weight on it all? if not your best getting an xray

have to have x-rayed.

The best thing to do would be to get x-rays at the doctors. When I hurt my ankle, I got x-rays and they determined I had severely sprained my ankle. And if you did break it, you will probably get crutches and a cast (for broken ankles) or brace (for sprained ankles).

Alex [Emo Princess]
It doesn't matter if you know it is broken or not, if it hurts that bad you should go to the doctor.

only an xray can tell for sure

Ann K
The only way to find out is to have it X-rayed. Sometimes there's no swelling at all but if you can't put any weight on it, then it might be fractured. Don't take any unnecessary chances. Go have it checked.

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