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 Do i need stiches?yes?no?
i cut my head on a wall and its about a half and inch long and not that deep. It bleed like crazy untill i put pressure on it. then my friends mom put this "medical super glue" on the wound ...

 Foot injury please help !?
ok well i injured my foot on tuesday almost 3days ago and i think i might have bruised my foot i have been soaking it in hot water which makes it fell better i have a indoor soccer grand final ...

 if you got scratched about a year ago, could it still be red? ?
the guy i like got in an arguement and this girl attacked him and scratched him on the neck, but im proud of him because he didnt fight back, he said it was against his morals to hit a girl... the ...

 Whats the easiest way to break your foot?
I SWEAR!!!! its for a science project at school. I wouldn't ever do that. I just want to know the easiest way. answers deeply appreciated. Thanks dont call me crazy, I would NEVER break my foot ...

 how can i break my knee? with a hammer?

 I tore my toenail and half of my nail is about to fall off?
Just half of it though, not the rest of it? What should I do?...

 I hid my head now I have a dent and it hurts?
I opened a door andh it myself in the head. It heard for a couple of days. Either the dent was already there and that's why it hurt when I hit it so badly or it made the dent. Is that ...

 My leg hurts and I'm seriously worried, help?!?
Okay so my leg has been hurting since last night and it's a pain that i got a few times during my childhood, and my parents always told me it was because i was growing (i don't even know if ...

 I was working out on the stair master and I missed the step and fell on anke. its the size of a ball now.?
When I first fell i was more embarrased than anything. I continued to work out without much pain. But in the middle of the night, I woke up and it was awful and it was hard to walk on. It is sore now ...

 why are hands and legs swollen?
okay so yesturday we ate at a restaurant and the food tasted good it looked fine to me but this morning when i went to take a shower my legs started to burn with the soap and then my hands were ...

 can my lip get infected if i go swimming?
Okay i just got my lip done and in school we have 2 swimm and i'm wondering if it will get infected if i swim......

 where do u go to see if your nose has been broken? (its been a month or so and theres still a knot)?
idk i dont want to go to the emergency room? there is a hump on the bridge of my nose now however no pain? but also if u have any tips about what u think about plastic surgery to get humps on your ...

 How long does it take for a cut that had to get stitched take to heal?
i got stiches last friday and i was wondering how long do the take to be fully healed? pleas some one help, am very curious about this and the stiches are in probaly the worst place ever ...

 can an injection filled with only air if injected in your vein ,kill you?

 Is it worse to cut your abs or your wrists?
and why? is it worse to sustain cuts on your stomach, or on your wrists. I should cut either one? lmfao I was asking a question I cut myself on sheet metal. injury, as in should i spend my money on ...

 Bony bump on my wrist?
noticed today on my left wrist, their is a bony bump. I am worried that it could be cancerous. I am 15 years old, and about 2 years ago I fractured my wrist in the exact location? You can only see ...

 Numbing your toe to remove the nail?
Alright so i have an infected toe nail and I'm going to get it removed. I was wondering if the shot hurts and how much it hurts. If you guys know please tell me....

 How do I make my shoulder stop hurting?
I am a swimmer, I have 2 hour practices 5 days a week, and my shoulder has been hurting for a long time. Before it would go almost all the way away when practice was over, but in the past couple of ...

 Does this sound like a break or a sprain?
I fell on my wrist. It has obvious swelling and an unusual bump that hurts by just barley touching it. I can bend it but it hurts extremely bad. I want to cry every time I try. I have not been to ...

 on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard to I have to punch the wall to break my knuckle?
So I wanna break my knuckles but I bruised them already, I wanna break them,. or at least 1. Please tell me how... Thanks. Don't judge just answer ...

How can i tell if my shin is bruised or fractured?
I was playing a soccer game (i was the goalkeeper) and i came out against a guy who was coming in fast. As i approached him, i think his knee directly hit the upper part of my shin that my shin guard did not cover. It hurt real bad after, but i usually get over pain real quick and i played on after it occured. I found that i was able to run (although i could feel it a little but it was more of a small-annoying-minute-sharp pain), but whenever i jumped (or impacted the leg hard on the ground) it would hurt more than if i ran, but still not severely enough for me to quit. After the game is when i felt a little more pain. If i rest it then stand up it hurts at first, but then i can still walk afterwards. I felt it with my hand and it feels as if it swelled part of my upper shin, and the part where it swelled feels a little numb to soft touching but pressure from my hand will make it hurt. I cant tell if its just a bruise or if its a fracture so please, someone help me out. To kawasboy: i am fully aware of going to a doctor and getting it x-rayed (which is exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow). I also have a practice for our national team tomorrow in which my coach would be extremely mad if i did not inform him early in the day as to the details of the cause of my not-being-able-to-go-to-practice, and my appointment is in the late afternoon. N to sal1970: thanks for the answer. Im icing it right now as well as taking some tylenol and resting it. Right now the swelling isnt really that visible; i needed to feel it in order to realize it was swolen. And it has none of the discolorations you mentioned

Dr. KIA GCG says Suckit Whores™
broken bones should never be left unset for a full day, why not get it xrayed now?

When you said you had some numbness that made me worried because that means you of had nerve damage but the more I though the more I think that isn't the case. Its not uncommon for players not to realize that a bone is broken because of the adrenalin and endorphins. Once those wear off, as you know, it will hurt like a witch. Its no compound fracture like someone mentioned. It could be a hair line fracture which is just a little crack in the bone. Another thing is it could very well be a tendon or ligament tear. Those can hurt oh so much and they will cause lots of brusing. Heck it very well could be a patella tendon tear. If you feel something is truly wrong go to the Dr. the longer you wait the more messed up things are going to be

We have these things called Doctors. They often use things called Hospitals. Often Hospitals have Radiographers. Radiographers use a machine to make X Rays. X rays take pictures of the dense bone through the soft tissue. These X rays are then placed on a light box. The Doctor/Radiographer will then use these things called eyes. These eyes are used to look for fractures in the bone. This is opposed to this thing we have called internet. Internet allows people to pose questions which cannot possible be answered without physical inspection. Internet also allows idiots to post opinions ill informed on whether the poster has a fracture or not. Internet does not require a licence to use. Perhaps it should.

bone bruises can be very painful. if it is bruised, the area should be black and blue and slightly swollen. ice it several times a day for 10-15 minutes. you might want to consider an x-ray as it's the only way to rule out a fracture unless the bone is sticking out (compound fracture).

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